You have to dress the part…

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A girl simply must have a skirt to match her photo album(s). She might need two skirts to match two albums. Or maybe three would be better. After all, we have scraps to use! (The third Ambrosia quilt went to the quilter this weekend and I am moving on to number 4, which is the Robert Kaufman complimentary pattern that will be available here and at your favorite shop.)

So this weekend we revamped the “Twirly Skirt” pattern and made up samples in the Ambrosia spring colorway

and the Ambrosia summer colorway

Do you think she needs a matching barette?

Then we made a skirt using Robert Kaufman’s Mimosa fabric by S.E.I. because it matched my model’s rose leotard perfectly. Oh no – we don’t have a matching album!

My very good-natured (and also very captive) model put up with me taking pictures of her in the 105 degree heat. Thanks, model!

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