Interview at “I’m Just a Guy Who Quilts”…

This giveaway is now closed….  Thanks for participating!

Hi everyone.  I promised another giveaway and here it is.  Ryan Walsh, of I’m Just A Guy Who Quilts, was gracious enough to interview me about Veranda and feature it on his fantastic blog.  Make sure to visit because he has some great treats to give away.  (Patterns and advance fabric… hint, hint!)

I’ll giveaway a bit of fabric and some patterns on this blog as well.

To enter, become a follower (if you aren’t already one) and leave a comment (only one) on this post.  Tell me what colors you’d like to see in a future collection.  Do you like bright tropical colors or more subdued prints?  Do you like rich purples or warm yellows and oranges, or something else entirely? 

Don’t forget to leave a way for me to contact you should you win.

The winner will be announced on Wednesday, July 13th!

(For Swiss Chocolate fans, Melanie at A Sewing Journal just announced a giveaway of my patterns and a fat quarter pack in the Mocha color story, so don’t forget to visit there too!)

Happy sewing!

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169 thoughts on “Interview at “I’m Just a Guy Who Quilts”…

  1. I'm a follower.

    I like that there is purple in the Veranda line. I love purple. Besides purple I love red. I'd love to see a line with deep red.

  2. I'm a follower! Love your new line. I'm partial to greens and browns. πŸ™‚

  3. I'm a follower. I love the yellow tulips on the rich purple background. Thanks for the giveaway! I would also like to see red.

  4. I am a follower. I love fun colors with modern prints! πŸ™‚

  5. I'm all about intense, clear colors. Nothing muted for me! I think the colors in Veranda are fantastic and I can't wait to get some of the fabrics. If your next collection used colors that would coordinate with Veranda I think that would be great. I'm not a "stick to one collection" kind of quilter, but I do love when several collections work together.

    I follow your blog and always enjoy it!

  6. I'm a follower. My quilting lately has involved bright, crisp colors, though I'm also partial to blues, teals and brown. Thanks for the giveaway.

  7. bold, saturated colors are my favorites!

  8. hmmm….colors??? I like bright colors and a rainbow of mixes! πŸ™‚

    Thanks for the fun here and over at I'm Just a Guy who Quilts!

  9. Colors in a future collection: rich earthy brown green blue yellow
    Alternate email mlwright29(at)hotmail(dot)com
    I already follow your blog. Thanks for the giveaway.

  10. I already follow your blog. I'm a fan of all the colors you mentioned, deep purple, oranges, yellows, etc. And I think they look great together! I'd also like to see some deep red's as I like red but definitely not that orangey red color. Who's picky? Not me!

  11. I really love navy blue…it goes wih so many things, the dark royal colors but its a wonderful contrast to the brights too!

  12. Am a new Google Reader follower. Just love this line. Will have to get both pink and blue as it's so difficult to choose.

  13. Amanda, the colors are amazing and I can't wait till it is released. I love the blossom quilt as well, so much to expand on if you wanted to. The paisley in purple is my favorite. Thanks for sharing your collection, best of luck with it!! You'll do great! BTW, new follow … glad I was able to find you πŸ™‚

  14. I love bright colors ~ especially all the orange popping up lately; and purple and sky blue are favorites of mine too πŸ™‚

    and I'm a new follower.


  15. May I suggest warm/cool jewel tones for example tropical under-the-sea gardens with colourful fish life contrasting against marine blues and greens etc? grace at amnet dot net dot au

  16. I loved the chocolate colorway of Swiss Chocolate, but I also like greens with browns and creams. btw I am a faithful follower.

  17. It was nice to read the interview. My favorite colors are greens and reds but I also enjoy a variety of others.

    sonja greene (at) very verdant (dot) com

  18. I am a follower!! I love rich colors that include golden yellow, dark aqua, purples, pinks and reds. I think green is my new "black", because I can usually find a place for it anywhere I get stumped…Love your VERANDA

  19. I love the colors in the Veranda line – lovely and deep! But I also love collections, like Swiss Chocolate, that include brown. It's so easy to coordinate with home decor. I'd love to see a line of beautiful, rich greens and browns.

