Crazy for Yo-Yos!

This week I took a trip a few miles south of Charlotte to meet Aimee, the owner of Overall Quilter. Aimee, like most quilt shop owners, is very knowledgeable about the industry and was a big help to me when I was deciding which fabric company to work with.
Overall Quilter is a fun shop with an energetic vibe and some lovely projects and patterns.

Don’t you love the circular, vertical quilt pictured above?

While there I picked up some Yo-Yo makers.

Together, my eleven-year-old and I whipped up several while we watched “Emma” on PBS. (The boys found other ways to entertain themselves as they were not enthusiastic about either activity.) Caitrin, if you are reading this, you are truly a YO-YO-MASTER!

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2 thoughts on “Crazy for Yo-Yos!

  1. Making yo yos this way is as addictive as eating chocolate! I've had two of the circular yo yo makers for more than a year and I just bought the heart one.

  2. OOH I love that shop. I used to frequent there when I lived in Indian Trail!

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