Product Review: Select Appli-Web Plus and Select Appli-Stick

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Hi everyone!

I came back from Market with two new appliqué products to try after Alex Anderson’s husband, John, dropped off a roll of Select Appli-Stick and Select Appli-Web Plus at my both.  I made a green version of my Romance table topper in Carina to check them out and thought I’d tell you what I found.  (Carina is shipping in August/September from Benartex.)


I really loved the Select Appli-Web Plus.  It is very lightweight when applied – much like Shades SoftFuse, which is another paper-back fusible web that I love.  The actual paper that you trace on is thicker though – but the fusible is really light.  It didn’t  take very long to fuse and didn’t require steam, which I liked.  Alex has also been working on a paper-less version of this product, which is called Select Appli-Web (without the plus), but I like the paper backing to trace my appliqué shapes.




Select Appli-Stick is a completely different product.  It peels back to reveal a heavier fusible that is actually quite tacky.  This would be an excellent product for those of you who like to really play with appliqué on a design wall and reposition it.  I usually work out the placement of my appliqué on a computer before I go to sew, so I liked the Select Appli-Web Plus a bit better, but I could see applications where the Appli-Stick could be really useful.  In fact, I just was looking up the links for their website and noted that they have this product in 1/4”, 1/2”, and 1” widths, which would be awesome for appliqué bars!



Thanks to Alex and John for letting me try their new products – I really enjoyed them!

Happy quilting!




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