The Bernina 780 – Medallion Pillow

I hope everyone had a fabulous holiday and enjoyed the beauty of Christmas!
I’m back with one more project that I did with the Bernina 780.  Yes, in response to an email that was sent to me, I did pretty much just sew for two weeks.  There was no cleaning or cooking.  (What a silly question.)  I had a Bernina 780!!!!
This time I did a little bit more with the embroidery.  The motif is taken from a medallion in my Bella collection for Blend Fabrics and converted using Bernina’s DesignerPlus software.  You can see all the details in my video.

I used the 780‘s fancy stitches to add detail around the edge of the middle panel.  I also used the endless embroidery option for quilting – you can see it a little in the bright pink border.  The endless embroidery option allows you to take ANY of the hundreds of stitches on the 780 and size it up to use for a continuous embroidery design.  It is a great option for creating a unique quillting motif – particularly for borders.

I used the Stitch Regulator to go around the circles in the outer border, accentuating their shapes.

And I used the buttonhole feature – it makes perfect buttonholes every time!

Let’s giveaway three fat quarters of Bella, plus a couple of patterns this time!  To enter tell me what your favoriate holiday cookie is!  One entry per person and the deadline will be this Thursday night (the 27th).

Thanks so much for following along with me and happy sewing!

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57 thoughts on “The Bernina 780 – Medallion Pillow

  1. My favorite holiday cookie currently is lavender shortbread with a touch of lemon.

  2. My favorite holiday cookie is chocolate macarons!!!

  3. Looks Great!!! Merry Christmas.

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  4. I love Cinnamon Oatmeal Cookies πŸ˜€
    Thanks for the chance to win πŸ˜€

  5. BEAUTIFUL! I wish I had your talent and determination. My favorite holiday cookie are Magic Cookie Bars. They are made with graham crackers, butterscotch chips, chocolate chips, pecans, condensed milk and coconut….Yum….I think there are a few left in the kitchen. Thanks for the giveaway!

  6. Looks great! I would say sugar cookies. Can't go wrong there.

  7. I don't know if you class it as a cookie but I love making almond bread for Christmas.

  8. The pillow is beautiful. My favorite cookie is "Chocolate Nut Revels" which is a chocolate/chopped nuts mixture is reveled with a white vanilla mixture. Yummy!!

  9. What a pretty little pillow. The embroidery is lovely. Gingerbread cookies are still a favorite here.

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  11. What a beautiful pillow! My favorite holiday cookie is the sugar cookie. Fun to decorate all the cute shapes. Thanks for the giveaway!

  12. Wow, I can't believe the number of quality projects you created in two weeks, BRAVO! This pillow is absolutely GORGEOUS, which I could *afford* that Bernina {drool}.

    My favorite cookie is peanutbutter — crunchy!

    Tabatha from
    BendingPins (at)

  13. Gotto love a Bernina! Favorite Christmas cookie is a sugar cookie with red and green crystal sprinkles. Yummy and crunchy. Mary

  14. Peanut Butter Blossoms – the ones with the Hershey KISS in the center! Yummy.

  15. Thumbprint cookies filled with homemade raspberry jam….yum! Belated merry Christmas and thanks for the chance to win some beautiful Bella!

  16. Beautiful! i love those cookies with the Hershey kiss on top the best, but I am not one to turn down any type of cookie! πŸ™‚

  17. Favorite cookie this year is definitely Christmas Noels. Tks for this wonderful opportunity.

  18. I love sugar cookies for decorating! Fan4may at aol dot com

  19. Cinnamon polar bears. What a beautiful pillow! Thanks for the giveaway!

  20. Good old-fashioned sugar cookies. They are the best. Love your pillow. A Berninia machine is on my bucket list. I hope to have one before I kick the bucket.

  21. Sugar cookies are my favorites. Thanks for the chance to win.

  22. Peanut butter cookies with a chocolate kiss in the center…yum!

  23. Just lovely!! I love my Chocolate Crinklew. they are like mini Brownie bites.

  24. I love my grandmother's cutout sugar cookies with lots of sprinkles which I have been craving hardcore these past few days. I'm pregnant and far too sick to even think about cooking, but that doesn't stop me from craving food.

  25. Great cushions love them.I love gumdrop cookies.I only make them at christmas.

  26. I think this is a beautiful pillow, loaded with lots of bright, happy colors, and my favorite cookie is a Lemon Bar by Ina Gartan that fills your mouth with tart and tangy sunshine.

  27. My favorite are Madeline's with Just a tad of powdered sugar.Beautiful work on the pillow.

  28. my favorite ANY TIME cookie is the original tollhouse chocolate chip cookies. nothing else will do! love the embroidery detail on your pillow.

