Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks Volume 9

Announcement:  The winner of the fat quarter bundle and magazine over here is Amy DeCesare and the winner over on my instagram account is crazyquiltlena.  Congratulations, ladies!  Send me your snail mail addresses and I’ll get them out to you.  Thanks to everyone for the helpful comments – you’ve given me so many ideas!

It is Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks time again and today is my day blog about my block and have a giveaway!

Can you guess the inspiration for my block?  It kind of knocks you over the head, doesn’t it? It is my fabric line, “Topiary” for Blend Fabrics, which, in turn, is inspired by the gardens of the South. (I’d show you a picture of my garden, but I have whatever is opposite of a green thumb, so that’s no fun…)

I wanted to do a  simple-to-sew appliquΓ© block so I chose one of the trees I drew for this line and enlarged it quite a bit, then added borders and corners so that it would create a diamond pattern when joined with its neighbors.

So… onto the giveaway.  Quiltmaker is giving a copy of the magazine to one of you and I’m throwing in a fat quarter bundle of Topiary!  To enter, leave me a comment letting me know what colors you’d most like to see in a quilt collection for a boy.  (I know this is off-topic considering the style of the fabric in this block… but I’m curious.)  And I’ll also be picking an additional winner from my instagram followers so if you don’t follow me there already please consider it.  (My user name over there is amandamurphydesign.)  The deadline to enter is this Friday, May 2nd, at midnight.

They have lots of other great prizes over on the Quiltmaker blog so make sure to stop by!  (Including a grand prize at the end of the week that has both my books, as well as all sorts of other goodies!)

Happy sewing.

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324 thoughts on “Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks Volume 9

  1. The fabric looks beautiful in the block, love it. For a little boy, I am thinking faded denim type shades.


  2. Lovely fabric and design of the block!
    I would choose a blue/green color scheme for a boy.

  3. Cute block for this collection, Amanda. I like a mixture of primary colors for a boy.

  4. I really like the block you designed. I am not too great at applique, but I might give this one a try. I have a wonderful veggie garden, but no topiary. For a boy would use what my boy loved for colors: orange and purple. (He is now at the age where his "colors" are black, navy, grey and tan which I point out to him are not actually "colors").

  5. I love all things topiaries including your fabric line! When I choose fabrics for a boy I like to include gray, blue, and muted orange.

  6. Heavens Amanda this is perfect ….and a lovely addition with your gorgeous new collection

  7. beautiful! I'd love to see more orange in boys' collections.

  8. I love blue-green mix for boy. Thank you for giveaway.

  9. Great block! I would like to see a line of green fabrics designed for boys.

  10. I would choose primary colors but I am old and I believe babies like primary colors and Black, Whie and Red. However the current generation likes Teal, a green to match and a sort of mustard yellow and even grey. Not my choice but I have made a lot of quilts in these colors.

  11. Right now I'm thinking of blue and orange for a boy's quilt, for my nephew.

  12. Great block, and gorgeous fabric! For a little boy quilt, I think navy and lime would be fun.

  13. I always find boys so difficult when it comes to colours. But just lately I've started liking green, orange and taupe together. Thanks for the giveaway.

  14. Love the block & especially the fabric line.
    For a boys quilt I really like the colour combo of Navy Blue, Silver grey & teal.

  15. I like the color light blue and brown together for a boy. Love your fabric, thanks!

  16. Fabric line is fantastic. For a boy I would like to see Aqua/Teal or Green Shades. Thanks for having a give away.

  17. Beautiful fabric to die for! My grandsons like like the red, cream, black and taupe quilts I made for them….

  18. Love your block! I would like grey, red and blue.

  19. I would love to see blues, greens and browns in a boy quilt. I love the block that you made.

  20. Great topic since I am expecting my first grandson in September. I like all the blue tones but some purple and yellows in the mix would be nice.

  21. My nephew loves anything orange, so I think an orange and blue scheme would please him. Congratulations on your block making the cut!

  22. Lately I'm loving navy with bright colors. A collection for boys combining navy with bright greens and oranges would be fun.

  23. I like medium blue (or royal) along with Chocolate brown with some green and reds thrown in to accent it. Even a rich purple could be used instead of the red in a boys line as long as the color is rich and saturated.

  24. Yummy, yummy fabric! Thanks so much for the opportunity to win! I like the typical "boy" colors, but like to use I Spy fabrics for interest.

  25. I think green/blue/purple would be a good combination for a boy's quilt, with maybe some brown. Thanks for sharing your cute block & thanks for the chance to win.

  26. Blue, gray and white

  27. That's a great block! Colors for a boy…when my son was little, he seemed to favor Southwest colors (and we live in New England!) – turquoise, orange, deep yellows, salmony reds, deep tans, rust- earthy colors … they actually worked great in doing his room.

  28. Great block! I just thought of several embroidery designs to use it with. And your fabric is lovely! I'd like to see navy, green and orange for a boys line.

