Under the Veranda… at last!

Maybe you remember this?

It is “Under the Veranda”, my block-of-the-month style modern quilt pattern that was previously only available to shop owners who had ordered the Veranda collection.  It is definitely my favorite of my quilts – hands-down no question about it.
This pattern got me in a bit of trouble – many people have written me wanting to order it as a stand-alone pattern but I felt I had a responsibility to shopowners who had ordered this collection, so I didn’t feel comfortable selling it right away.

I developed a plan – a year from the collection’s release I would make it available as a stand-alone pattern, thus giving shops who ordered the pattern exclusivity for one year.
Unlike my other two new patterns, it has not been sent off to the printer – at least not yet.  With 20 pages of full-color instructions, I haven’t found a good printing solution for this pattern.  I’m considering and iBook, eBook, and other digital formats, but right now it is available to you all as a pdf over at my Craftsy shop!

This pattern has a bit of everything: bargello, applique, Dresden Plates, Snowball blocks, Flying Geese – the list goes on, but it really comes together for a fun, modern look. 

My daughter and I pieced it together in 5 days over spring break last year.  We aren’t sure we’d recommend that schedule (in fact, we are sure that we would not recommend that schedule), but the blocks are really fun!
So tell me, would any of you be interested in digital patterns other than pdfs?  If so, any particular fomat?
I hope you really like Under the Veranda!
Happy sewing!
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6 thoughts on “Under the Veranda… at last!

  1. Beautiful quilt Amanda. If I purchased this one, it would be preferred as a pdf, or even possibly as an option a book-style pattern that may have a slightly higher cost. I would not be interested in anything for an e-reader however as I don't have one although my husband does. I am still needing a printed copy that I can set on the table next to my fabrics and follow along step by step. I'm sure as I gain more experience that may change, but for now preference for me is a printed pattern and/or small book if necessary.

  2. yes yes yes …all of the things I am actually starting to feel comfortable with …Amanda..this is a beautiful blocked quilt…and pdf is good, ebook is worth considering too…there are many possibilities for you to explore…good luck in that new venture…like everything else..no doubt you will excel.

  3. Beautiful!
    I am good with Pdfs….that way I can have my choice of looking at it on my screen, or print it out for more hands on reading. I don't have a kindle or whatever yet, so I am not sure about any other formats.
    Thanks for an inspiring post today!

  4. Square Dance is my favourite pattern. I Iike PDF patterns but woulf be happy to try Digital. Thanks for the lovely giveaway.

  5. I really like the cupcake count down!

  6. Love the patterns all of your patterns!! And I agree; pdf is for me right now…thanks

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