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Have you ever picked up a quilt from a quilter and been so excited because they brought your work to an entirely new level?  That is how I felt this morning when I picked up this….

I love Deborah Norris’ little leaves and rose swirls.  I can’t show more yet (soon, soon…) but had to share.

I dropped off quilts #6 and #7 this morning, which means I have need of lots of binding…

It was so nice to see Deborah’s quilting because I’m feeling at sixes and sevens because we are living in complete chaos.  Those of you who read this blog regularly know that I don’t have a studio all to myself and that we homeschool our children.  That means a lot of activities take place in just a couple of rooms and, right now, I’m taking more than my fair share of space.  You can’t go more than a few feet without stepping on a project.  These are various snapshots from our dining room, which is being used for pretty much everything but eating.  (And we don’t have an eat-in kitchen, so right now we are sometimes eating standing at the counter, or on towel in the family room.)  Such is life.  For those of you who might be feeling behind with housekeeping, take a look…

Fabric – washed and ironed

Quilt tops, in various states of completion

Borders, waiting to be sewn on
 I completely forgot about laundry, but these fabrics have little strings before I’ve even ironed them, and I find that really funny.

More ironing on the chair, and more quilt blocks on the floor. 

I’d much rather iron quilt blocks than laundry, wouldn’t you?

Happy sewing!

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