  29. I think a red and black color scheme for a boy, like firetrucks, would be fun to do.

  30. I like greens for boys….I think blues get over-used.

    I love topiary bushes….the work that goes into getting them into the different shapes is just daunting to me. But I am glad that there are others that can do it.

  31. I always think of primary colors when choosing for a baby quilt–eye candy, I guess!

  32. I like bright primary colors for a boy quilt. I think they like them too, or black. That seems to be the most popular crayon color in school!

  33. Amanda, I love topiaries and your new fabric line. Thanks for designing this block. I would like red and blue for boys fabric.

  34. Your fabric line is stunning! I love the sophistication of a topiary tree along with all your gorgeous color choices. It makes me wishing I was on vacation in England right now. I actually have to make a baby quilt and I'm looking for a few shades of blue including turquoise along with, greens, browns, oranges, and yellows. Thanks for the wonderful chance to win an awesome fat quarter bundle.

  35. Beautiful! For a boy quilt I would go with blues and greens…although I like the idea of Woolen Sails with faded denim!

  36. I love the block! For a little boy, I like to use bright, primary colors.

  37. Love your block, and this fabric line may be my all time fave! I like blues, browns, soft green for boys quilts…it tends to calm them a bit! πŸ˜‰

  38. Blue, grey and orange!

  39. Your block is beautiful and I love the Topiary line! For a boy, I would envision bright blues, greens, reds, yellows. Thanks for sharing!

  40. Love your block and the fabric. I use red and blue for most of my grandsons quilts. His favorite teams colors go jayhawks

  41. Very cute block. I like bright blue and green for boys' quilts.

  42. I like shades of browns and yellows with oranges thrown in for a "boy" quilt! Colors I can work with and yet the boy would not call "sissy" colors!

  43. I like primary colors for boys.

  44. I love the shades of grey and yellow – an be boy or girl. They are all beautiful

  45. Love the topiary fabric!
    For a boy quilt I would like to see several shades of turquoise with navy, khaki and a dark orange.

  46. id like the colors of the sandbox…light brown sand, royal blue bucket, bright yellow shovel and grass green…pretty collection here…

  47. Congratulations. I love the Topiary collection, very nice. I would like to see teals/tans/muted oranges & yellows for a boy.

    Thanks for the chance to win.
    Debi Horne

  48. Boys are so hard! I have six! I'm so tired of all the usual. I find that depending on eachs "love" like legos or sports etc. that it's easier to incorporate a wider color palette. Otherwise one seems to get stuck in the navy white green theme…..

  49. Lovely fabric, lovely block. For boys I think red is a good choice.

  50. Great block! For boys, I think it depends on the boy, I like blues, greens, and oranges.

  51. I think your block is very sophisticated and would be great for an adult or mature (college age?) teen.

    For a boy, I think specific colors depends on age, but always bright blue, red and or green, with maybe some gray or black in smaller pieces.

  52. I think you can make a boy quilt with any color as long as it is dark. Like not pink but red would work.

  53. Beautiful! For a boy, I like the colors of blue, green and brown.

  54. I love your topiary line. I think navy with lime would be a great color combo for a boy.

  55. I like shades of blue, darker gray, and a bit of brown thrown in.

  56. Take the color of tree bark, grass, snakes, sticks, stones, puppy dogs and dirt and you have a boys perfect quilt. So I guess we are looking at browns, greens, grays, and bark. How fun. Oh I forgot mud and puddles, little boys have to have mud and puddles. Thanks Ananda, once again, I love your new line.

  57. Cute block. I would like blues and greens for boys' quilts.

  58. Amanda, your fabrics are stunning, as usual and look forward to receiving your newsletters featuring beautiful quilts and projects for us to make.

    You are not age specific regarding colors I might use for a boy, so if he is a toddler, primary colors would be my choice, and if he is old enough to have formed favorite colors of his own, then I would definitely use those.

  59. Super cute block!
    For a boy I would like blue, orange, and gray.

  60. I like your block. The color for a boy is determined by the age group. Blue is a given. Baby pastels, toddler bright almost any thing, school age goes to school colors or favorite team colors.

  61. I like brights and blacks for a boy.

  62. I love your fabrics and would try to make the block. For a boy I would use nature colors: brown, green, blue and touches of yellow.

  63. well my little boy is quite keen on oranges and red and such.

  64. What a great Giveaway. The fat quarter bundle looks amazing!

  65. I like aqua (or teal) and brown for a boy. Thanks for sharing a copy of 100 Blocks.

  66. Snips and snails and puppy dog tails, that's what little boys are made of. Blues and reds and browns.

  67. My "little" boy is now 18 and there is no color in his life! lol. However, I'm thinking blues (shades of demin) and orange. Of course burnt orange is great since we're UT (University of Texas) fans!

  68. Your block is beautiful – so whimsical! My favorite colors for a "boy" quilt are different shades of blue mixed with a cream color. Thanks!

  69. Love your fabric. I am on a kick of turquoise, with burnt orange and grey for a boy at the moment.

  70. I have a new grandson and his nursery is deocrated in all shades of blues, turquoise, black and a touch of yellow. It is really pretty.

