Sundance Quilt: Part 2

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This month I started the embroideries for my new version of the Sundance quilt in my Topiary collection for Blend Fabrics!  (Remember, this quilt was developed for BERNINA so visit your local dealer to get instructions!)  I was going to do the blue version but so many people voted for this pink version I was persuaded… (SKUs can be found in this post.)

I gathered together some threads I thought might work for the project.  I wanted the blues and greens I used in the original quilt, but I also wanted to bring in some of the pink from my Topiary fabrics.  (The embroidery itself is done on Everbloom Ivory from that collection.)

The first pass is the intricate scroll motifs – it is the most dominant part of the overall design.  I chose to use Isacord 4610 Deep Aqua.

The second color is used for the blossom leaves.  I chose 5730 Apple Greeen.  It is nice and bright and will stand up well to the other strong colors in the quilt, I think.

The third pass is for the central motif and the fourth is for the blossoms.  I opted to use Isacord 2152 Heather Pink for both.

After taking another look at my digital mockup at the top of this post, I decided to do the central embroidery a little differently and switch out the pinks and blues so that the pink was a little more dominant, since it will be surrounded by blue in the piecing.  So I used the Heather Pink for the first pass, the green for the second, the Deep Aqua for the third, and 4740 Aquamarine for the fourth.

Early on I had decided to forego the little cornerstone flour de lis embroideries in favor of fussy-cutting the little Topiary motifs from Arbor Walk Light Pink.  I loved the embroideries in the original but I just couldn’t resist fussy-cutting the little garden motifs from this collection!

I carefully cut around the bigger motifs in the same print, hoping to use them for another project.  Any suggestions?

Next month I’ll begin piecing my first blocks.  I can’t wait!  (If you are sewing along don’t forget to post on Instagram using #berninausa #sundancequilt.)  Happy quilting!


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