Quiltmaker 100 Blocks – Volume 6

If you guessed that mine was the third row down, directly to the right of the text, you were correct!

You might have spied Veranda!

I made this block roughly the same time I made Bejeweled.  I had yo-yos on my mind.  Its called “All Buttoned Up” and I think it would also work well in black and white – like a little tuxedo!

I originally pictured this block running vertically down a lap-sized quilt.  Wouldn’t it be cute in a kid’s room?  I like it “sans borders”.

It really isn’t complex to make, and the yo-yos make it perfect to take on a trip.

Now for the giveaway!  I have 2 Quiltmaker 100 Block Volume 6 magazines to give away, and each winner will get to choose three patterns of their choice from my pattern line!  All you need to do is leave me a comment (just one) on this post telling me what size quilt is your favorite to make.  And your favorite to buy patterns for if they are two different things.  (There are those of us who are famous for biting off more than we can chew when we are looking at patterns and books or even fabric… ahem.)  Do you like making lap-quilts, wall hangings, twin sized quilts, etc.?   Please consider becoming a follower if you aren’t already and you must leave me a way to contact you should you win.  Deadline is this Friday (the 4th) at midnight.

For more chances to win please visit the other block designers who are participating in the giveaways today, as well as Quiltly Pleasures, Quiltmaker’s blog.

Good luck and happy sewing!

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259 thoughts on “Quiltmaker 100 Blocks – Volume 6

  1. I really like making lap sized quilts. They're perfect for napping on the couch!

  2. Wow that is a gorgeous block, and I love the whole quilt made from it! I generally make quilts around 80" x 100", but it is not usual to find patterns in this size so most patterns I buy are smaller.

  3. I tend to make a lot of wall hangings as gifts. I have made quilts for all of our beds and have started making a second one for each. Now up to son #3's next quilt.

  4. Lap size is generally large enough for me. Thanks for the giveaway.

  5. Oh! I really like the quilt mock-up you made for this block. I like to make and buy patterns for twin size to lap size quilts. A queen size quilt or larger is pretty tricky to quilt on my home machine (although it's fine to send out!). 🙂

  6. Love your block and layout options! My favorite size quilt to make is lap size or 56×60 size, usually longer or skinnier. Thanks for the chance to win

  7. I love to make lap size quilts, they're so much fun to make. Your block's stunning, congrats!!!!

  8. My favourite size is just big enough to snuggle on the couch with my husband or a couple of kids! About 50 inches by 70 inches or so. PERFECT!

  9. Usually make a twin or larger quilt. This way anybody can use them for any size beds.

  10. I'm going to say lap quilt as the best size for me. Thanks for the chance!

  11. I tend to like the lap quilt size and I am one of your new followers, thanks.

  12. i mostly make either queen size or baby quilts…use my own patterns

  13. I like making lap quilts but I find myself headed towards wall hangings to include minis~

  14. I lovel to make lap sized quilts. But mostly I do wallquilts at the moment.
    I love your block. Looks so special!

  15. Hi Amanda: Congrats on you block being on the cover! My favorite size of quilts are "bed" size for the bed of who ever is getting the quilt.

  16. I have only made one quilt so far, and it was a double!

  17. at the moment it's minis between 12 and 18 inches – I can experiment without having to use up large amounts of fabric.
    Else everything big you can comfortably snuggle under.

  18. I like to make quilts that are lap or single-bed topper size. That way I can do everything including the quilting myself.

  19. Love yo-yos so thank you for bringing them into this century, so love the block with the colours too.

    Is there such a quilt-size as twinlap or laptwin????

    Thanks for the giveaway Covergirl.

  20. Good Morning Amanda….you are sew right in black and white with a splash of colour for the yo-yo's this would make a great quilt…you sew darn clever…
    You are my only visit today…darn homework lol.

    did you know you have word verification on…
    I bet you would get sew many more comments if you turned it off lol. I know ….tried 3x ..I blame it on, I have not had my first cup of josephine this morning….lol

  21. I think your blockisthe most original one I have seen in the blog hp for volume 5. Congratulations! It is great. I like to make lap sixe quilts, but buy patterns that have multiple size options. Thanks, Mary

  22. I love lap quilts and baby quilts and make a lot of them for gifts. When buying patterns I don't usually worry about the size as I often just convert it for my needs.

  23. i love making twin sized quilts!

  24. I guess I'm more of a lap sized quilter, but I'm new to quilting. I also wouldn't trust my poor sewing machine to handle anything to crazy. Maybe someday…
    Oh yeah, I also haven't purchased any quilt patterns but drool over many. I find that I ma still more attracted to lap size or twin sized layouts.

  25. I love making baby and lap size quilts, simply because they're easier to wrestle through my machine! Love your block!

  26. I started off thinking there was no point in making anything but bed size. Now, after realizing the time & work envolved, I see the value of smaller sizes as well!

  27. Your block is super cute & I love that you added the yo-yos! Lap quilts & pillow covers are my favorite projects. Thanks for the chance to win!