  71. Love the block! And the new Topiary fabric line! Teals and greys would be very cool for a boy's quilt in my opinion. Congrats and thanks!

  72. Beautiful fabric line no wonder you used it as your inspiration! I'd love to see more pastel shades of the primary colours that are often used in boys fabrics designs.

  73. I really love your block. My colors for a little boy right now happens to be very bright colors. I have been designing a minecraft quilt for him and the colors are bright. My other choice would be turquoise and browns.

  74. I love the soft sweet colors of Topiary! And you're right, it's hard to go from sighing over that to boy colors. πŸ™‚ My grandson loves orange, maybe because it's so bright. But I think shades of orange would be perfect! blessings, marlene

  75. I love teal for boys – bright yet not too girly & goes with lots of other colors – lavender, tan, brown – even some greens. Great block & great giveaway!

  76. Wow, I am surprised by teal for boys… guess I'll have to look for some pics of what people have come up with (: Personally, I like John Deere green and yellow and shades of brown, rust, gold and yellow to go with. (think crop & dirt colors)

  77. I love aqua, teal and orange! Works for any baby, and isn't the traditional baby blue. πŸ™‚

  78. Love your new fabric line. Its very soothing. my favorite color for boys brown. Thanks for the opportunity.

  79. Amanda, the block is darling. Great job. Looks like fun to play with.

  80. I love your pretty Topiary prints and colors …
    for a boy, I'd like to use shades of navy, denim and bright yellow.
    Thanks for the chance to win!!

  81. Love your block. I think blues and yellows would make up a great quilt for a boy. Thanks for the opportunity.

  82. congrats, this is a very pretty block. and you are very clever to use the tree pattern from the fabric. When I make a baby boy quilt the main colors are blue and green. Then I throw in some primary colors to brighten it up and make it fun.

  83. Love your block and that topiary fabric! For boy colors, I am a big fan of the brown & blue that was popular a few years ago. To jazz it up a little, I would throw in some orange or yellow. Congrats on getting your block and quilt into the publication. Thank you for hosting the giveaway.

  84. Love that Topiary line of fabric! For boys I would say mid to dark levels of blue with some gray and orange. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  85. Thanks for offering the giveaway Amanda. Cute topiary block. For baby boys I prefer to use green, blue & yellow pastels and for toddlers I like using bold primary colors.

  86. Hi!!! Love your block and the fabrics!!!! I had three boys and now one grand son 6 yrs old!!!! So for boys Yellow,blue,red,green and gray!!!!

  87. Cute block and beautiful fabric! For boys I would like browns, reds and blues

  88. Green and Orange would be great in a boy quilt!

  89. Green and Blue. Nice block congrats and thanks for the chance to win.

  90. Love your fabric and would be thrilled to get some! As for boy i like primary colors.

    Thanks, Karen Carpenter

  91. My son very much likes orange and often the brighter the better! Shame the quilt I just made him is predominantly aqua!

  92. I vote for a blue/tan (sand and sea) combination for boys. I do love these fabrics for me though!! πŸ™‚
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  93. I would like blue, gray and yellow/gold and a melon color.

  94. I love the Topiary line, Amanda. It has colors I adore in it! It would be a wonderful prize to win, plus the 100 Blocks is ALWAYS a best prize for me.
    For boys, I'd like to see color. Too many boys clothes are limited to blue and brown. Boys like color too! Green and yellow are wonderful additions to blue and brown. Thank you for the chance to win.

  95. Love the fabric!! Boys…teals, oranges, and browns.

  96. Love the topiary collection! I'm a mix of blues and slate gray for boys with some yellows…yummy.

  97. For a boy I love to see denim blues and red plaid's with tans and browns mixed in πŸ™‚ I saw a denim backed rag quilt for a boy the other day and the front was done in the above mentions. It was just beautiful πŸ™‚ Ty so much for this opportunity and congrats on being chosen πŸ™‚

  98. LOVE the Topiary colors for myself! For a boy, blues- cobalt and turquoise and greens-Christmas and lime with some warm browns and maybe a surprise touch of purple and gold. Congratulations and thanks.

  99. When my grandson was born (in July), I made him a red, white and blue quilt. He would tie it round his neck and run through the house yelling Captain Bulldog!!! His dad graduated from MS state.
    Thank you for the giveaway!

  100. I would love to see blue and orange. Thanks for the chance to win.

  101. Lovely block. For boys I would choose some blue , green and orange.

  102. your block is so doggone cute! I really love the look and think it would look great as a pillow top, too! I would love to see some cars and trucks, or emergency vehicle fabric for little boys!

