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“Cinderella”, a ballet put on by North Carolina Dance Theatre, has consumed much of our lives this past week and will continue to do so next week – in a good way. Since our daughter and some of her friends are little animals in the show, I have seen it a few times. What a feast for the eyes! (And as a mom, I am not prejudiced, of course.) The costumes – the brocades and sparkley jewels – are unforgettable. And of course that’s on top of the dancing. Gorgeous.

The parent guild mans a boutique during the shows. The proceeds benefit North Carolina Dance Theatre’s School of Dance. Since it is, after all, “Cinderella”, we went for a completely girlie look. Very pink and pretty. I designed some t-shirts for the show I thought you might want to see.

And every little ballerina needs a bag…

A very talented mom named Pat Ozmeral puts everything together into a great display with the help of her sister. Now, as much as I love drawing I do not have a decorating bone in my body. Pat amazes me. Look at her work…

I did design a display for the school – we went for bright and colorful. (Photos in the display by Peter Zay.)

A very happy weekend with happy kids.

In the meantime I did find a use for those yo-yos. Next time, hopefully, a free pattern!

Have a great week!

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