  28. I usually make bed size anywhere from twin to queen so I buy my patterns accordingly

  29. The biggest I do is a lap quilt only because that's the biggest I can manage to quilt in my machine at the moment. Thanks for the giveaway.

  30. I am working on making quilts for all the beds, so I guess I would say my favorite size is twin size, since that's what we have the most of, and they sure go quicker than queen. Thanks for the chance to win!

  31. I guess wall hangings are my favorite because I love to design them, then finish them quickly. In reality, I probalby make more lap quilts for charity quilts. Of course, those are very rewarding. Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  32. Oh, and I'm a follower and love, love, love your patterns!

  33. I almost always make queen-sized quilts, and I hand quilt them. Crzy, I know.

  34. Congrats on making the cover with your beautiful block. I usually buy patterns to make at least a twin size or larger quilt. When sitting on the couch, I like at least two people to snuggle under my quilts.

  35. My favorite quilt size is 72" x 88"…love your pattern especially blossoms….beautiful:)

  36. Thank you for this chance…I love making queen size quilts; I guess because that is what I normally do. But minis and runners certainly are faster…lol

  37. I like lap size and twin. Love your block!

  38. I usually make queen size quilts. They seem to work for just about everything and everyone. Great block!

  39. I love to make big quilts…. which is why I don't make them very often. I would say queen is my preferred although I have mad a lot more lap 🙂 Thanks! And congrats.

  40. Great block!
    I like to make lap quilts as I'm running out of beds for bigger ones!!!

  41. I love making any size quilt, however, I tend to create large quilts more often. I've never bought a quilt pattern before…I usually go with what is in my head and create from there.

    c.paint [at] yahoo [dot] com

  42. I absolutely love your block – I agree, black and white with different color "buttons" on each "tuxedo" would be stunning!
    I adore making large bed-size quilts, but lately I've been making smaller projects so that I can practice my quilting! Thanks for the chance to win!

  43. I like the lap size quilts. Great for snuggling. I also can't resist mini-quilts. So cute. I follow you.

  44. congrats on having a block in this fab magazine,
    I am fixated on twin sized quilts at present, as that seems to be the prevailing bedsize wherever I live…but as a beginner I should maybe look out more for lap and baby sizes…
    fingers crossed like mad- I'd love a copy!

  45. I love making lap quilts that are around 45 by 60 as that is the largest size I can easily quilt on my machine.
    As for patterns, I don't usually buy them because I like designing my own. Although sometimes I use blocks from books (LIke the Quiltmaker's 100) as part of the design. So I would love to win a copy of this magazine.

  46. I should make lap sized quilts or smaller but normally the size I make is twin sized or bigger. My current project is a 72" x 76" quilt. The one I just finished is 54" x 68".

  47. Love the block – I love lap sized quilts and baby quilts. I can see this done in batiks for my mom who is in a nursing home. Jewel tones for her.

  48. depending on the size of the person they are made for ~ the quilts I make have to be able to wrap them up nicely. =)

  49. What a cute block! I like making lap quilts, but I prefer patterns that have various sizes. Otherwise, I prefer twin size patterns. Thanks for the giveaway!

  50. My favorite size is wall hangings about 48" square. But I make quite a few bed quilts as they are more practical.

  51. I Love your Veranda Quilt Block! I also Love your Fabrics! I Love making Lap Quilts…I would Love to have your "Under the Veranda" Patterns! Thanks for having this Great Giveaway of Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks Volume 5.

  52. Your block is very, very nice. I really like to make wall hangings, although I make all size quilts. With wall hangings, I can use more applique and it's a quicker gratification!

  53. Love your block! I like to make lap quilts the most. Thanks for the opportunity to win!=)

  54. I like to make all sizes, but currently have been doing some miniatures. Love the tecture of this block – thinking a must do for my grandaughter.

  55. I like to make full size quilts for presents, and miniatures for fun….I love you bubbles pattern, thanks for a chance……

  56. I seem to favor lap size and baby size quilts. They are quick to put together and fun to cuddle under.

  57. I make full sized, perfect for sleeping under.

  58. I love to sew for babies so I usually make baby quilts. Congratulations and thanks for the giveaway.

  59. I definitely prefer wall size quilts. I like to display them and they are quick to complete. Your block is a real cutie. I am stuck on yo-yo's right now, too,so it grabbed my eye.

  60. Lap quilt size is my favourite…but I am really liking the Schnibble sized quilts as they are so quick and fast and look great on a table. Thanks for the chance to win a magazine and patterns!! You did a wonderful job!!

  61. My favorite is a lap quilt. I love your block that is on the cover. I love having hand work to do in the evenings so this would be a great quilt to work on for me. I love yo-yos and have a queen size quilt made with all yo-yos.

  62. Lap quilts is my favorite. This is a nice block to make and I think I will give it a try.

  63. I like making bed size quilts because we use them the most. But I am planning a few wall hangings for my sewing room.

  64. I like making lap or twin sized quilts.

    This block is way too cute. Thank you for showcasing a possible design in a quilt — it looks wonderful!

