Meadow Dance Blog Hop and Giveaways!

Note: The winner of this giveaway is Peggy, who said that Meadow Blooms “tops the list” for her.  Congratulations, Peggy, and thanks for commenting everyone!

Hi everyone!
The folks at Contempo of Benartex have arranged a blog hop for my new collection, Meadow Dance, and we didn’t want you to miss it!

For more information head on over to Sew in Love with Fabric, where I talk about the line, the prints, the inspiration behind the motifs, a coordinating Aurifil thread collection, etc. And for the rest of the week they have a fun giveaway in store for you all each and every day!

In celebration of the hop, I think I’ll do a little giveaway myself! Just tell me which your favorite pattern is this time by leaving a comment on the blog to enter. I’ll pick a random winner of Meadow Dance goodies (patterns and a charm square) this Sunday night (the 24th).  If you already have the patterns I’ll send you other patterns of your choice, so no worries there!  (One entry per person please.)

Just as a little reminder, these are the patterns this time round, all pieced on my BERNINA 780 and quilted on the BERNINA Q Series

Meadow Blooms
“Meadow Blooms”, my two-block quilt that looks WAY harder to piece than it actually is!


“Meadow Song”, a modern take on a Dresden that is scrappy with two background prints.


“Meadowsweet” – a fun applique pattern with SVG files included!


Meadow Minis
“Meadow Minis”, a block-of-the-month with directions for “quilt-as-you-go” rulerwork!


Meadow Dance Ruler Panel
And last, but not least, the Ruler Guide for my Meadow Dance Panel, which works with Westalee ruler sets!

There is also a Meadow Dance embroidery collection by OESD – more on that soon!

There is also a free pattern – Meadow Paths, you can download from my downloads page

Good luck on the giveaway and I hope you have a lovely week! Happy quilting!



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216 thoughts on “Meadow Dance Blog Hop and Giveaways!

  1. I like them all, but my favorite is the Meadow Minis. The flowers are darling!

    1. I love the colors of fall and am busy with wallhangings and table runners.

    2. I “sew” Want to make the Meadow Blooms.

  2. Like the minis

  3. I love the Meadow Song pattern. I have been wanting to make a Dresden quilt. Love how yours looks like a path swirling through the quilt.

  4. I liked the pattern Meadow Blooms so much that I accidentally bought it twice!

  5. Love the Meadow Song pattern. Like it with the two backgrounds.

  6. Love them all too!! but think I love “Meadow Blooms” the most! 🙂 thank you for chance to win your Give-a-way too! 😀

  7. I have to go with meadowsweet – it’s gorgeous! Congrats on another great line!

  8. Meadow Minis is my favorite.

  9. The minis looks like it would be fun and different. I like all the patterns really. Congratulations!

  10. I like meadow blooms pattern. Thanks for the give-away.

  11. My favorite is Meadow Dance panel. I have been looking at your collection and your Westalee Rulers set that goes with it.

  12. Well, it’s a bit like being asked to choose which one of your children is your favourite! After some thought it’s my…….only kidding! Has to be Meadow Song because I adore Dresden Plate patterns, but it could have been any of them really. Just wish the fabrics and patterns were more available here in the UK.

  13. Meadow Dance panel, I guess, cuz I want to practice FAQ and this panel fits the bill!

  14. I am likethe others. It is very hard to pick just one. It is a toss up between the Meadow Minis and the Meadow Dance Panel.

  15. I love the meadow dance.

  16. Meadow Dance and looking forward to see what you have coming from OESD .

  17. Meadow Minis is so charming.

  18. Which one, which one. I already have the dance panel, hoping to work with my Westalee rulers. Our guild encourages us to “try something different” – and that would be Dresdens! Meadow Song – or even the Mini’s which have different blocks, and working with the rulers! LOVE the fabric line.

  19. It is a toss up between Meadow Blooms and Meadow Song….I love both of them 🙂

  20. I love Meadow song! So pretty!

  21. Amanda love them all but if I must choose it would be Meadowsweet. A joy to see everything you share!

  22. I love Garden Path…and small flowers, too. The gray and aqua especially appeal to me and would choose that print with blenders. And as for the appliqué quilt
    pattern, I love it!

  23. Meadow Minis is just one of my favorites.

  24. I like the Meadow Blooms pattern. Your fabric line is beautiful. I spent a bunch of time over at the Sew In Love (with Fabric) page looking at the post this morning. I love the whole line, especially the Garden Path !

