APQ Quilt Along 2016: Part 2

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to let you guys know that the instructions are now on newsstands for all three quilts in the APQ Quilt Along.  They can be found in the current issues of Quilts and More and American Patchwork & Quilting.

I made some progress on my Easy Addition quilt (featured in Quilts and More actually) earlier this week.  I’m sewing it in Sparkle, my holiday line for Benartex – which should arrive in stores in March/April.  (If you are working on this project remember to follow along on Instagram using the hashtag #APQQuiltalong !


My favorite Sparkle color combination…
I like it so much I made it twice!
Another favorite…


But maybe I just like the wreaths?

Easy Addition is made in such a clever manner – all four outer corners are cut from one simple square-in-a-square block which you pre-piece and then cut.  Which means, if you are using directions prints, that you get all four corners with the prints oriented in the right direction automatically!


Also this year in APQ they are running a quilting series where Angela Walters, Leah Day, and I all show you ideas for quilting a particular block.  This month it is the split rail fence.  Fun to see that everyone comes up with something very different and unique!



Finally, a lot of people have been joining our Free-Motion Quilting Idea facebook group, which is awesome!  We are talking about all things quilting over there.  I try to loosely screen membership requests to make sure are all quilters or at least crafters so, if your membership request hasn’t been accepted, chances are that you might need to change your settings so I can see something about you – or message me so I know who you are.  If your feed is in another language that is ok, but just make sure that I can see some pictures or posts that indicate your interests so I can tell you aren’t a spammer, ok?

Also, I had so much interest in my last quilting tutorial on swirl feathers that I’ll be working another free quilting tutorial for you all in time for Valentine’s Day – stay tuned!

So that is it – I hope you all have a wonderful week and get in a few minutes of sewing along the way!

Happy quilting!


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2 thoughts on “APQ Quilt Along 2016: Part 2

  1. Hello! I am planning on doing this quilt-along and have your Modern Lace collection to make the quilt. I have a question about the background fabric. In the Quilt and More pattern in the magazine, white fabric is used for the background. I have the opportunity to use the blue on white fabric from Modern Lace—do you think that is soft enough for a background? If not can you recommend or suggest something to use for the background? Thank you so much!

    1. The blue on white print or the pink on white print would make great backgrounds. I love to use printed light backgrounds so much I usually put one in every line. That line had two. If you do use the blue on white, I would not use the pink on white for the blocks and vice versa though, since there wouldn’t be enough contrast between those two very light prints.
      Hope this helps!

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