Modern Holiday Blog Tour Day 7

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Next up on the Modern Holiday Blog Tour is Cherry of Cherry Blossoms Quilting Studio!  I actually met Cherry through Madame Samm, who had to talked to us both on the phone and thought we would become great friends.  She was right!  Since then Cherry and I have had booths at Market next to each other.  We have the same birthdays, same taste, and we even order the same food on our breaks from Market.  Kind of funny!

I wish Cherry lived closer so we could sew together but we share our work virtually all the same.  (She has the cutest bike quilt you’ve ever seen.)  She actually has been working on the Holiday Forest cover quilt and has teasing me with pictures of it.  I need her to stop because I don’t have time to make another quilt!  Hers is so cute with the squares and greens and an added touch of red.

I can’t wait for you to see it so hop on over to Cherry’s blog and don’t forget to enter for another chance to win a copy of Modern Holiday!

Happy sewing!

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