  25. Meadow Minis is just one of my favorites.

  26. I like Meadow Sweet but also Meadow Dance. Your fabrics make them all dance.

  27. I love them all! But, if I had to pick just 1, I would pick Meadow Blooms.

  28. Love thes patterns. Clear concise directions and fun designs❤️

  29. Meadow Song is my favorite, although they are all beautiful. Love the dresden plate!

  30. I love the meadow minis-I’m ready to try something new to challenge myself! I love these fabrics!

  31. I really like Meadow song.

  32. I just love your new line!! I am usually a dark color palette but am finding I am leaning towards the lighter pastel shades! Course I change with every new
    color line!! Lol my favorite patterns are Meadowsweet and Meadow Minis.. I
    Couldn’t choose, I love them both!! And Aurifil is my very favorite thread!! I have changed all my piecing threads over to Aurifil!!

  33. I’m heading over to buy Meadow Blooms—first! Then, Meadowsweet!

  34. They are all beautiful, but I would pick Meadow Blooms.

  35. I am intrigued by the “Meadowsweet” design. It appears to be a small wallhanging size. Love the touch of dimensional buttons in the flower centers. No idea what SVG files are. Thanks for all you share and inspire.

  36. Meadow Blooms, Meadow Blooms…I LOVE this pattern!!!

  37. Beautiful fabric! It’s so fresh and lively! I love how you brought in gray with all the colors.

  38. Seriously???? I LOVE them all!!! But if I had to pick… would be Meadowsweet. Love your fabrics too!

  39. I really like Meadow Blooms bit Meadow Minis is a close second. The quilts are beautiful.

  40. Like them all nut Meadow Blooms is my favorite.

  41. Love the Meadow Blooms! Can’t wait to see more about the OESD designs.

  42. Meadow Song

  43. Meadow sweet!

  44. Absolutely the Meadow Blooms!
    I love the way the softness of the prints contrasts with the angles of the geometrics!

  45. I love the Meadow Paths, all the wonderful colors

  46. Love the Meadow Blooms pattern! Those fabrics just pop with all the patterns. Great designs!

  47. Meadow blooms!
    I love the look!

  48. I like all the patterns but really like the mini’s.

  49. Absolutely love the fabrics . Medow Song is my favorite. They all are really pretty, hard to pick.

  50. I love them all, they are so sweet but I think my favorite one is BUGS AQUA. Haha this really surprised me for I’m such a flower person.

  51. It’s hard to choose a favorite–they are all pretty–but I think I’ll choose Meadow Blooms as my favorite. Meadowsweet keeps tugging at me–I like it too. Beautiful fabric and patterns!

  52. Greased Lightning! Beautiful table runner!

  53. You have created a charming collection of patterns and It is hard to choose. Meadow song is my favorite. Nice twist on dresden plate design!

  54. Meadowsong is my pick, however it was hard one to pick because I really like Meadow sweet and Meadow minis too! I have started appliqueing more and I love doing it. Have not done a Dresden yet and this one is so pretty.

  55. I enjoy all your appliqué designs and Meadowsweet is a great addition.

  56. I love the Minis and the MeadowSong but would have to say Meadow Blooms is my favorite because it’s one I could see myself actually doing – looks like it would come together quickly, which is a top priority in my quilting lately. Thanks so much!

  57. They are all beautiful. I especially love Meadow Sweet.

  58. I would love to try Meadow Sweet! Such a cute wall hanging!!!

  59. Definitely Meadow Song! I have been wanting to do a Dresden plate type quilt for a long time now and this would be perfect.

  60. I like the meadow dance

  61. Beautiful!! I love the Meadows Mini pattern!!

  62. I like the meadow song

  63. I like the Meadow song pattern because of the variation in the
    Dresden Plate pattern and it just looks like a happy quilt!

  64. WOW! First of all, Congrats Amanda! Your fabrics are lovely! Tough choice, but I think I love the Meadow Song! Beautiful Work!

  65. It was a tough choice but I guess I’ll vote for the minis. I would love to do a whole quilt of just the big blossoms…or maybe a machine cover for my Bernina 880 named Blossom. Ooh, the longer I take to write this the more my imagination soars with ideas for any of the blocks! Thanks for your wonderful designs.

