Introducing Swiss Chocolate

I’d like to introduce my second collection for Robert Kaufman.

It will ship to stores in late February 2011, and comes in two delicious flavors. Chocolate…

And mocha…

I love these fabrics, because the colors are so rich and easy to live with. Right now I am awash with advance yardage, whipping up all sorts of goodies.

Because I am crazy, I am attempting to sew 6 quilts in 4 weeks, so posting may be at a minimum. Once we all emerge from the chaos, I will show you more….

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5 thoughts on “Introducing Swiss Chocolate

  1. Beautiful fabric – beautiful name for it!

  2. I love the new collection — I may use the Swiss Chocolate (mocha colors)collection when I begin to re-decorate. How do you come up with your ideas?

  3. Makes me want to have a piece of chocolate! The fabric is beautiful!
    Marilyn/Auntie M

  4. Thanks! This collection was inspired by the beautiful designs on chocolate boxes… so maybe I've been eating too much chocolate!

  5. Perfect design! ♥

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