Kona Dots!

Robert Kaufman’s site is featuring a new complimentary pattern called “Kona Dots” that I designed for their Kona solids.  (The instructions were written by Heidi Pridemore – thank Heidi!) 

Kona Dots (original color scheme)

The quilt is 74″ x 74″.  There are alternative instructions for a rectangular quilt that is 52″ x 62″, but – as you can see – this quilt can be easily adjusted to just about any size.  (Due to a mistake of mine, the actual instructions show one less row of blocks in the graphic right now, but you get the general idea.)

I wanted to show you some alternative color combinations.  Don’t you love the range of Kona solids?

Kona Dots (spring)

Kona Dots (summer)


Kona Dots (autumn – option 1)


Kona Dots (autumn – option 2)

Kona Dots (winter – option 1)

Kona Dots (winter – option 2)

If any of you Kona solids fans out there create something fantastic with this patterns, I’d love to see it.

Happy sewing!

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2 thoughts on “Kona Dots!

  1. I love, love, love Kona solids. I try to always keep the basic colors on hand – I use the Hobby Lobby coupon almost every time I get it to pick up a yard or two. 🙂 blessings, marlene

  2. Thanks for the different options. I love the pattern and I love the kona solids. Unbelievable number of different colours, everything the heart could desire.

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