    THANKS! Love your new patterns!

    s_kornely (at) yahoo (dot) com

  20. Purples. I love purple and can't get enough. I hoard my purple stash!

  21. I'm a follower and I seem to fall in love with every colour I see. I can never pick one because another colour or colour combination will grab me sure as sugar.

    I do love the colours in Veranda, though, but I'll bet you either want to work on another line that compliments it or you'll be inspired to really change it up. I think it's best when a designer follows their own inclinations rather than catering to the consumer. I'm more of a "build it and they will come" person, providing your heart is in it, which undoubtedly it is.

    Can't wait to see what you cook up next!

  22. I am a follower. I love the bright tropical colors mixed with black and white. Thanks for the giveaway.

  23. I'm a follower and I just love jewel tones – really saturated colors.

  24. We were at the beach last week and I saw a towel that was all those bright tropical blues, greens, a little orange and some dark purple. I mentioned to hubby that I liked the colors in that lady's towel and he said "Because you are thinking about making a quilt, aren't you?" Busted – that was exactly what I was thinking about – LOL

  25. Also a follower! πŸ™‚ I am a bit crazy over bright, cheerful colors.
    minski39 (at) gmail (dot) com

  26. I'm a follower πŸ™‚ I love all blues, greens with pops of any other color as an accent.

  27. I love Veranda!! Upbeat, fresh & pretty … I like tropical as well as subdued colors … it all depends on what I'm making & who it is for … I'd like to see more 'fun' masculine prints (geometrical, etc.) … Thanks!

  28. I love purples and yellows…..pansy colors!

  29. My favorite color is purple, so I'd vote for that. Thanks for sharing!

  30. i am now a follower:) I think ;you have done an amazing design with the veranda colors. I like both the pinks and the purples. you pick bright or subtle I'm sure it will be fabulous. Thanks for a chance to win. Janita

  31. HI, happy follower here! I really enjoy bright colors! Hot pinks, lime greens oranges, yellow, electric blues. The brighter the better in my book!

  32. I just read your interview! Nice info and I love the new collection (the little stippled green pattern is lovely). I really like warm colors (corals, oranges, golds) and usually feel drawn to bright bold patterns, although I really can appreciate a more subdued palette.

  33. Great interview with Ryan. I am already a follower … =]

    I love oranges, yellows, reds ~ but I really haven't met a color that I can't work with. Love,love the colors in the Veranda line. Just absolutely beautiful.

    Thank you for the chance to win. Good luck everybody.


  34. I have been a follower for a while. Love your fabric and patterns. I love purple and blue so I am drawn to these in verandah.

  35. i'm a follower! i love the bright colours, but tossing some nice neutrals in for contrast like grey and brown would be my favourite!

  36. I am a follower already πŸ™‚ My favorite color is black and bright colors usually work best with it.

  37. Hi – I am now a follower! I'd like to see a collection with vibrant emerald green and purple prints!

  38. New follower!
    I like rich purples a lot. Eggplant is not just for parmesan and marinara sauce. Yellows and oranges seem to be everywhere right now. Maybe it's just what my eye is catching, maybe it's the season.
    Thanks for the giveaway!
    p.s. ohmigosh i love swiss chocolate.

  39. I am a follower alreadyβ™₯
    I like the saturated colors best with a mix of florals, geometrics, and textured solids. love the purple in the Veranda line; I'd really love to see it with a striking aqua!

  40. I am a follower, I would love to see rich purples, reds and greens together. Of course I have a reason, a son getting married and they are the favorite colours of my son and his soon to be wife.

  41. I am already a humble follower. I would love to see more chocolate and turquoise. There is something so solid and earthy about those colours.

  42. Already a happy follower : ) I'd like to see chocolate brown, royal purple, sunflower yellow and sea blues.

  43. I love the colors in Veranda so much, they are my favorite. Another combination I am liking now is black/white/grey/red which is totally different from some of the brights I usually like. I like rich colors like eggplant with a strong lime green too.