  65. Cute block! I usually make quilts that consist of about 30 blocks – that's about as many as I can make before it threatens to become a UFO. So depending on the block size that can be about 50 x 60 before a border, so lap-sized?

    I'm trying to make more wall-hangings so that I feel that sense of accomplishment earlier than usual. Very few of my quilts end up on beds anyway so I guess it doesn't matter what size I make them!

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  66. I make everything from miniatures ( 8"x8" ) to kings (110"x110"). If I like a pattern that's not the right size, I'll reduce it or enlarge it depending on the project. Love the use of the yo's yo's! Congrats!

  67. I am currently making sofa/lap size quilts – doesn't seem to take forever to construct. All the beds already have wonderful quilts. I am trying not to make quilts with stars this year – just tired of them. THank you for this wonderful and generous opportunity. Judy C

  68. I like the lap size. 🙂

  69. Lap quilts for me! They seem the most useful. And my kids love them for making forts.

  70. I seem to end up making huge quilts even if I start out intending to make a lap quilt. Just one more row….

  71. I really admire you and enjoy your blog so much. Lap-size quilts are the ones I make a lot and sometimes I will make queen-sized quilts. Yes, I like your idea of the black and white tuxedo quilt. I can actually visualize this quilt. Great block and great idea. Thank you for your participation and giving us all a chance to win such a fantastic magazine.

    Sandi T.

  72. My favorite quilts to make are crib size. They are quick to make and an easy size to quilt. As far as patterns, sizes isn't so important if I like the pattern. I can always ajust the size by the number of blocks I make.

  73. Yea, guessed correctly! As I beginner quilter, I have only attempted to make doll, baby, and lap size quilts. I would like to venture out and make bed-size quilts, depending on the recipients' bed as I gain confidence. Thanks for the opportunity to win this!

  74. I like making twin quilts – perfect size for my daughter, and not too much trouble to quilt on my regular old sewing machine. But I don't have much control when it comes to patterns, so I can't say I have a favorite size there!

  75. About 60" square is the largest I want to deal with anymore. Seems like I never get the large ones done because life too often interferes.

  76. lap size. I like to see progress and anything bigger loses my attention.

  77. I love to gift lap size quilt.Your block is very beautiful!

  78. I love making a twin size quilt….
    they are great for a baby to grow into…big enoufgh for mama to wrap up in while feeding…. good in a childs room or adds color to an adult bed and perfict for when I just want to take a nap…

  79. I like making and buying patterns for a twin sized or larger. Although the quilting part can be a bit of a challenge.

  80. I have made a queen size but prefer the smaller ones as I have done several donation child size as I am learning to machine quilt on my Singer.

  81. I love making Queen size the best- I love being able to wrap up in blankets and having extra blanket to cuddle in too 🙂 I have made a few smaller- 70" square, but I like big 🙂

  82. I love making doll quilts.

  83. A lot of my quilts grow as they go, so are between double and queen.

  84. I tend to make a lot of lap size quilts( when teaching classes this is how I use up the sample blocks)
    but lately I am trying to make bed siz quilt ( king size )sew far I have made 4 king size quilts.
    Patterns seam to be double to queen size and with some applique.
    thanks for hosting a give away and I wanted to let you know that that is a cute block you came up with too.
    in stitches

  85. I like lapsized quilts also. I think they get a lot of use. Lovely block and wonderful giveaway. Kathie L in Allentown

  86. I am currently working on my second king sized quilt. I don't mind the size except for the fact that I quilt it on a normal sized Brother sewing machine. Queen sized would probably be better suited for my machine. I love your Bubbles pattern

  87. I feel most comfortable making twin or "picnic" sized quilts :o) So patterns that look good on a smaller scale are my favorite.


  88. The block looks great – and it's lovely to see it on the cover! Most of the quilts I seen to have finished are single bed or smaller…all my ufo's are queen sized!

  89. my favorite size quilt to make is lap top.

  90. crib sized is my favorite.. especially since when I am making that size I have a special baby in mind.. the yo-yo's would make a great texture for a quilt to put on the floor for baby to play on.. love this.. I have lots of ideas..

  91. Wow your block is awesome! I love the yo-yos! Congratulations for being selected by the magazine! I like lap sized quilts! Thanks for the chance to win! I can't wait to get a copy of the magazine! ginaloomis(at)sbcglobal(dot)net

  92. I like making lap or throw sizes, the most.
    Practical and easier to finish.

    A wonderful block to use for a teen or young adult.


  93. Baby quilts; I'm working on one this week. Thanks for chance to win! (EMAIL: marshudson at comcast dot net)

  94. I love lap size quilts with fleece backing, love all your patterns especially Village Green

  95. I really love this pattern! The repeat is fantastic and I love it borderless. 🙂

    I would say I love to make baby quilts as they are so little finished quickly but the size I'm most often making is king size cuz I want the quilt to fit my bed – I have a hard time letting go of any of my creations. ;(

  96. I make mostly baby or lap size quilts, I like to do the quilting myself and I can handle this size without hating the quilt when I'm done :). Thanks.

