I turn my head for 5 minutes and this one turns 12!

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I swear it was only yesterday that she looked like this….

I know that many of you out there know how I feel.  How does time slip away so fast?

At each of our children’s birthdays, I think that I can’t possibly enjoy their new age any more than their last, yet I always do.

Here are some of the things I appreciate most about Caitrin at age 12:
She is tremendously empathetic.
She is determined… about everything… always.  (Frustrating in a toddler, but a much appreciated trait in a young lady.)
She is wickedly funny – with an acute, dry wit that can catch you by surprise.
She is much more organized than I am.
She lets me think that I am much more organized than I am.
I am making a new customized ballet bag for one of her presents.  The fabric is from the Garden Glam line by Josephine Kimberling for Robert Kaufman.  The pattern is from Amy Butler’s new book, “Style Stitches”. 

Note the customized pockets that I’ve added.  I’m showing you all the pockets, rather than the completed bag, because, although it is now one day after Caitrin’s birthday, I haven’t completed the bag.  My excuse is that we are in Nutcracker season; consequently, I am adding 24-hour chaffeur to my job description.

Caitrin says she is thrilled with the customized pockets.  Have I mentioned that she lets me think I am much more organized than I am?

Happy birthday, Cait.  One day (and one bag) late. 

Love you so much that it makes me feel as if my heart will burst (and, OF COURSE, you too, Bob!),

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