  103. Gorgeous fabrics!! Love the block also. A boy's quilt would be lovely with limes, blues, and orange..

  104. So glad to hear that I am not the only one who does not have a green thumb. What a fun block!

  105. Let's see…for my grandboys: how about grey mudpuddle, various greens, and some pops of blues?

  106. love your topiary collection – and as for boy's colors… hmmm… i've been using turquoise/teal and orange and brown. i know brown is one of those colors but it just works. thnx so much for the giveaway – and i'm going to be a new blog follower of yours…

  107. For my grandson I did one in green and yellows and another in dark navy and red.

  108. Hmmm. Boy's quilt. Baby boy, toddler boy, teenager? for a baby, I don't think gender really influences the color choice. I'd use whatever the mother wants! For teenagers, I think it really depends on what they are into, so I'd choose novelty fabrics that feature things they like, and pick the other colors from the fabric. Toddler boys? I think primary colors work best for them.

  109. Bright, powerful colors, rainbow colors. 24Tangent@gmail.com

  110. Red and blue on white for boys would be my fav. rozz01@cox.net

  111. Browns, blues, and reds.

  112. I had a boy who preferred brown and green and one who preferred black and red. I guess I would choose black and brown and one accent color in a quilt for a boy. Neutrals and a splash.

  113. Very pretty block. For boy quilts, I would say shades of blue or primary colors.

  114. Really lovely fabric! and I love how you used the topiary in your block πŸ™‚
    For boys…maybe red, white (cream actually!) and navy blue.

  115. Such a darling block! Colors for a boy? Well – mine is clamoring for green/grey/white – maybe with accents of blue and orange?

  116. I really like to see blues and tans in a quilt for a baby boy. Another idea I really like to do if I know the family is interested in a certain sport… I love to make quilts in scarlet, grey, and white — Yes, Go OHIO State!

  117. Great block
    I love navy/green for a boy!

  118. Red, green and/or blue are my favorite colors for boys quilts,

  119. I love blues , greens and soft yellows in a boys quilt with the possibility of some gray as well . Thanks for the chance ,

  120. I like bold colors for a boy's collection-prints are good but mixed in scale. Seems like" boy's fabric lines" are so stereotyped. Thanks for the giveaway.

  121. What a beautiful block and fabric. How proud you must be of your fabric and I love the colors. What colors for a boy's quilt…colors of the earth that they love to play in, black for the stones they love to throw, green for the trees they climb and blue for the water to splash. That would make a lovely quilt for a lad.

  122. OMGosh – your block as well as your fabric is gorgeous! For a boys quilt I'd use a couple shades of blue with some green and teal thrown in! Thanks for the chance to win πŸ˜‰ Debby E
    samtaylorcjsmimi at yahoo dot com

  123. I love your fabric and all your patterns! I like a dark green and browns for boys.

  124. Congrats on being in the magazine! You have a cute block. For a boy, I'd choose blues, browns and reds. Thanks for sharing with us. cknapp3626@sbcglobal.net

  125. I love prussian blue, sage green and buttercup yellow for a boy's quilt

  126. My favorite for boys are blues and greens (not too dark) with splashes of yellow and purple.

  127. I'm very traditional so for a boy I would buy fabric that is blue, green, yellow, or red. I'd stay away from pinks or anything feminine.

  128. I like primary colors for boys.

  129. Congrats on being published in Vol. 9! Peaceful blues, turquoise and teal, with accents of complimentary colors would be great for a baby boy without being too over stimulating. I think it would be "scrumptious"! Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  130. For boys I like black, white and a little red, or greens and/or blues.
    Actually, anything but pink goes.

  131. Blues and tan i think are nice.

  132. A very young boy would really enjoy bright, clear primary colors. Fun to make for the quilter too.

  133. Love the block and for a boy I think I would like baby blues and yellows with touch of lime green and some orange Babies like bright colors

  134. My youngest boy said he likes greens/purples/grays in his quilts.

  135. For a boy I should use the colors blue and green

  136. Great block! Thanks for doing this giveaway. I would use blues, greens, and reds in a boy quilt.

  137. Love the topiary collection. I would use blue, green, yellow and orange in the boy collection.

  138. Yellow/blue/brown are my favorite colors for a boy's quilt. Congratulations on being published!

  139. I think teal/brown/yellow or orange would be cute colors for a baby boy.

  140. Thank you for all the lovely ideas you share and inspire us to make the blocks

  141. Love your fabric, for boys I'd love a variety of blues, green and oranges.

  142. Love all your fabrics and patterns! Especially since you ar "NC girl"!

  143. Gorgeous fabric to make a topiary. Love gardening and fabric.
    Boy colors, how does slate grey, light grey, a little black, sea foam green, blues and red.

  144. Wonderful fabric. I like boy's with some yellow. It's always sunny! Thank you

  145. Blues,greens and yellows;-)
    thanks for the chance to win

  146. I like blue and brown for a boy!

  147. I love bright red, green and blue for boys. Super fabric. I love it.

  148. This is a fun blog tour, thanks for putting my name in the drawing. Fun block and fun blog. When I make a baby to young boys quilt I use blues, greens, tans. For an older male I would use blues and browns.

  149. Very nice block. Many a formal (and some not so formal) garden in the South include topiary. My favorite are the shaped bushes turned into animals and such.

