In time for Easter… just!

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Almost two years ago now I wrote a free complementary pattern for BERNINA that incorporated embroidery and specialty stitches on the BERNINA 580.  At the time, I liked the project so much I pieced two – one for them and one for me!  I had so much fun playing with specialty stitches I just couldn’t stop making the eggs that border the design.

Of course, you know how it goes… I finished theirs and mine languished by the website.  Really, all I had to do was quilt it but I didn’t have the time.

I’m sure you guys don’t have any projects sitting around like that, right?
Most of the fabrics used are by Lauren and Jessie Jung for Moda.

Well I finally finished it!  Hee hee.  It only took me two years.  You can find the pattern here but you need to email me to get the embroidery file.  (I’m hoping to post a solution for that soon.)

I hope you all have a lovely Easter week!

Happy sewing!

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