  66. I love Meadow Song. It’s so bright and cheerful. I love the old time patterns best and this takes it up a notch.

  67. Without a doubt, I am in love with Meadowsweet. Beautiful!!!

  68. My favorite is Meadow Dance. Love the flowers.

  69. I love meadow song. I love Dresden plates.

  70. The meadowsweet pattern looks like so much fun to make.

  71. Meadows Sweet is my favorite, but I’d like to make them all

  72. Meadow Sweet pattern is eye-catching. That’s my favorite.

  73. Meadowsweet

  74. I like Meadow Song best. I love the way you combine contemporary and modern elements in your quilts.

  75. Such a tough choice! I think Meadow Blooms is my favorite-I’m looking for a pattern for my grand daughter and this just might be it!!

  76. I like the looks of Meadow Blooms. Meadow Mini is a close second!

  77. I love them all but Meadow Song is my favorite!

  78. It’s hard to choose, but the Meadow Minis has to be my favorite.

  79. My favorite is “Meadow Sweet”

  80. I am not very good at applique, but I really like Meadow Song! Thanks!

  81. Meadow Blooms is my favorite this go around. I love your quilt patterns and free motion quilting designs. ( finishing up heart’s delight right now)

  82. The Meadow Minis is my favorite!

  83. Meadow Sweet is my favorite and I bought it during your class at the Quilting Bee in Spokane on Saturday! Had a fabulous time in both classes. Thanks for coming to Washington.

  84. I fell in love with “Maedowsweet.”

  85. Meadow Blooms and meadow mini, wonderful fabric. Just learning to quilt with rulers and trying out different methods of quilt as you go. Thanks for giveaway.

  86. I like Meadow Blooms; it shows off the patterns in the fabrics.

  87. it is a toss up between Meadow Minis and Meadow Song.

  88. I like all of the patterns, but Meadow Song is such a gorgeous way to use the Dresden Plate. Congratulations on your new fabric collection! I can’t wait to get some for myself.

  89. I like meadow sweet pattern the best

  90. Meadowsweet is my favorite. The large designs just pop! I’m especially intrigued with the SVG files included. I’ve just purchased a Cameo Silhouette and would love to try it out on this beautiful quilt pattern.

  91. Meadowsweet and Meadow mini are both so bright and cheery.. hard to decide between the two of them.

  92. Garden Path is my fav – love the teal and grey colors together! Love the designs!

  93. As you well know me, I love ALL your patterns! But I will choose Meadow Minis. So pretty!!

    Keep up the good work Amanda!

  94. I like the Meadow Blooms quilt. All are beautiful.

  95. I like the Meadow Blooms quilt. All are so beautiful.

  96. I love the Meadow Song pattern!

  97. Meadow blooms, with the “floating” squares has captured my attention!

  98. What a fun way to learn how to quilt with Westale rulers using beautiful fabrics. The Meadow Dance Panel is top on my list of must haves.

  99. Loving flowers as I do, of course my favorite is the Wldflowers in either white or gray!

  100. I love the Meadow Sweet pattern. I also love that this comes with SVG files. I now have a Brother ScanNCut and love cutting out the appliques on it. But I do have to say that the Mini is lovely and a close second. I love the fabrics and hope I can find them as well as the rulers and ruler guide.

  101. Oops I’m now picking my favorite pattern. Meadow Sweet is my favorite!

  102. I love the Meadow Songs quilt. It is so colorful and cheerful and a perfect match to any decor.

  103. I love the Meadowsweet pattern. It shows off the fabrics so well.

  104. I’ve been going back and forth between the Meadow Minis and Meadow Song as my favorite but it has to be Meadow Song. I love the fabrics and design.

  105. Loving Meadow Sweet!

  106. Love the Minis

  107. I think Medow Song is beautiful.

  108. I love Meadowsweet. Very different.

  109. Meadow Sweet is my fave…it’s so pretty and I am a huge floral fan!


  111. Meadow Blooms would be my first choice, I love graphic blocks and interlocking patterns. All your designs are wonderful – and Meadow Sweet makes me want to try applique again !!

  112. So many great patterns for this collection…hard to pick but loving the Meadow’s Mini

  113. Meadowsweet is gorgeous, probably my favorite of the bunch. I also like Meadow Blooms a lot. And the fabrics are wonderful!

  114. I would love to make a Meadow Song quilt!

  115. Love the meadow minis. Fabrics are wonderful

  116. Meadow Blooms is my favorite. I like the way the pattern fits together and made so easily.

  117. Meadow minis is my favorite!

  118. The Medowsweet is my favorite. Like the dark background and big bold colors. Anyone selling the kit ?

  119. Meadow Blooms tops the list for me!

  120. I really like Meadow Blooms.

  121. I love Meadowsweet.

  122. Meadow Sweet is a very sweet pattern! In my mind’s eye, I can just see all the beads and fancy threads I could couch over the flowers!