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  98. I like making 40×40 quilts to give away. That size i can actually quilt on my regular sewing machine.

  99. I think your block is adorable. Would make an great little girl quilt.

  100. I like to a quilts about 55 wide by 75 long. That has become the lap size my family loves.

  101. Lap size quilts are my favorites. They are perfect for both use as a lap quilt and for my younger grandkids to use when they visit us. And I love "yoyos"! I have made several hundred, along with my granddaughters, in the last 2 years.

  102. I tend to make twin size quilts:) Congratulations on having your block in Vol. 5!

  103. Queen sized quilts – and I rarely buy separate patterns. Really like the yo-yos and that zig zag layout you posted. Congratulations on your block being selected for QM 100 Blocks. I'm already a follower (from before you became so famous).

  104. I enjoy making wall hangings the most, also buying patterns for them. They are usually pretty quick compared to a bed quilt and usually funny or seasonal!

  105. Congratulations on being included in 100 Blocks!! Lap quilts are my favorites to make – I think you need to be able to nap under a quilt to make it worthwhile 🙂 Thanks for the chance to win!

  106. I love the quilt picture you show with the blocks forming vertical lines. So cute!
    My favorite size quilt to make is a lap-quilt.

  107. I love making lap size quilts & enjoy buying patterns to make them. I am a follower of yours and thank you for the giveaway! Your patterns are so pretty, love them!

  108. I like to make table runners and wall hangings. Great block! I am enjoying the blog tour! blaukat@hickorytech.net

  109. While enjoy the speed of smaller lap size quits, I prefer to make bed size quits, usually double or queen. I enjoy the process as much as the finish and feel like I'm leaving a friend when the quilt is finally bound. I like your upbeat fun patterns.

  110. Congrats on making the cover! Love your block – it'll make a really cute quilt for my nephew 😉 Thanks "sew much" for this chance to win!

  111. I like making twin sized, most versatile, but need to be making wheelchair lap quilts!!
    tracydvr at comcast dot net

  112. I like making twin size quilts and lap size the best. Great blog! Congratulations!

  113. Congrats on your cover block! I like to make throw/lap size quilts most – I can get them DONE!!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  114. I guess my favorite size to make is lap — though much depends on who will be receiving the quilt and whether it is for a bed or decor. I enjoy making yo yos, so it's fun to see a different way to use them.

  115. Amanda, Amanda, I am so excited to see your block as the cover of the #5 Quiltmakers 100 Blocks. I am so happy and excited for you. You do such great work, so it was a wise decision on the part of the editors to choose your block. Congratulations my friend. Oh yeah, and of course I am excited about the chance to win. Will you sign it for me? 🙂

  116. I just love this block Amanda with the little yo-yo's added like that. Very pretty.

    My favorite for now is to make lap or baby quilts. I'm sure once I am more experienced I'll try a larger quilt but for now the smaller ones are easier to handle.

    Congratulations on being included in this next 100 Blocks Magazine, Issue 5.

  117. I like making quilt in 2 different sizes. Oversized queen usually have to expand the designs. OR Lap quilts we live in the basement of a house so they come in handy during the winter.

  118. I really prefer sizes less than 45×45 : runners, lap quilts, "bed quilts" to keep my feet warm and to protect my bed quilt from excessive cat fur. They work up quick!
    Love the block. At first I thought the yo-yos were buttons!
    Lynn in Manassas

  119. cute block!! I make queen-size, crib-size most of the time. I purchase patterns that I like and then alter them to the size I want.

  120. I think most of my quilts would be considered long lap size, but I have made a to cover my queen size bed, and yes, it was a challenge to finish. I like to make table covers and runners because I can use them often.

  121. I like to make queen size quilts – worth my time and effort! I especially love quilts with points and stars

  122. My favorite size to make is lap-sized. Since I'm tall I tend to make quilts at least 6' tall (even ones for other people), the width varies. My latest project was a pillow for a swap – it was so fast and easy compared to my quilts – just 2 large wonky log cabin quilt blocks. The hardest part was the zipper – I'd gotten out of practice as I don't sew many clothes these days!

  123. I tend to make large lap size quilts. The males in our family are all over 6 feet tall, so my lap quilts are usually the size for twin beds.

  124. I like to make throw-sized quilts best, especially when I machine quilt them myself. I end up making more bed quilts because they are the most useful, and I just wrestle them into the machine! I also like to make baby quilts, they are fast and fun.

  125. I do love patterns that give options in sizes, so I can decide how the design works with my fabrics and what I need to make. I make any size from runner up to large queen (almost king, yikes, not excited about quilting that on my domestic! Your block is really cute!

  126. Lately I have been into lap size quilts as they are fun and quicker to make than a full size quilt. I am a follower ,thanks for the chance to win and congratulations on your sweet block.

  127. Very cool block! 🙂
    I've only made the lap quilt size. I'm a new quilter and haven't braved it yet for making a bigger size…
    I'm already a follower of your blog! thanks for a chance to win! 🙂
    bcgeates at netbistro dot com

  128. I like making Queen size quilts, but don't like quilting the layers together on my domestic. That is why I'm buying a Longarm!