  44. I follow, greens and browns like the forest after a rain.

  45. Such beautiful colors! I love to see lots of bright colors!

  46. I love rich, saturated colours and am a big fan of purple!
    Fantastic new line, and thanks for the cute giveaway!

  47. I'd love to see a line of reds to use some of the fabulous embroidery pattern I've been seeing lately as redwork.

  48. I love the colors you used in Veranda, and I am also partial to clear bright jewel colors!

  49. I am a new follower.

    I have loved all of your lines.
    I have been looking for a nice mustard print for awhile but can't find one anywhere.

    In general though, I love pinks and yellows – but there are a lot of them out there. πŸ™‚

  50. I am a follower. I like the brights that are popular now, but I would like to see some fun colors for boys.

  51. I'm already a follower and really enjoy your design… I would love to see deep jewel tones… amethyst, royal blue, deep gold, forest green, that kind of thing… I wonder if that would be a palette you'd enjoy…

  52. Already a follower -I love my oranges, but would love to see some good "Japanese indigos" – that don't necessarily have a Japanese motif.

  53. I'm a new follower.

  54. I'm a follower – thanks for a chance to win. Laurie

  55. I'm a follower already. Would love some rich, saturated blues in different shades. Although I love warm oranges and reds, it's been so hot and dry here in South Texas that I find cooler colors a relief!

  56. I am already a follower!!

  57. I love blues and would like to see the deep rich blues in the future!!

  58. veranda is such a cheerful, colorful group. Thank you for such a generous giveaway.

  59. Terrific interview qhich brought me over to your blog. I saved you blog to my goggle reader to read as you update. Love your new line…tend towards purples right now. I am going to buy your pattern Garden Paths. I would love to make it.

  60. I love the rich colors in Veranda. Thanks for the giveaway.

  61. I am already a follower to Amanda Murphy Design uses Google Friend Connect…
    Well, I loves some aqua.. ocean feel πŸ˜€ thanks for the chance to win….

  62. I'm a new follower! I really love brighter prints, and the rich purples – definitely my cup of tea πŸ™‚
    quiltyhabit at gmail dot com

  63. I'm a follower. I like aqua and brown.

  64. I am a new follower of your blog.

  65. Colors scheme – maybe having a complementary or triad scheme. That would make a great line, don't you think?

  66. I'm already a follower. I love clear bright colors, vivid purple, bright turquoise, intense red, and to mix them up with a nice crisp white. I just love Veranda.

  67. I just started following. LOve the line… I'm a huge fan of purples, so I can never get enough of them!

  68. I'm a new follower. I like yellows, and orange and grey, and blues:)

  69. I follow you! I would like to see more blues, but my favourite at the moment is green and pink.

  70. I signed up for email notices during the SMS giveaway.

    Color is so subjective, red, orange and yellow together always excite me, a dark inky blue is calming with a little bit of grey…

  71. I love the bright colors especially the pinks. It was a great interview with Ryan. I also love your patterns.

  72. I am a follower. I love rich purples and golds. Love the new Veranda line! Thanks for a lovely giveaway.

  73. I'm already a follower! Would love to see warm oranges and brights, but really love everything πŸ™‚

  74. I am a new follower. I really am liking the tropical colors lately but love the warm colors too. Thanks for the give away.

  75. I'm already a follower. The colors you used in Veranda are so vibrant and lovely. I especially love the tulips. Thanks for the giveaway! As for future color choices, I love a variety for it gives one more choices. (

  76. I'm a follower! I am trying to get out of my box a little bit by using some contemporary prints. But I keep coming back to country colors – especially warm fall colors!