  123. Thank you for the chance to win your lovely fabrics.

  124. Love Meadow Song, really like the two-color background.

  125. I love all of your patterns…they are all so fresh and clean. But I think Meadow Mini’s has stolen my heart!

  126. I love flowers! My favorite pattern is “Meadow Blooms.”

  127. I like the meadow minis for two reasons. Learning Quilt as you go method.
    And for the variable intrigue in the pattern itself.
    Another reason is that your have a 780 machine like me!!! I love mine totally. Especially
    Since the hook was updated. Can you tell me if you piece with straight stitch plate. And 97D foot? Any other hints?

  128. Difficult to choose from all these delightful patterns, Meadow Song is my favorite.

  129. Meadow Song is awesome!

  130. I have had a very difficult time choosing just one! Meadow Blooms is my final choice! Thank you for this great give away and also for designing all of these fantastic patterns to go along with your Magnificent Fabric Meadow Dance, I love each and every selection! Have a great day!

  131. I love the Meadow Bloom pattern. All of your patterns are very nice. Thank you for the chance to win one of your patterns.

  132. My favorite is Meadow Blooms; although they are all very nice.

  133. My favorite is Meadow Blooms!

  134. OMG! I Love all these patterns, BUT my favorite is the MEADOWSWEET, because I absolutely love applique. I hope I win this would love this pattern, or any of them for that matter they are all beautiful. Thank you for the giveaway, and the chance to win.

  135. I think they are all adorable, but Meadow Blooms is my pick, trying to but my stash and I think it could help..

  136. It’s hard to choose, for they are all delightful! My absolute favorite is Meadow Dance ~ the color plays and design. Happy colors and designs!

  137. My favorite is Meadow Song. Thanks!

  138. The Meadow Minis is my favorite pattern! (A strong runner-up would be your Meadow Song Dresden Blade quilt pattern.) Your new fabric line is very pretty. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

  139. if I have to choose only one, I guess it’s Meadow Sweet, but I’d really like to try a couple others as well!

  140. Each was prettier than the last when I looked at them. I think my favorite is the meadow blooms. I love the floating blocks.

  141. I love Meadow Song

  142. Love them all but MeadowSweet is my favorite!

  143. I am so in LOVE with the Meadow Song. Reminds me f a quilt my Grandmother made when I was a girl, about 65 yrs ago. LOL

  144. Meadow Song sings to me.

  145. I like Meadow Sweet. They are all lovely and present different challenges.

  146. They are all very pretty, but I think at this time I like Meadow Blooms. I’ve been looking for a simple quilt that had a more complicated look. Thanks!

  147. I like them all, but for right now I’m leaning toward the Meadow Dance Panel to get more practice with my Westalee rulers and my Q20 machine.

  148. Meadow Sweet is my favorite pattern. All so beautiful. Thank you for an opportunity to win.

  149. My favorite is meadow songs!

  150. Hard to choose, but I choose Meadow Song because of my love for Dresdens. They’re all beautiful.

  151. My favorite is Meadowsweet because I love all things appliqué.

  152. Love all the patterns!
    Meadow Bloom is my favorite. ♡

  153. Hard to choose, love them all but my pick is
    MeadowSweet 🌷

  154. I love the meadow minis. I love the bugs that read as dots. Where and when can I buy?

  155. Meadow Minis is my favorite!
    Thanks for the free Meadow Path pattern.

  156. I like Meadow Sweet best. I love the colors and the way the design is a bit whimsical. Butterflies always attract me! Looks like a beautiful line.

  157. I like Meadow Song the best. I love the take on the dresden plate pattern.

  158. I think I like Meadow Blooms best !

  159. Not one to do applique but Meadow Sweet is calling my name

  160. My favorite pattern is the Meadowsweet. I love the big bold flowers in the design. Love your fabrics – so beautiful.

  161. Meadow Song is my favorite pattern

  162. I like the Meadow Minis.

  163. I think I really like the MEADOW MINIS with MEADOW DANCE PANEL also a close second. I would love to make either of them.

  164. I would love to try Meadow Sweet or Meadow Mimis as I am a new quilter, so I would like to make smaller pieces until I pay off my Bernina sewing machine so then i can make actual quilts! Thanks for chance!