    As to boy colors – I think anything except pink or pastels would work.
    Thanks for the opportunity! notwendy gmail

  150. I tried to follow on instagram but for some reason it wouldn't let me

  151. I think primary colors are great for a quilt for a boy. thanks for the chance to win.

  152. Thanks for the chance to win. I would use primary colors and lots of shades of blue.

  153. Very pretty block and fabrics! For a boy I tend to think of blues and greens, with some neutrals thrown in and maybe a touch of yellow or orange to give the eye a small break.

  154. I love red and blues with spots of yellow for a boy.

  155. For boys, yellows, greens, blues.

  156. I have been thinking about making a green and yellow quilt for a boy. Hey we are Farmers and DH bleeds John Deere Green and yellow.

  157. Boys like blue, green, and red! My grandson inherited a pink bike and he said only green and red would suit him!

  158. Blue and yellow for a baby boy, but my 5 year old grandson demands red.

  159. Hmmm….blues, tans and a smiggion of red. That's what boys are made of! Beautiful block, by the way!!

  160. Hi, I love your block, it's so pretty. for a boy I would go with blues, greens and whites.
    Warm hugs,

  161. Congratulations! I love your Topiary block and fabric! For a young boy I like blue/green/orange….my favorite new color combo is navy/orange. Thank you for sharing!

  162. Shades of blue, and orange for pop. And a nice crisp white. Or maybe all the colors of the rainbow…

  163. Let's see boy fabric colors….hmmm, I assume that since you said boys we are talking school agers here so I will go with nautical colors, navy, white, red, yellow.

    P.S. I am in serious love with your collection, it's gorgeous.

    (just in case: m3reyna at gmail dot com)

  164. What a wonderful block. I love the fabrics, they are wonderful. Wow colors for a boy. If it is a baby boy I would choose blue and green. If it was a toddler I think I would choose blue and yellow. Congrats on being chosen for a block in the magazine.

  165. Cute block. For a little boy I might choose light green and gray.

  166. For a boy I like orange with blue or green right now.

  167. i would like to see more neons for a boys quilt. i havent seen a boy yet that did not like bright neons! i love all of your fabric lines. i wish i could afford them for charity quilts, which is all i make. babscorbitt@gmail.com

  168. i follow you on instagram as babscorbitt. i also am a new follower of your blog. babscorbitt@gmail.com

  169. I like your block and the colors of the fabrics in your newest line.. I like tan for a boy

  170. Very pretty block. For a boy I like to use blues and greys.

  171. I think shades of browns, teals & a punch of yellow & green would be great for a boys line! Really cute idea for your block….I like it lots!

  172. For boys I would like to see something without blue, maybe greens, browns cream and red. Thanks for the give away!

  173. I love the block! I like red & denim blue for boys

  174. I have an 11 month old grandson and I would love to see more purple for boys, girls have had a stranglehold on lavender forever!

  175. Love your block and fabric line. Congratulations on your block being selected. For a boy's quilt fabric, I'd love to see some bright green. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  176. I like blue and green in a boy's quilt. The design in the fabric also determines if it's for a boy or girl. I like geometric shapes for boys.

  177. Love you fabric and your block. My favorite colors for a boys quilt depends on the age of the boy and the fabric to be used. It the quilt is a nautical theme then shades of blue. If the quilt is western in theme then browns and greens.

  178. Congratulations on having your block chosen for Issue No. 9. Making your block with your Topiary line of fabric is very fitting! My son loves greys, blues, and blacks.

  179. Blues & browns & creams. (perhaps teeny little accents of yellow or red or green)

  180. I would like to see a boy's quilt made with aqua, lime green, and white!

  181. Hi Amanda
    For boys I love using Lime, Royal Blue, White and accents of orange tones.

    I have now made "Window Boxes" twice. in aqua purples and white for my daugther in law and in pink and white for a Breast Cancer Fundraiser raffle prize which I donated. I would be delighted to win this prize – if your happy to ship to australia πŸ˜‰

  182. I tend to stick with browns, blues, and whites, off whites for boys quilts. Sometimes I'll use the red, blue, yellow and green as well.
    Your block is sweet. Thanks for the chance at the giveaway!

  183. I like brights if they are young, and if not, any other browns, blues, tans. I also use batiks with off whites or tans. Your block is very nice and I appreciate the opportunity to win.

  184. For a boy I love blue and green. Thanks for the chance!

  185. I like yellow, teal, and grey for a guy quilt.

  186. Love Navy Blue and Green together for a boy. I've made a pair in this combination for 2 boys of triplets and they looked great!

  187. Cute block! For boys quilts I like mostly primary colors or blues and greens.

  188. Love the block and the topiary fabric line. I like blues, browns and greens for a boy quilt. Thanks for the chance to win.

  189. Cute block and even cuter fabrics! I like green in boys quilts~ everyone associates boys and blue, but think of the grass stains too. LOL Thanks for the chance!

  190. Beautiful block and gorgeous fabric!! For a boy, I like colors from the original crayon box – red, blue, green, yellow, orange, purple! All nice a bright!