  129. I like to make lap quilts and baby quilts. People seem to love getting those. My baby quilts are smaller than most – at most 36 inches square. Moms like them because they can use them in car seat and strollers without overwhelming the baby, as quick rugs when baby has to play on the floor and as a changing mat in emergencies. I like them cuz their fast.

  130. Love it!! I can see this block twisted and turned for some unique design. Very Clever.

  131. thank you for the giveaway… prefer lap quilts or wall hangings as i never seem to finish anything bigger… also, thanks for the PDF of the Easter table topper…

  132. Your block is so great.
    I mostly make smaller quilts. I have made all the bigs one I need for beds so now I am into making smaller ones.

  133. I really like to make wall hanging sized quilts, though my family and I are all running out of wall space!

  134. WOW, I need to make queen-size quilts for each of my six children, but I've been filling in between with lap-size Christmas quilts, one for each of my four sisters. None will be alike, but for the sisters I'm using fabric with cardinals in memory of our mother who loved those red birds!

  135. If I am not in a big hurry to complete a project, I prefer queen size quilts. People can still use them as lap quilts if they like but they can be used on their beds also.

  136. Lap quilts are my favorite size. That way I know I can quilt them myself on my DSM. Much larger than that and they are too much work.

  137. If I am not in a hurry I prefer to do a queen size quilt. Then people can use it as a lap quilt or a quilt for their bed if they choose. I love your square. This would be fun to do in defferent kids material for my grandsons rooms.

  138. I just love your block! congrats!!!

    I like to make lap quilts and baby quilts. I am going to try and make a full or queen quilt one of these days I keep telling myself:)

    Oh I buy patterns and lots of fabric. I am sitting next to a box of patterns and piles of fabric. I like to be able to make what I want when I want.

    Thank you

    sandyb720 at gmail dot com

  139. What an awesome block – I think it would make an adorable baby quilt! That said, my favorite size quilt is either lap size or wall hanging as I have a short attention span and just a domestic machine for quilting.

  140. I am always biting off more than I can chew. I guess I have made more throw size than anything else, but I am always adding another row of blocks here and there to make the quilt bigger and bigger and bigger. Then I can't umderstand how hard it is to quilt on my DSM. LOL!

  141. My favorite is lap sized or baby sized quilts because they are obviously smaller. I have to tell you I LOVE Veranda with a vengeance – it is just gorgeous.

  142. I really enjoy using the quilts that I make, or having loved ones actually use them, so I like making King Size quilts, but for fun quick projects, I like lap quilt patterns.

  143. I stay within the guidelines for Quilts of Valor, my favorite charity. Usually about 60×70 (twin?) is perfect.

  144. Ha! you know me so well! I make lap quilts mostly, but start out buying queen size patterns! I love you garden paths, garden jewels, and blossoms patterns!

  145. Your block design would be perfect in black and white…yes I can see it looking like a tuxedo now (wink). So I'm one of those…I'd rather make lap sized quilts but more than often take on much larger projects and try my best to find a way to make them smaller! My quilting is by my wallet so those larger ones can set me back a bit! Thanks for a chance to win Volume 5… Sandi

  146. Oh, I saw this block featured on one of the sponsor sites, and I loved it then and still do! I never thought of it in black and white…how cute would that be! I mostly enjoy making lap sized quilts. Just enough blocks to make it satisfying with out getting sick of them. Just the right size to machine quilt.

  147. I've been making alot of Schnibble quilts lately, but I really like to make full size quilts, too.

  148. Your block is beautiful and I agree it would be great in black and white. I am new to quilting so have only made lap size so far but would like to tackle a bigger one. I actually have lots of books with patterns for all quilt sizes that I bought over the years because I knew some day I wanted to learn to quilt.

  149. I love making lap and baby quilts! Twin sized are cool too! thanks for the great giveaway and congrats on a wonderful block – it would be very nice done in black and white!

  150. My favourite would be lap-sized quilts.

  151. I like making lap sized quilts. I just make it up as it goes, so it becomes more of a twin sized or greater lap quilt. Thanks for the chance to win. Im a new follower of your blog. -Karrie ksmith8@emich.edu

  152. I like twin sized quilts the most. Thanks for the chance at your giveaway.

  153. I like lap or twin. They both work for me. I so wanna win this one because you have tons of patterns I would love to make!! Your block is beautiful too 😉

  154. I have made each of the children a keepsake quilt and baby quilts for each grandchild that comes along and as they grow to a big kid bed. I like to make lap quilts now – not to big and challenge myself with each new project.

  155. Well I really love to make lap quilts, but when I just feel like making something faster I have made lots of table toppers and wall hanging. Thanks for the chance to win.

  156. I love to make wall hangings but it is easy to try new ideas and colors. In quilts I generally do lap size. Your block has lots of fun possibilities.

  157. I like making big couch-cuddler quilts, ones that are long enough that feet don't stick out when someone is stretched out with a book, watching tv, or napping.

