Under the Veranda

Hi everyone,

I’ve gotten lots of emails inquiring about my Block of the Month program, Under the Veranda.  It is a set of patterns developed exclusively for shops stocking one or both color stories of Veranda.  I love this sampler becuase it reallly has a modern feel, but uses many traditional techniques.

Because I wanted to do something really special to support local shops, you won’t be able to find this set of patterns on my website.  If you are a shop that has ordered Veranda please contact Robert Kaufman to get these patterns in downloadable form.  Online shops can also participate, but we do request that, because these patterns were developed at no charge to the customer, you only distribute them to customers buying Under the Veranda kits. 

Quilters Emporium, a great shop in Houston, Texas, will be offering this as a mail order block of the month program and I’m sure there will be more opportunities popping up all over to participate.  (If you are an shop owner and would like your shop listed on the sidebar of my blog as offering this program please email me and I’d be happy to add you in.) 

I hope you enjoy Under the Veranda!


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7 thoughts on “Under the Veranda

  1. One way or another I am going to make this quilt! Hopefully in the Garden color story. I will pester Joyce at Jellen's House of Fabric to make sure she's ordered up! Glad to have an online alternative, though!

  2. Way beautiful…and love the colors!

  3. This BOM is really cool. I'll contact my local shop to see if they are getting it.

  4. Glad some online shops will have it, not many quilt shops in my neck of the woods! I think I like this pattern more each time I look at it.

  5. This looks like famous fun! I love how each section of the quilt is different dimensions, instead of all squares. It is fun to look at, and I'm sure it will be fun to make, too.

    Have a super day!

    Jennifer Schifano Eutsler

  6. I ordered the Under the Veranda BOM a few years ago. Now I am trying to finish it. 😀 There quilt shop where I ordered it has closed, so I can’t go there with my question. I am confused on how to complete block #8, the flower applique. Do I create a large flower on fussiness web and then fuse the petals onto that, or is every bit of this a different part of the applique, even the white flower background. That doesn’t make sense to me, but the directions are not clear to me. Hello is appreciated. Thank you. Mine is the topiary version.

    1. Thanks for your reply via email to m question. It was very helpful. I have now applique all of the block, and zig-zagging around petals. Thanks again for your help.

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