  191. Navy/Gray/Orange… strong & solid

  192. What a pretty block. Colors for a boy's quilt … blues and greens … red, white and blue … black, orange and white … grey, black and red.

  193. Blue and Brown which are the colors I used for my 28 year old son a quilt, and he loved it!

  194. I love turquoise for a boy, you can blend brown or black and keep it masculine but a bit nontraditional. Love your topiary!!

  195. great fabrics and they can MAKE the quilt!! Lovely

  196. Love the fabrics in this block…sooooothing.

  197. Blue and orange would be fun for a boy.

  198. Love your block! I love blues and grays with a little red.

  199. Blue and orange are catching my eye for boy quilts right now.

  200. I like bright colors like blue, orange, green, yellow or a sport's team colors. Thanks so much for the giveaway.

  201. Love your new fabric. I like blue, lime green and white for boy quilts.

  202. I am tired of blue for boys all the time, although blue in with the other two primary colors would be okay.

  203. I am making a boy quilt right now and it has brown, yellow, turquoise.

  204. Cute block and love the fabric: congrats on getting into the magazine!! πŸ™‚ And I don't have boys, but my hubby likes red and black, and I just made a quilt for a nephew and I used oranges, blues, greens, and yellows.

  205. I use browns, navy, black, blues, neutrals or black with multicolor splashes.

  206. Navy blue and lime green!

  207. Beautiful fabric line! Our non-profit quilt group likes to make non-gender specific quilts, so they can be given to any child. But when I made quilts for my grandsons, I used shades of blue, orange, green and tan.

  208. My Grandsons love blues and greens

  209. Very cute! Love that fabric too!

  210. For a young boy, I would like more intense blue, yellow and green. For an older boy (i.e. preteen/ teen) I like red and black or blue and orange.

  211. What a fun block!! I'd have to have some red in the quilt — boys love brights!
    Thanks for the chance.

  212. I love the colors of Topiary!!!

    For a boy, I'd like to see a print of "boy" things like racecars in reds and blues, or heavy equipment (dump trucks, backhoes, etc ) in yellows maybe on red and blue backgrounds. I think of boy colors as bright bold colors.

  213. I love the colors of Topiary!!!

    For a boy, I'd like to see a print of "boy" things like racecars in reds and blues, or heavy equipment (dump trucks, backhoes, etc ) in yellows maybe on red and blue backgrounds. I think of boy colors as bright bold colors.

  214. Cute block. I like reds,blues, and yellows for a boys quilt.

  215. That is very cute fabric! Red actually historically used to be the colour for boys (or pink) but i think red, teal and yellow would rock πŸ™‚

  216. I would be so honored to be the recipient of those fabrics…so pretty; and a great inspiration for your block. Gardening is a passion for so many of us.
    I would like to see colors from nature …. blues, greens, browns, and maybe even some gray in a boys line.

  217. Boy Quilts should have smoky gray blue and chocolate brown, or grass green and orange.

  218. Cute block! For a boy I like primary colors. Thanks for the chance to win.

  219. Love your block! Congratulations on being included in the magazine!

    For a boy's quilt, I love colors form nature; blues, browns and greens.

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    Sandy A

  220. I love the soft colorway of your block. For a boy quilt I am using blues and greens which I love. I have vivid blues, lime greens, medium blues. A whole spectrum. I wanna make a happy boy quilt.

  221. I'm a fan of blues for boys (and girls, really), but primaries are always a good bet in general.

  222. Like your block. I would use blues, greens and tans in the block for a boy.

  223. I like blues and browns for a boy's quilt.

  224. That is a difficult question because not all boys are the same. I would say browns, blues, and oranges.


  225. My favorite colors for a quilt for a boy tend to be primary. However, I'm liking grey backgrounds lately, and maybe a more saturated color scheme. There are so many options out there. Paper pieced Planes on a blue background would be cute, so would kites. Congratulations on the upcoming expansion in your family!

  226. Wow, that's such pretty fabric. I love your block. Hmm, colours for a boy? Traditionally there's not as much choice as with girls but I really like to orange incorporated in masculine colour themes.
    Thanks for a chance at the give-away.
    mgw070 at shaw dot ca

  227. I use bright primary colors for kid's quilts so I would use anything except pink for a boy.

  228. For boys quilt I like lots of soft neutrals (cream, tan, taupe, gray) combines with one soft color like orange or green or yellow. Sweet but not girly.

  229. Lovely design and fabric.

    I think you can still use just about any color combination when making a quilt for a boy, just certain colors in moderation. For me, I lean towards blues/greys/whites/green.


  230. For a boy – I like blue, gray and orange!

  231. That is a pretty block and BEAUTIFUL fabric! For a boy: maybe teal, orange and gold.

  232. For a boy I would like a lego theme set of fabrics; both the typical primary colors, but also lego block prints. Not so much featuring the different sets/themes they have now days (star wars, etc.), but just featuring the plain blocks and smiley yellow faces. πŸ™‚
    Thanks for the giveaway! sarah@forrussia.org

  233. Quilt fabrics for a boy… I'd have to go with strong bold tones of red, blue, yellow, green.

  234. I think blue, orange and black would make a great little boy's quilt.

  235. A boy's quilt should have happy colors. They should be bright and bold to keep them seeing different colors and patterns.
    Blues, yellows, and purple(bold) would be neat in a boy's blanket.