  158. Lap top is my favorite size.

  159. I like to do lap quilts most. Sometimes will do twin size to use as lap quilts for the tall guys.
    I like your patterns.

  160. I love making queen size or larger. Thanks for the giveaway.

  161. Lovely block.Hugs Jofrid

  162. I would say my favorite to make is lap size. That may change to baby size if I ever have grandchildren! When I buy a pattern, I don't choose it by size, but by how much I like the pattern. Many patterns can be re-sized if needed or desired.

    By the way, I love your block. It may just be my favorite so far. I can envision it in so many fabric colors and patterns.

  163. My favorites to make are lap sized quilts, mainly because I don't have to struggle to quilt them on my machine and because I am into instant (well, nearly) gratification.

  164. I like to make lap size the best: my daughters like to chose their own style for their comforters, and since they often watch TV on my bed I don't want my quilt to get mucked up by them being on it, so a lap quilt can be folded at the foot of my bed and then pulled over me for a nap, or pulled up on an especially cold night. I'm also getting into making baby quilts for the many great-neices and nephews that are being born. It's nice to have something that finishes up fairly quickly!!
    Love your block!! And LOVE the veranda fabric!!
    Helen (hlebrett at live dot com)

  165. I like making big quilts, but it's a necessity since my son is 6' 5". I also like doing baby & kid quilts to give away.

  166. I LOVE your block! I think most of the quilts I've made have been roughly queen-sized, but I enjoy making lap size the most…it's quicker, cheaper on supplies, and doesn't throw my back out to wrestle under the needle while fmq-ing.

  167. I find lap quilts to be a bit too small for most in my family. So, I tend to make either twin (and use it as a lap quilt) or double. I drool over queen/king size but hesitate to make the jump to actually doing one!

    contact info: pwood615@gmail.com

  168. I like the smaller quilts for my grandchildern. Lately I have been sewing doll quilts, and a few table toppers for my stand. I love your block and I also love adding yo-yos to my projects. Congrats to your published block and I look forward to reading the new issue of Quiltmakers 100 Blocks Vol 5.. Thanks for sharing…Judith, Texas

  169. I love the block. Congrats on being chosen for a block. I love making twin and full quilts. I love to see them used on beds.

  170. I mostly make baby/wall hanging size quilts.

  171. I love your block and have been reading your blog for ages. I generally make bed sized quilts. Maybe Id get more done if I did lap sizes but 99% of the time its a queen or larger.
    Thanks for the chance!

  172. I love to make lap sized quilts! Nothing better than snuggling up on the sofa with a homemade quilt and watching a good movie 🙂 Your quilt block is just lovely, and so much fun! Thank you for the chance to win a copy of the book

  173. Well, I ENJOY making wall quilts and nap quilts but all of our beds are Queen and King…

  174. lap size quilts are my favorite… i havent dared to make a KING size one just yet….
    by the way i adore the Easter Table Topper!!
    thank you for the giveaway


  175. I prefer lap lap sized quilts and baby quilts. But I am starting to strip piece the beginning of a queen-size quilt. Thanks for the chance to win.

  176. My favorites are Queen sized quilts. I don't worry about what size pattern I buy as I can alter it to whatever I need.

  177. Love your block! Looks awesome in your fabric. I don't need the magazine, but I couldn't pass up commenting for a chance to win your patterns!

  178. I prefer making larger quilts varying between large lap to queen size.
    Thanks for the chance to win the next volume so I can add it to my collection of the others.
    CathyC in Alberta

  179. I had already spied your block and decided I had to make it into a quilt or tablerunner! Love it! My favorite size quilt is a twin sized because it is small enough to cuddle up with and large enough to put on a full or queen size bed, too! Can't wait to get my hands on Volume 5! I have the other 4 issues and refer to them ALL the time! Just liked you on FB and followed and subscribed to your e-mails!

  180. Congratulations on your great block! i usually make bed quilts, although lately, lap quilts are becoming a favourite.

  181. Good looking block– I also love the easter table runner and would like to make one
    I dont really have a favorite size quilt — it depends on my mood. Most of what I have done are full size to queen though.

  182. My favorite size quilt to make is wall hanging, they go fast. I do buy patterns for bed quilts and lap quilts also.

  183. I love to make large lap sized quilts and baby quilts

  184. I love to make large lap sized quilts and baby quilts

  185. I usually make throw size quilts, but these are almost as large as twin size. The patterns I buy are usually crib size or throw size, and I simply adapt the pattern to the size I want. Love your block, love all your patterns, and would be thrilled to win!

  186. I like twin sized quilts. Everyone can use that size.

  187. Love to make queen size quilts, or little wallhangings, just to see if it's worth making bigger.

    Thanks for the giveaway.

  188. I "like" making baby quilts the most, but I enjoy bed quilts more, so those are the size I make the most.

  189. I tend to make baby quilts or throw-sized quilts! I'd like to eventually make a king-sized quilt for my bed, though.

