The Bernina 780 – Paintwork Leaves!

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Note:  The winner of the Medallion Pillow Giveaway is Allison C, who said:
I love my grandmother’s cutout sugar cookies
with lots of sprinkles which I have been craving hardcore these past few days.
I’m pregnant and far too sick to even think about cooking, but that doesn’t
stop me from craving food.  (Hopefully it won’t stop you from craving fabric either, Allison!)
I sewed a lot in two weeks and still had one night left with the Bernina 780.  I decided to experiment a little more with PaintWork.  I took some of the leaves from my Bella feature print that I designed for Blend Fabrics and converted them in DesignWorks.

If you don’t believe these were painted by a sewing machine just watch the video!!!

Thanks so much for following along as I explored the features of the Bernina 780.  Thanks also to Bernina and the staff of Sew Much Fun in Lowell, NC for making it possible.

Happy sewing and happy New Year!

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