  77. Amanda,
    I have to say that I am very partial to the bright colors. It makes me very happy to be around all of them at Wish Upon a Quilt in Raleigh, NC. Can't wait for your next line. It will certainly be amazing, to say the least…

  78. I fell in love with your new fabric line when I spotted an announcement at Fat Quarter Shop. Love the patterns and can't wait to do one. I don't have a clue what to suggest for your next line but I do know that it'll be fabulous! Thanks for the chance for another great giveaway.

  79. I am a follower. Right now I'm into Fall type colors with rust, burnt orange, golden yellows as I need those for a quilt I want to make and I haven't come across many like that. Thanks for the chance to win your giveaway.

  80. I love bright colors. I am a subscriber. Fan4may at aol dot com

  81. I love the Bubbles Quilt Design, and this fabric line is AMAZING.

  82. Love your new line!

  83. I like bright colors especially greens, yellows, and reds. Love the paisley in your new line.

  84. Love the colors in the Veranda collection! I especially like Blooms and Berries!

  85. I am already a follower. I love tropical colors, bright and rich. The colors of the water where I live are perfect, blues, teals, greens and purples, then toss in some reds and oranges.

  86. I'm a follower. I love Veranda, it's a gorgeous collection & I really love the purple colours. Thanks for the fab giveaway.

  87. I'm a follower and love the Veranda fabric! So bright and cheery. Would love to see more bright colors like that.

  88. All of your colors in Veranda are my favorites. This line makes me smile!

  89. I'm just a new follower..thank you for this giveaway!!
    I'm starting now with patchworks. I love pastel pink, red and green.

  90. I am a follower of your blog and am excited about your giveaway. We are going on our annual Key West adventure this coming winter and I see a dress from Veranda in my future, well maybe two. thank you

  91. I am now a follower and I have a think for reds and pinks.

  92. I am a new follower and I would love to see some plum/honey combo lines…..I just haven't found any!

  93. Love Veranda. I am a purple lover. Glad you included it in this line. I like either brights or subdued colors. Kind of depends on the mood of the day.

  94. I am a follower. It depends on my mood whether I like bright or subdued colors. Love pink and green any way you look at it.

  95. Veranda is a wonderful collection, thanks for creating it & sharing it with the world. I tend to lean towards the brights. Though the colors are more often chosen by the recipient.

  96. I'm a follower!

    I love bright colors… pink, aqua, teal, chartreuse, red. I also really, really love navy and gray.

  97. The colours and the style are me! They are gorgeous and I would love to have them. I also love the Garden paths pattern and cannot wait to try it out. Fabulous!

  98. Your new collection is just gorgeous!! Re: colors…I am really partial to raspberry and oranges. I like bright, happy colors that pop!

    caribousmom (at) gmail (dot) com

  99. Hi πŸ™‚ I am a follower… the colours I like are rich and warm… think Kona dark charm pack and make designs with those sort of colours πŸ™‚

  100. Amanda – I'm not sure what old blog entry I just commented on, but wanted to add one here to make sure I am in the giveaway! The follow button is not working at this moment; however, I have liked you on FB and have signed up for email notification of new blog entries. I love Veranda – would love to win some fabric or one of your gorgeous new patterns! Thanks.

  101. I'm already a follower. As far as what I would like to see in a future collection, I love both collections that you have done so far so I say "keep up the good work"!=) I'm off to enter that Swiss Chocolate giveaway! Thanks for the opportunity to win.=)

  102. Love you patterns, fabrics and your blog. I'm new to quilting but I think I can make several of your quilts! Thanks for the chance to win.

  103. I am a follower and an email subscriber. Love Veranda…great colors! I prefer "clear", true,rich colors, not muted, browned out colors. Pastels, brights, etc are all great…just stay away from the drab and the brown. If something is brown I prefer a deep rich black/brown!

  104. I'm a follower and I love grey – it's so versatile!!

  105. I am a follower. I personally love the sunny colors of yellows and oranges. I do think others would prefer vibrant purple with accents of yellow, orange, and turquoise, though.

  106. I love the bright bold colors, so, the colors I would like to see, eggplant. Yes, I am a follower.

  107. I love all color! Right now, I'm finishing up a Civil War repro type of quilt, so I need to go back to BRIGHT AND BOLD! LOL!