  236. Kind of depends on the boy… I've used blues,greens and reds; autumnal colors; orange and blue. My absolute fav was made using reds and grays!

  237. Love your block, and your fabric line.
    Quilt colors for a boy… I don't love the idea of assigning 'boy' and 'girl' colors. But thinking of the various boys & men I know, I think I would tend to go with bright colors — green, blue, yellow, and yes, even purple & magenta. I think the patterns might be more important, though.

  238. Your fabric line and block are beautiful. I like combinations of brown and blue for boys. For little boys I like bright colors.

  239. I am really trying to get away from doing quilts that shout out girl or boy in their choice of fabric, so I probably would go with primary colors. That way it could be enjoyed by both. Just think of the rainbow or a new box of crayons.

  240. I'm on an aqua, green and gray kick lately. I think those colors would look great on a quilt intended for a boy

  241. what a ownderful, happy block!. you're fabric line is to dive for! i love it

  242. Love your block and fabric. The boys I make quilts for are college age and they ask for all shades of blues..light to navy. Have also had requests for red, white, & blue.

  243. Blue, orange, green and yellow would be perfect for a baby boy quilt, in my opinion. Thanks for the chance to win, Amanda!

  244. i like blues/browns or a red/tan combo for boys

    love the block!

  245. Swoon! Your topiary fabric is gorgeous. And so is your block. For a boy, I would like to sew with blues and grays and pops of red. Thanks for your lovely blog and for this generous giveaway.

  246. Blue, tans, greens for a boy.

  247. That is such and elegant block. Love it.

    I always try to find shades of violet and apple green for boy quilts. Then end up using them on myself instead!

  248. I am obsessed with your fabric!!! I guess the traditional color of blue. Blue and brown look good, but I'm not a fan of brown, but it may go with the nursery. I like yellow, but I saw that babies might not find yellow soothing like adults do. I like mint and butter yellow, so I guess I'll say that. Thanks!! ksmith8@emich.edu

  249. I think blues yellows and browns would be a good color scheme for boys!

  250. I think teal, orange and brown is a nice combination for a boy quilt. Thanks for the chance to win!

  251. Love your sweet block and the fabric…wow… With talented designers like you it makes playing with fabric irresistible… Oh I almost forgot… The boy colors… I don't know about you but I love blues and greens and browns for boys.. But I also love primary colors also… I guess it depends on the elements to.

  252. Your block and fabric line are both so nice.
    I like navy and green and orange for boy fabrics.

  253. A boy's color palette would use a pale gray which is so 'in' right now, with white and sky blue. Maybe add a medium gray too. YUM!

  254. Love your block and fabrics…so pretty!!
    I like bright, primary colors for a boy.

  255. well, since I have all boys, you'd think I was an expert! my hubby is a firefighter, so he likes neutrals and red/black. blues and yellows, green and yellows. trains and planes. dinosaurs. Disney boys stuff like Cars 2.

  256. Browns, yellows and blues would look great, (I think). πŸ™‚ Love the simple but beautiful block. Newbies like me can do that. πŸ™‚

  257. Lovely block and lovely fabrics. I am afraid that I would consider using the usual colors of blue and or green for the boy quilt.

  258. Beautiful block and fabric. For little boys can't go wrong with any shade of blue.

  259. Cute block and I love this line of fabric. Funny you should ask such a question about the color for a boy. I am having the hardest time right now. I know six women who are having babies–all boys! I've been trying to come up with fabric for a little boy to make quilts, but everything seems so babyish and lets face it, babies aren't babies for very long. I've been looking for fabric with antique cars, and I love teal for a little boy, maybe with some aqua and rust. Hope this help you! Thanks for the giveaway!

  260. Lovely topiary block. I love Black and grey for a boy with a little red or apple green (not both)

  261. Interesting Block. As to a line color for boys – I would say a combination of blues, greens, browns and yellows.

  262. I like primary type colors. I especially like unexpected things like bright orange and blue. And a strong neutral like a brown pattern for a contrast.

  263. I'm really liking blue and purple now.

  264. How about teal, brown, black and cream

  265. Nice block and really suits your collection. Would like red/green/yellow and a touch of black.

  266. Colors I favor for a boy are shades of blue with tans and browns. Maybe add a little bright yellow or green for some added interest.

  267. I think blue, green and yellows are really nice for a boy.

  268. I'd like to make a quilt for a boy with soft blues, greens, and peaches.

  269. Love the fabrics – the colors are scrumptious. My mom has several topiary's so this really fits her. Thanks for the opportunity to win some goodies. I like reds and blues for boys – especially now with Spiderman being the rage.

