To Market, to Market, to buy… Swiss Chocolate!

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I fedexed a box of goodies to Robert Kaufman this afternoon.  Unlike some of the other things I have been working on, these I can show right away!  Late last night I finished sewing on the hanging sleeve for my Swiss Chocolate complimentary quilt design for Robert Kaufman

Quilted by Kay Giese, it uses a ten square and roll-up.  Directions will be available here or at your local shop when the fabric ships in February 2010. 

And because I am a design geek, I have to include this photo – I love how the light through the porch rails interacted with th fabrics…

I also made up some Yo-Yo Pillows in Chocolate and Mocha.  (Thank you. yo-yo slave, for the forty yo-yos.)

It’s a free pattern that works great with fabric scraps.  Enjoy!

Have a lovely week!

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