  29. I love a cookie called Hello Dollies.

  30. Death by Chocolate chocolate chip cookies!

  31. I LOVE sugar cookies, but only the home made kind, not the ones that come from the store. But I also have a weakness for Snickerdoodles, which is kind of like a sugar cookie, just with cinnamon instead of frosting. Then again, there are these scrumptious little cookies, called "Elfin Shortbread" I quadruple the batches of these because they are so yummy, and so small, that means small calories right? ( Also, my friend makes these cookies, called "Iraq and back" cookies. They are amazing. They have that name because someone mailed them all the way to IRAQ for their sailor, and the Sailor came home, and the cookies followed. They still tasted good. I kind of just like the name of those, but when it all boils down to it, these cookies are all mostly just variations of flour sugar and butter. I guess you cannot go wrong with that!

    Merry Christmas!

  32. I love shortbread!

  33. Cream Cheese Sugar Cookies with tons of Cream Cheese frosting on them. Terrible calorie intake but hey, once a year, right? I love the pillow Amanda, you are going to convince me yet that I want an embroidery machine. And of course I love Bella!!

  34. My favorite holiday cookie is what we call Pecan Puffs. They are also known as Russian tea cakes. etc.

  35. That really looks like an awesome machine Amanda.

    My most favorite cookie is the Cutout Sugar Cookie with yummy frosting on them.

  36. One of my favorites is Kolacky, a Polish cream cheese cookie with a fruit filling in the center, generally either prune or apricot. The apricot ones are always the kids' favorite!

  37. My favorite is sugar cookies with buttercream and sprinkles πŸ™‚ I'm always trying new ones each year, but I come back to that standard time and time again–and since I hate rolling them out, they stay a Christmas cookie.

  38. My favorite Christmas cookie is the Sour Cream Raisen Cookie. It is a very crisp rolled out sugar cookie with golden raisens.

  39. I love butterballs!

    You are giving me machine envy! How do you like it day to day?

  40. Merry Christmas Amanda! A beautiful pillow from beautiful fabrics. The Bernina 780 sure is an amazing machine. Thanks for sharing all the videos and projects. My favorite holiday cookie is shortbreads…yum!! Happy new year and happy stitching, Pauline

  41. Beautiful pillows… My favorite cookie is called Russian Tea Cakes. My mom used to make them special at Christmas time.

  42. Gorgeous pillow! Thanks for sharing!

    My favorite cookies are M & M cookies from my mother in law's recipe. They are crisp cookies, not soft & chewy. Didn't make any this year, but they are good any time! πŸ˜‰

    Sandy A

  43. Our favorite holiday cookies are the Crackled Molasses Sugar Cookies. The recipe came from the CAFETERIA of my mother's elementary school in Robbinsdale, Minnesota. Yes, back when she was a little girl, the food in the school cafeteria was so good that kids came home and complained "why don't your cookies taste as good as the ones at school, Mom?" So the PTA put out a whole spiral-bound cookbook as a fundraiser, containing all of the favorite school cafeteria recipes sized down for home cooking. πŸ˜‰

    Your pillow is lovely, Amanda, and I love how you digitized one of your fabric motifs! Gorgeous!

  44. such a pretty pillow.
    my favorite cookie is a homemade ginger snap.

  45. Your pillow is gorgeous!
    My favorite cookie would be gingerbread/gingerbread cookie.

  46. My favorite Christmas cookie is Double Chocolate Crumble Bar. They have chocolate and peanut butter in them and taste great! Your pillow is gorgeous! You've had such fun with that new Bernina!

  47. My favorite cookie is something my Mom made and her Mom too…..for probably 75 years combined. They are called Queen's Biscuits. The biscuit cookie is baked in sesame seeds. My Mom always made about 15 different kinds of cookies for family and friends and started about 2 weeks before Christmas. Everything was stored in tins and always remained so fresh. The whole process was such an ordeal….but something we always looked forward to. Unfortunately, my Mom in now 91 and has no recollection of any of her baking….but I at least have those fond memories.

  48. Love your pillow and the wonderful embroidery on it. And I just got some FQ's of your New line> so lovely!! And my favorite christmas cookie? Probably the basic sugar cookie that can be cut out and decorated in so many different and fun ways!! Just did about 50 or more on christmas eve and it was fun!!

  49. Beautiful pillow. Love your designs! I like old fashion sugar cookies!

  50. Oatmeal chocolate chip (or almost any cookie with chocolate/cocoa in it!)

  51. My favorite cookie is oatmeal raisin. I love your pillow! It is beautiful. I don't think I would get any cleaning or cooking done if I had a 780. πŸ™‚

  52. I enjoy making an almond shortbread cookie; easy on the sugar then with a tiny bit of icing and sliced almonds.

  53. Every Christmas season I bake tons of cookies, but the pecan tarts are my favorite!

  54. I love Date cookies. πŸ™‚

  55. Oatmeal with mini m&ms! No raisins, please. soparkaveataoldotcom

  56. I know I am too late, but my favorite Christmas cookie is our traditional New Mexican biscochito (also the state cookie) – Beautiful tutorial… really really really want a 780.

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