Pinwheel Park

Would you like to learn how to make this interlocking block?

Put your scraps to good use and head on over to Madame Samm’s!

Happy sewing!

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7 thoughts on “Pinwheel Park

  1. Good idea for scraps that I can't beat to part with!

  2. Well i am heading to that other blog lol

  3. I saw this on the other blog. I like the different combinations the squares can bring to a quilt.
    Thanks, Amanda for turning little squares to so much fun,,,have to find some scraps and I think buy a bolt of white as it seems to be THE background for quilts especially modern.

  4. love the block and the setting options that you showed!

  5. very pretty block

  6. I'll check it out. I was just noticing last night that I need to make a scrap plan.

  7. going to check it out! Looks like a great design with a few options!

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