  190. I like to use Mary's strippy quilt (Maryquilts.com)as there are so many choices of fun fabrics to make this.

  191. My favorite size quilts to make are either wall hangings or table toppers…this way I get to try out new designs and can do the quilting myself. Thanks for the chance!
    I'm already a happy follower :o)

  192. I like big huge snuggly quilts but quilting them is a pain on a home machine and I don't want to spend money on sending them to a quilter when I could buy more fabric so mostly I don't finish anything. I am determined to finish a few with these couple weeks I have off from school between spring and summer semesters though.

  193. I like lap quilts. They are fun and quick to make. Love to snuggle in them while watching TV. gwonson@hotmail.com

  194. I actually did guess right! Woot! I like lap sized best, mostly because I still despise the basting part and don't want to make it worse LOL!

  195. I like to make full-size quilts. And I usually chose something that will challenge me and then wonder why it takes me so long to finish it.
    Congratulations on your block! Linda

  196. My favourite size quilt to make is definitely baby quilts. I've made several for my grandbabies but I make them about 45"x58" so they're large enough to still use and/or play with as they get a little older.

  197. My favorite to make is anything i can fit into my machine to quilt. LOL.. usually i can manage a twin, or less… I dont dare do bigger because i just dont see it fitting into the throat of my machine!

  198. Cute block, love the yo yos, my favorite size quilt to make is lap, mind you most of the lap quilts I make are around 80 inches square.

  199. Your block is delightful with the yo-yos. I usually make more wallhangings than anything else these days as I live full-time in an RV.

    I love your Easter Table Topper also and I'll be downloading the pdf for next year. it's so beautiful and reminds me of deviled egg plates.

    Thank you.

  200. I think my next project (after the started ones, the designed ones, and the "I'm thinking about" ones) will be a lap quilt. What could be nicer than watching TV on a cool evening covered in my own quilt!

  201. I love to make bed-size quilts, or at least ones that are large enough to snuggle under! The problem I have is getting them quilted! 🙂

    Thanks for the chance to win! I was thinking your block would be cute in black & white!

    Sandy A

  202. Mostly lap quilts and wall hangings.

  203. I like generous throws – probably 56x70ish, but I do a lot of "winging it" and don't always follow patterns, so they end up however big they end up. I don't like square quilts so much though. I have a lot of tall people in my family – so my quilts tend to be long.

  204. Hi,
    I like to make lap quilts, because I can quilt them on my machine.

  205. I like making baby quilts best and I love patterns for bed size quilts! Yes, I am a collector of many books and printed patterns. Thanks for a great block 😀

  206. I usually make throw and crib size quilts. I need to make queens, but I seldom get them finishes.

  207. I make mostly large throw size quilts, almost bed size really. When I want something to throw over I want it to go over me. Those tiny ones just don't do it.

  208. Big big quilts. Congrads on the block!~!

  209. I usually make twin/full size quilts but once I get my UFO's caught up, it will probably be lap quilts.
    Thanks for the chance to win. Enjoyed your Blog.

  210. My favorite size to make is the twin-sized quilt. I like to but patterns for wall hangings.

    trilliumcreates AT gmail DOT com

  211. My favorite size quilt is about 40 x 60, which works for most children to which I donate through Project Linus.

  212. I like your block! All buttoned up! And I usually make lap sized quilts, extra long, so that when you are lying under a quilt on the couch, your feet are covered. 🙂

  213. This block is sooo cute. I should be making a full sized quilt, but I really lean towards wall hangings, especially seasonal so I can use them as decor.

    LizE ehfengman@yahoo.com

  214. I'm really liking table runner size at the moment, it's easier to learn FMQ on something that small.

  215. I like to make bed size quilts mostly. Thanks for the chance towin a copy of the magazine.

  216. I'm a follower, and I love your block and would love to win the book! I like to make wall-hanging size quilts, lap quilts, etc….more on the smaller side rather than struggling with a large queen thru my machine.

  217. Baby quilts, I make lots of them.
    Thanks for the chance to win. And congrats on your happy block


  218. I see from the comments that most everyone likes lap-sized quilts and I agree. It's similar to a "real" quilt but small enough that the project isn't too intimidating.

  219. I love making full sized quilts for my bed! awolk at rogers dot com

  220. I like making wall size quilts but have made some twin size quilts too. I buy pattern in all sizes.

  221. I almost always make "bed size" quilts, which in my case is queen size. I will buy a pattern any size and then add my own twist to it to make it larger.

  222. I usually make queen-sized bed quilts. Your quilt is really interesting and looks like it would be fun to make.

  223. I like to make bed sized or large throws. This year I have made lots of baby quilts though. Congratulations on being a cover-girl!

  224. Such a cool block! My next project is a sofa quilt for my own family.

  225. Oh I have mostly been making bed size quilts, but I'd like to make some ap size ones to take camping.

  226. That block is as cute as can be with the yo yos. I make all sized quilts, but my favorite is lap sized, mostly because they make for easier quilting than big bed-sized quilts.