  108. Softer, slightly muted beach colors: light teal/turquoise, greens, beiges(sand!), and white. Subtle beach.

  109. I attended a quilt show yesterday, and my favorite quilt, "Pineapple Smoothie," was made with similar hues and colorways as your Ambrosia line. The quilter used a mix of slightly pastel and brighter colors, and her quilt was stunning!

  110. Just signed up to get emails. I like fall colors. Tan, orange, browns, yellows. Thanks for a chance to win.
    Cindy W.

  111. What a clever title Swiss Chocolate. I like the browns with the blues. I'm a follower by the way.

  112. I'm a follower. I would love to see lilac and blues.

  113. Just bought your town square pattern and can't wait to try Veranda in the red/green palette.

  114. I'm follower
    I love bright colors. Thanks for the chance

  115. I like the tropical colors this summer and softer colors when I need to cool down. Perhaps I am just struck by color. If I had to really pin it down my guess would be the colors in the blossom pattern. Sorry for the roundabout way but…that is part of who I am. πŸ™‚

  116. I love purples the most! Rich colors, jewel colors….

  117. I am a follower and I love jewel tone fabrics, mainly blues to tells.

  118. In a future collection, I'd like to see Aqua/blue, blue/greens; it will remind me of the beautiful beach. Maybe Sand colors & Gold? I do like bright Tropical colors. Your current line is fabulous.

  119. I’d love to see turquoise, pink and yellow, in mid-tones, with tropical flowers….yummy! (Thanks for asking!)

  120. I am a follower. I love you fabrics and you patterns are fantastic. Thank you for this great giveaway.

    Have a super great sewing and stitching day.

  121. I'm a follower. To be honest, I'm keen for all shades of purple as they are hard to find.

  122. Yes, I'm a follower and have been trying to win some of your beautiful fabric since Day 1. I'd love some purples!

  123. Love your fabric designs, Amanda, and your colors are right on!

  124. I'm a follower.

    I find I'm mostly drawn to brighter colours, but I do lik the colourway in your swiss chocolate collection.

  125. I'm a follower of the blog! I love bright, bold colors but not too much so.

  126. Beautiful! I love your new line. I am just about to go follow your blog (will do so as soon as I leave this comment)

  127. Love Veranda. Gorgeous color mix Amanda. I am finding myself drawn to the brighter colors and anything purple catches my eye.

    In my opinion you're doing great in the different fabric lines you are releasing. I seem to love each one more than the last.

    I am already a follower of your blog via RSS feed as well as email subscription. Thank you for a chance to win some of your beautiful fabric. It would be a great 9th wedding anniversary present Wednesday to find out I was a winner.

  128. Love your new line. I like a punch of color but also a way to tone it down so it does not get lost in the shuffle. THANKS!

  129. I'm a follower and I really like bright tropical colors. The more sudued colors make me think of old-fashioned fabric.

  130. Amanda just wanted to let you know that I love your fabrics, the colors are so light. I am looking forward to making one of your quilts don't know which one yet. Thank you for your giveaway.

  131. I like the colors you're using. I prefer them in the more subdued tones of your Swiss Chocolate line. I suppose the word I should use is "value", but the feeling I like is "understated". Still, the brights look especially good in your patterns, so I suppose that's why you're the designer and I'm the admirer. Thanks for the giveaway.

    wordygirl at earthlink dot net

  132. In general I tend to like rich, vibrant colors so the fresh, bright colors in your Veranda line are very appealing to me. I'm already a follower of your blog!

  133. I would really love to see some fabrics with a 70s flair. You know the old gold, rust, weird green, and mustard but with a modern twist of course. Thanks for sharing.

  134. Love Veranda! Love the Garden Paths pattern! My favorite colors are always changing, I think with the seasons, but for now purples, yellows, pinks. Anything with floral!

