We strive to keep our patterns free of errors, but with the volume of patterns we produce sometimes even our best attempts fail and we apologize.  Here we list of known pattern corrections:

Winter Sports

Page 5 – this features #6 (the hockey player’s) body

Page 9 – the #10 jersey parts are actually #6 jersey parts (that hockey player again!)

Page 10 – the #3 skate is belongs to the #6 hockey player

Page 12 – the shape labeled #3 leotard is actually the #2 leotard; the shape below is is the #8 jacket

Fa La La Latte

On the supply list for the Runner/Pillow on the back cover of the pattern, you need 3, rather than 2, teal rectangles 8-1/2” x 10” for the applique backgrounds.


Under the heading “Strip Sets” it should read, “Join 48 strips 2-1/2’’ x WOF together in pairs to form 24 strip sets, pressing seams open.”  (Originally it said 2-1/4”.)

Nordic Row Sampler

Page 8, second column, middle paragraph.  It says to cut 20 units and set 10 aside for Row 8.  You just need to cut 10 units.  None are needed for Row 8.


Back cover: the yardage for the accent fabric should be 1-1/4 yards.


While the SVG files are correct, the tracing images for the second design’s left and middle plumes were reversed.  If you have an original pattern, you can download a corrected page here.


Again, our apologizes…

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