  165. I love quilt along Block of the month ideas so I vote for the minis!

  166. I like the Meadow Blooms pattern the best.

  167. Meadow Minis is currently my favorite as it teaches me new skills.

  168. Meadow Sweet…. it makes me think of Alice in Wonderland!

  169. They are all wonderful, but especially liked Meadow Blooms!

  170. Definitely the boldflowers of Meadowsweet!

  171. Meadowsweet for sure! Love the colors on your new line!

  172. I have the Westalee rulers and would love to try out the Meadow Dance panel. Love your colors.

  173. Definitely middle blooms for me! We got a little bit of snow for the first time this year today so depressing! So these more Springtime colors are welcome

  174. I like all the patterns but Meadow Blooms is calling to me.

  175. The Meadow Dance panel is my favorite because I want to do more with my Westalee rulers, but Meadow Song is a close second!

  176. I love the MEADOW sweet best

  177. Meadow Minis is my favorite, with the white background version of Meadow Blooms a close second. It’s a beautiful collection.

  178. Meadow Blooms is my favorite! This design would work so well for baby quilts for either a boy or girl. It would also work for me as I love a warm quilt to wrap up in on cold winter nights! I’m really interested in how easy this one works out.

  179. My personal favorite is Meadowsweet applique patterns. I find it the most versatile. I can think of many projects I could use the pattern on from placemats to table runners to wall hangings to clothing applique. All the prints in this line are super colorful and who wouldn’t love them all!

  180. Although I like all your patterns I think the table runner, Meadowsweet, is great for a quick new look for the kitchen table.

    Good luck with the new fabric line.

    p.s. I was looking forward to seeing you at a local bernina store but it was only for people with Bernina machines and I hadn’t yet purchased mine. maybe next time!!

  181. I like the meadow bloom pattern. I like others as well.

  182. I really like Meadow sweet

  183. Meadowsweet is my favorite. My granddaughters will love the big flowers!

  184. They are all lovely, but Meadowsweet is my favorite! Love the fabric too!

  185. Love big flowers in Meadowsweet – gorgeous colors in the collection

  186. I like the Meadow Blooms.

  187. Although all the patterns are beautiful, my favourite is Meadow Minis. I plan to make the wall hanging, but the individual sections could be used on placemats as well, which would brighten up any table. So glad I found this pattern.

  188. All of the designs are super but meadow songs is my fav.

  189. Love the crochet lace designs – specially the aqua color!

  190. Oh I love Meadow Sweet… lovely! Thanks for giving us a chance to win!

  191. Your fabric line is beautiful. My favorite pattern is Meadow Minis.

  192. Meadow Blooms is my favorite pattern

  193. Love Meadow Blooms!

  194. Love the MeadowSweet…!!!!

  195. Your quilts are gorgeous. I was love to win

  196. I love them all. Meadow bloom is my favorite.

  197. It’s so hard to choose! But I like Meadow Song best, with Meadow Blooms a very close second. Absolutely beautiful line of fabric!

  198. My favorite is Meadow Minis. I love the blocks and the colors. I also like the fact it has directions for rulerwork!

  199. My favorite is Meadow Song. I love the 30’s fabrics and 2 color background. I think this will make a beautiful quilt for a baby. I also like the Meadowsweet. I think it is a beautiful wall hanging.

  200. I am lovin’ the Meadow Minis. I have all the fabrics. I excited to get started this weekend! 🤗

  201. What fun colors and motion in these fabrics! My favorite is Meadowsweet.

  202. Meadow Sweet & Meadow Song are my favorites. I love them all but these 2 just pop right out to me. I love your applique patterns and the Dresden design looks awesome. Thanks bunches for the giveaway.

  203. Meadowsweet looks like the perfect runner for springtime decorating.

  204. I like Meadowsweet. I love applique AND dark backgrounds. This is a winner for me. 😄

  205. I am going to have to make Meadow Blooms, I love that pattern.

  206. Love Meadow Sweet

  207. My favorite is Meadowsweet, but I lke them all.

  208. Meadow Bloom is my favorite, but Meadowsweet is fabulous also. It is so hard to choose. Thank you for the chance to win.

  209. I really love your Evolutions in Red….Red is my favorite color. But really you have so many that I like it is hard to say.


  210. I love them all but I really want the Meadow Minis and my favorite fabric is the blenders and the bugs I can see a lot of things to do with them.

  211. Meadow Sweet–hands down my favorite. ALL of them are great, but large blooms speak to me. Thanks for all your creativity1

  212. Meadow Sweet has spunk. It is my favorite.

  213. My favorite is MeadowSweet. The flowers are very retro!

  214. LOVE LOVE LOVE the Meadow Song….I’ve never tried the Dresden yet but your pattern makes it soooo tempting Thanks for the opportunity to WIN!

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