Sundance Quilt: Part 1

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Hi everybody,

Yardage for my Topiary collection from Blend Fabrics arrived just over a week ago and I’ve been busy planning how I want to use it for my new version of my Sundance quilt that I’m going to sew along with BERNINA fans everywhere.  (Sundance is a quilt I designed for BERNINA that is available exclusively through their dealerships.  If your dealer is in the US they already have access to the directions, and BERNINA is hard at work trying to arrange it to be available through their international dealers as well, so keep asking and stay tuned!)

Here is the original version of the Sundance quilt in my “Bonjour, Mon Ami” collection…

Sundance in (mostly) Bonjour, Mon Ami

And here are the Topiary options I’ve been playing with…

Sundance in Topiary (Option 1)
Sundance in Topiary (Option 2)
Sundance in Topiary (Option 3)

I think I’m leaning toward Option 1, but what do you all think?  If interested, you can access the SKUs I used for these versions here…

For shops looking to order the Topiary collection please call Blend Fabrics at 1-855-817-0604.  And don’t forget to let me know you ordered Topiary so I can add you to my list!

For all of your quilters out there, I will be keeping a list of shops that are stocking all 15 SKUs of the Topiary collection.  I added a special section to the top right sidebar of my blog to start.

Remember, if you are sewing the quilt, to note #berninausa #sundancequilt to share your fabric choices on Instagram!  You don’t have to do it in my fabrics – choose whatever strikes your fancy!  (My local shop, Sew Much Fun, in Lowell, NC, is doing this quilt in batiks and I just can’t wait to see it!)

Happy quilting!

P.S.  I’m sorry, but I can’t sell the directions to Sundance to anyone directly as per the terms of my agreement with BERNINA.  I do have another Block-of-the-month called Under the Veranda available also in Topiary.  You can find it here.  If you are a shop you can contact me directly to place a wholesale order for that pattern or order it through any of the major distributors.

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