  270. I think I'd like to see green, orange & brown – or – green, orange & navy blue in a collection for a boy.

  271. Beautiful block Amanda.
    For little boys, I like blue and orange with some white.

  272. Oh, your block and fabric are absolutely gorgeous!!! For a boy I'd love blue and green. Thanks for the giveaway!!

  273. I like blue and green:)

  274. This is such a gorgeous fabric line! For my boys, I'm usually on the lookout for cars and trucks and such with lots of bright blues and greens. One of my sons is in love with anything gray these days.

  275. A boys quilt—probably blues.

  276. hI, I love your block. Colors for boys would be blue, green and white.

  277. For a little boy I like to use blue, green, tan, with a pop of red!

  278. I like blue and green combos, stick with clear primary colors.

  279. I like blue and green for a boy, maybe a bit of brown thrown in.

  280. Bright greens and blues. Thank for the chance to win your lovely fabric and the magazine.

  281. I love to see BRIGHT solid colors for my boy's quilts. They make me think of the intense efforts my boys put into all their effotts. Thank you for asking.

  282. Love your fabric line and your block. I like to see orange in a boys quilt for some reason. Not a lot but it adds some color.

  283. I like to make black and white quilts with a pop of red for boy or girl babies. For a little older boy, I like red, white and blue.

  284. Love the colors in your fabric. I guess I would choose primary colors for a boy. Nancy: rangerer@sbcglobal.net

  285. Love your block! For a boy I like navy, white and light grey. Thanks

  286. Boy quilts are great in blues, browns, and greens. Teal and brown look good together. I've even made a baby boy quilt in brights.

  287. I like green and grey for a boy

  288. I like blues and browns in a boys quilt!

  289. Your block is lovely! For a boy, I think great colors would be blue, green and orange.

  290. I like blue with either black or gray.

  291. Congratulations, Amanda. I like to use reds and blues in my quilts for a boy. Thanks for the giveaway.

  292. I think orange , blue and green would be nice for a boy.

  293. I love browns or greens with blue for boys. Can't get instagram, my phone is too old fashioned. crystalbluern at onlineok dot com

  294. I'd like to see shades of brown, beige and purple in a fabric collection for boys.

  295. Love that block! Quilt for a boy I would likely do gray, black and orange πŸ™‚ Thanks for the chance to win!

  296. A beautiful block combining both piece work and applique.. cool.

  297. Your block's super cute. Then for the quilt, first I'll ask the boy his fave colors and make the quilt, that way will be a remind about his colors that time

  298. Cute block. I like blues and tans for little boys quilts.

  299. I think primary and neons or some of the different camo colors would make a nice boy project.

  300. Beautiful fabrics!

    I'd love to see greens for a boy.

  301. I would like blue and grey with some aqua for a boy's line. Thank you for the beautiul giveaway. πŸ™‚

  302. Would love to win, thanks

  303. I like quilts that have a blue and green colour scheme with pops of yellow for a little boy. Thanks for the great design and offering the give away πŸ™‚

  304. I love your Topiary line. The colors are great. For a boys quilt I like brown, blue and green or primary colors. Thank you for the chance to win your Topiary fabric.

  305. Such cute fabrics!

    I like orange, green and purple together for boys. It needn't be bright and garish, after all there are many shades of orange green and purple. πŸ™‚


  307. Well my grandson, Dylan, is really into Buzz Lightyear & Woody – so I would have to say blue, green & brown, of course!

  308. Beautiful fabric! I love trees .boy colors blues and greens

  309. I made my grandson a quilt with aqua type blues, bright greens and oranges. They get a lot of compliments on that color combo.

  310. Blue and green!

  311. Blue, of course, for a boy, but also green, yellow, orange…
    I especially like plaids in quilts for boys or men.

  312. I'm loving pops of orange on my little grandson right now. LOVE your block! πŸ™‚

  313. Cool block! Love your fabrics! Thanks for the giveaway.

  314. Great block that matches your fabric! I would love to see fabrics for boys in navy, light blue, orange and white. Thank you for the chance to win!


  315. For a new baby boy, I am partial to blue. For an older child, I most likely would make a quilt that reflex his interest, or his favorite color.

  316. Beautiful fabric!!! I've been planning on making a baby quilt for a boy and I've chosen fabrics with brown and teal… I think they look amazing together.

  317. I would like yellow, green and teal.

  318. What a cute block. I know it's the obvious choice, but I like blues for boy quilts.

  319. My son likes red red red. He's six….and has always been drawn to red. I always assume it's going to like the blues, or muted greens, but it's red then purple. Hey maybe together….:P

  320. I like blue and yellow for a boy! Your topiary fabric is awesome.

  321. I love baby blues! When making a recent baby boy quilt, I had a bit of difficulty finding that really soft blue.

  322. I would love to see bright beautiful shades of blues and yellows.

  323. Hello,
    I would love to win the magazine and the fabric! I recently made an adorable monkey quilt for a baby boy. It was turquoise, brown , white, beige, for the monkey blocks and then some scrappy colors of red, yellow and green in the blocks around the monkeys.
    Great for a boy.

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