Mitered Border Tutorial

As promised, here is a tutorial for mitering borders.  I included specific directions for this in my Bubbles pattern, but there wasn’t enough room in the others so I am including it here.  (It’s also on the side bar.)

My friend, Pat Hopkins, mitered the corners on her version of Town Square.  Didn’t she line up the stripes nicely?  (I am not that patient so I’m glad you sewed this one, Pat.)  Please excuse the out of focus photo but I was focusing elsewhere on the quilt and don’t have it back yet to stage a re-shoot.

Mitered borders really aren’t that hard.  In fact, they can actually be a time-saver when you have a number of borders to apply to a quilt.  My friend Mary tried it when she tested Bubbles, and she was surprised how easy it was.

Happy sewing!

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One thought on “Mitered Border Tutorial

  1. Thanks for the tute. I love anything mitered….borders, binding, err.. is there anything else? LOL! ….love the diagonally aligned borders of the stripes border. Can't wait for your fabbies …..:)

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