Quiltmaker’s (and my) Cafe Mocha!

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I’ve had lots of emails this morning about a quilt that I designed on page 30 of Quiltmaker’s March/April Issue

First of all, let me say how thrilled I am that so many of you love this quilt!  I love it too.  (My mother loves it so much that she has claimed it for her own – it is what began “The Great Dining Room Makeover” over at her house.)  No, unfortunately I do not offer kits, but Fat Quarter Shop has yardage and I can ease the ordering process by giving you the fabric SKU #s that I used for this quilt.  You might have to order 1/2 yards instead of 3/8 yards, but you can get pretty close to what a kit would actually contain.  So here is the info you need:

Quiltmaker Cafe Mocha yardage requirements

1/2 yard of these accent fabrics for the blocks:
Melted Swirls – AAM-10930-227
Medallions – AAM-10929-227
Tone on Tone Floral AAM-10931-227
Scrollwork – AAM-10927-227
Feathers – AAM-10932-227
Tapestry – AAM-10926-227
Blossoms – AAM-10928-227
Striped Ribbon – AAM-10925-227

2 yard dark brown print (Melted Swirls – AAM-10930-174) Quiltmaker specifies 2 yards, but you might want to buy 1/2 yard more to have to play with

1-3/8 yard cream print (Melted Swirls – AAM-10930-15)

1/2 yard inner border gold print (Tone-on-Tone Floral – AAM-10931-14)

2-1/2 yard outer border/binding fabric (Melted Swirls – AAM-10930-227)

6 yards backing fabric (Tapestry – AAM-10926-227)

If you would rather do the quilt in the chocolate (red) color story, change any replace the last three digits of any SKU that ends in “227” with “167”.
Thanks for the kind comments and I hope that helps.

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