Lollipop Block BLUE/PURPLE Panel Bundle with Mini Lollipop Rulers


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This special bundle includes a Lollipop Block panel in the BLUE/PURPLE color story, a set of longarm thickness Mini Lollipop Rulers, and Lollipop Block Guide. It has a retail value of $102.99 but as a bundle it is priced at $92.99!  The panel is designed to teach you how to quilt a variety of designs with lollipop rulers and the guide takes you through the process step-by-step.

Details on Mini Lollipop Ruler Set:

This ruler set features a special nonslip back and clear marking in two colors. Their design makes them easy to use!  With 5 different shapes to choose from, you can quilt a lollipop column, lollipop fill, or a lollipop medallion/snowflake!  All shapes are 1” wide.

These rulers and approximately 6mm thick.

Watch a video showing how to use these rulers here.



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