  227. My favorite size? One that doesn't run off my design wall, which is three doors hinged together. So that means if it is much more than 72" high, it is sprawling on the floor. I do my own quilting, so anything bigger than that is difficult to work on for quilting. Patterns, I buy all sizes. Doesn't stop me.

  228. Twin size is my favourite because I can easily quilt them on my machine. Thanks for a chance to win the magazine. And I love your block!

  229. Sizes I make are mostly baby, or lap size – both manageable to quilt. I love the layout you've done for your block – I can't always "see" the extended pattern(s) for single blocks in my mind, and need the prompt. Yours is certainly one I'm putting on my list. Thankyou. Margaret

  230. Love to make either lap or wall quilts. It depends on how the fabric or pattern inspires me!

  231. I love your block! A really big size block would make a great side of a handbag 🙂

    I love to make wall hangings, because they are easy to handle when it comes to quilting. With my new embroidery machine, I must say that my favourite bought patterns lately are In-the-hoop projects.


  232. I usually make queen size quilts, but look for patterns that have directions for various sizes.

  233. I love making baby quilts and laptops so I can do freemotion quilting but love to do king and queen but I have to send them out.

  234. my Favorite size to make is Queen size but I won't buy a pattern unless it has all the size options available just in case I want to make it again in a different size:)

  235. I like to make lap quilts and wall hangings. I usually buy patterns for lap quilts.

  236. I usually make lap quilts and wall hangings. If I'm buying a pattern, I want it to be a lap or bigger.

  237. Very creative block. Thanks for sharing.

  238. My favorite size is a lap quilt. My very first quilt I ever attempted was a king-sized quilt for our bed. What a mistake! It still is sitting in the closet….talk about biting off more than I could chew! Just signed up for your blog – it looks great!

  239. I love your block! It is a must-make for me. I usually make quilts in the lap-twin range, but I get patterns for all sizes (and adjust as needed!).

  240. I make baby or lap size – quick to make and easy to quilt. I generally buy magazines with patterns in them, and then adapt them to the size I need. Margaret

  241. Jeepers – see I've made a previous comment – but this Post A Comment window kept popping up, so I thought I hadn't, and made the second one. Oops! Margaret

  242. Love your block and patterns! I like making big quilts~ 80 x 80 or bigger, but i seem to buy more wall hanging patterns than I will ever use! Thanks for the fun!

  243. I like to make cuddly lapsized quilts to snuggle under and for the kids. I love patterns that include instructions for all of the different sizes however. Wow, Amanda, you are giving away Volume 6 magazines? This is only the Volume 5 blog hop! You are good, girl. Thanks for the fun! 🙂

  244. So far, my favorite size is crib-sized, 44×60. Okay, it's mostly because that's the most plentiful size I've done so far (my own kids and friends' kids. And it's still manageable quilting it with my small Bernina. That's 12, 12" blocks, 3×4, with 2" sashings all the way around. But, I'm in the middle of piecing a king-sized quilt for my king-sized bed!
    Thanks for your cute girly patterns and a chance to win! I'm just getting into the Craftsy scene, and I've signed up for a class (hint: big projects on small machines!)

  245. I like to make lap sized quilts because I don't have to send them out to be quilted. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  246. I usually aim for the twin. In the past, I only sewed lap sized, but after making my first twin, we prefer the larger size when sitting on the couch, especially when the 4 yr old is taking over the popcorn AND the covers! And if I have a lap quilt all to myself I have a tendency to fall asleep. I need so share the twin so those sharp elbows flying around keep me awake!

  247. Love this block. I tend to make lap quilts as I love snuggling in front of the TV under a quilt.

  248. In my limited experience as a newcomer to quilting, crib-sized quilts have provided most of my experience. I think I'd like to try a lap quilt with more detail next. Thanks for sharing your giveaway!

  249. I make quilts of all sizes, but my favs are Miniatures- with blocks 2" or less. Just call me crazy…
    Thanks for the chance to win an issue…

  250. My favorite size quilt is a large lap for snuggling. But I buy patterns for all shapes and sizes of quilts!

  251. Love your block Amanda. Congratulations on having your block included in this year's Vol. 5. I really love making all different sizes. I'm doing the civil war BOM, General's Wives right now and it's going to be a king. Really depends on who or why Im making something. My Mom loves tablerunners and I think I've made her one for every season and holiday there is.

    Thank you for a super giveaway and a chance to win.


  252. I like to make lap quilts and frequently make them a bit larger than the pattern instructions. My favorite thing about the process is giving them away and hoping the recipients will be happy with them. carolann427@aol.com

  253. Great block for a strip quilt! Thank you!

  254. Definitely lap size quilts. Thanks!

  255. My favorite is lap quilts! Just made 3 Xmas lap quilts for 3 very special grandchildren! Love your yo- yo block!

  256. I like to make quilts that are queen sized or at least 80 inches since all the guys in my family are over 6 feet tall and like to tuck the quilt under their feet.

  257. your block is so sweet!
    I like to make baby quilts 🙂

  258. Baby size quilt! I'm still new to quilting and wanted to start with the easiest first.

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