The Free-Motion Quilting Idea Book

Note:  My copies of this book arrived and you can find signed version in my shop!

Hi everyone,

I hope you are having a fabulous week and are looking forward to the long holiday weekend.  I’m really excited because today I get to show you what I worked on all last summer.  It has been SOOOOO hard to keep it secret, but now I can “let the cat out of the bag”, so to speak, because this landed on my doorstep last week…


I wrote the Free-Motion Quilting Idea Book as a jumping off point for quilters who want to be creative with their quilting and are looking for a place to start.  It shows you how to build complex-looking custom quilting plans using just a handful of design families. I was so excited when C&T Publishing took it on – thanks C&T!!! We start with the basics…

FMQIdeaBook_2423And talk about both domestic and longarm machines.  (I have a long arm now but started off with a domestic and you CAN do these designs on a domestic!)




The heart of the book is the over 150 quilting designs shown step-by-step.

FMQIdeaBook_2438You can look them up by element…

FMQIdeaBook_2434Or by design family…

FMQIdeaBook_2433But the part I’m most excited about is that The Free-Motion Quilting Idea book is also an app!  And actually, I first conceived it as a digital product so a very special thanks to C&T for seeing the possibility and taking it on!  In the app version all these designs are hyperlinked for easy access.  The app also include actual video of the designs being stitched out on the BERNINA Q 24 and 790 in Chicago!  Thanks BERNINA!

In the app the design steps are animated but in the book you also get step-by-step photos that walk you through how to stitch out each section.  You can follow along exactly or mix and match to create something uniquely your own!




A sample project is included to get you started, and a optional coordinating sampler will be available from C&T, featuring ever block in the book.  (I think it might be my favorite of my projects ever, so I hope  you guys like it!)


FMQIdeaBook_2436Thanks for letting me share my news.  Have a happy 4th, everyone!






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13 thoughts on “The Free-Motion Quilting Idea Book

  1. It looks wonderful: when will it be available to us?

  2. I just placed an order for your book (e-version), and to my delight, it is already downloaded on my tablet! Yay! I thought I would have to wait until July 15, so I am veryyyyy happy! It looks like a wonderful book-illustrations and text are very clear. Thank you for the head’s up, and I hope this is the first of many books for you!

    1. Dear Amanda. Please tell us all where I can download your ebook The Free Motion Quilting Idea Book- Amanda Murphy. I look at C and T publishing and and all I saw was the hard bound edition. I also looked at your website and could not find an e-book addition. Congratulations on your book it looks lovely and I would love to try all your ideas.

  3. Congrats on a great looking and inspiring new book, Amanda! Will look forward to having a copy of my own to enjoy.

  4. I’m loving what you’ve shown so far Amanda. I’m not quite ready, in my opinion anyway, to move onto the next step in doing my own quilting, but it can’t hurt to try without doing it on an actual quilt I’ve spent so much time creating. I really love the way it’s indexed two ways. Great idea!

    Congratulations on the new book Amanda. I’m sure it’s an awesome book.

  5. Wonderful news! I need to learn to free motion quilt first, then I will be ready for this book!


  6. Woo hoo! How exciting!!! Congratulations of such an achievement! It must have been hard keeping it under wraps for a year. It looks like a wonderful resource for quilters.

  7. This looks amazing! How do I get my hands on that app?

  8. WOW Looks spectacular!!!

  9. Amanda~I love what I have seen so far in your book. I looked for an email addy for you and found none.
    I was wondering if you would be interested in me doing a review of your book on my blog in exchange for the book? I join in many linky parties each week and belong on a few longarm quilt forums therefore giving your book even more exposure. You can checkout out my blog at

  10. Hi Amanda – I LOVE your book. Is the app out yet??? I can’t wait! I am loving my Q24!

  11. Thanks for the kind comments! The app isn’t out quite yet, but I’ll announce it on my blog, Facebook, etc. as soon as it is. All those overall designs are being fully animated, so it will be awesome, but it is taking a little extra time.

  12. How can I order and download this marvelous book?.

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