  135. I follow via GFC!
    I would love to see some turquoise or aquas! Thanks for a chance to win!

  136. What a fun fabric line! Thanks for sharing it with us.

  137. I had to tell you the same thing I told Ryan. "I find it amazing how I find new detail each time I look at the paisley prints. At first glance, it's a pretty paisley. Then the flowers become more pronounced, then the leaves, some of the outlining detail. It's beautiful artistry." As for colors I'd like to see in the future, I'm partial to muted earthy tones but I have to mix it up with vibrant colors and prints as well.

  138. I'm 58 years old, and still love those bright psychadelic colors from the 60's and 70's. And LOVE those reds and oranges you have paired. So try some more of those odd pairs that work so well together – like red and purple and orange and purple and pink and purple. Can you tell I like purple??? Thanks for the giveaway. And hey – Blogger is acting up again, so I can't follow. But it's not because I don't want to. So for the time being, I've signed up to get your e-mail updates.

  139. I'm already a follower and love your beautiful fabric lines! My favorite colors are aqua and green and I seem to be sewing alot of green fabrics lately.

  140. I am a follower. Oh I love the colors of the tropics so vibrant.

    esterling1923 at gmail dot com


  142. Just became a follower. Found you via "I'm just a Guy who Quilts". I like the purples in Veranda.
    I do a lot of quilts for guys as I live in a testosterone rich environment. (Sons, grandsons, nephews)I'd like to see some more fabrics that will work for guys but aren't juvenile. If that makes any sense. Thanks for asking for our input. I like feeling like what I want matters.

  143. I'm a follower..loved your Swiss Chocolate this one is gorgeous also.
    Deep Purple and Aqua blues would be nice.

  144. I'm a follower! You always use such delicious colors. I really love the purple in your Veranda line and would love to see more of that!

  145. I follow you on GFC. I like pink with lime green as a combination and would love to see that!


  146. Oh Amanda…I'd follow you anywhere everywhere…LOL! And I am counting the days for the release of Veranda so that I can get my scrubby hands on them and 'blend' myself in them…

    I love your bright coloured prints.. that has always been my taste and style…but also partial to purples and soothing yellow/oranges and I think they would make a perfect combo!

  147. I am a follower of your blog and love tropical colors!

  148. I love your new line and can't wait to work with it. I love bright tropicals, but I live with fall colors – my quilting nerve is definitely separate from my decorating nerve.

  149. Hi Amanda,
    first I have to say that I love receiving your updates in my mailbox especially cuz if I'm having a busy time and don't have time to browse I NEVER miss a thing with you. so thanks for that.
    I do love the bright tropicals, for years I was a soft pastel, shabby chic kind of girl. Not anymore…but I honestly haven't met a color I don't like. I do love when I can mix and match a designers lines because somehow I always have fabric left from one or more collections.
    Thanks for the chance to win something great from you!

  150. I am a follower and love these colors! Lovely!

  151. I'm a Follower — the colors in Veranda are just yummy. I love the bright colorways. New color? Maybe a slightly purplish blue — hey! — like your logo!! I'm really tired of aqua blue everywhere!!!

  152. bright greens and yellows!

    asdrexler at gmail dot com

  153. I love Veranda. So pretty!

  154. I am a follower. I love your purple paisley, but am really partail to more of the warm colors πŸ™‚

  155. I'm a follower. I love bright oranges and yellows, complemented with greens, browns, and reds. Can you tell that I'm an autumn in the color spectrum?! But the granddaughters love purples so that would be good too and I love the turquoise / brown / beige colorways too. Thanks for asking – and for sharing!

  156. I am a follower! I love the rich colors like the purples and blues. Your patterns are great also, can't wait to try one!

  157. I am a follower! I love bright greens/blues/purples

  158. Amanda, your fabric patterns are beautiful. I like the bright contrasting reds, oranges and purples in your Veranda series.

    I also like earthy combinations with dark blues, reds, yellows, greens and browns. I particularly like small leaf patterns in the mix.

    timothy (dot) ducharme (at) gmail (dot) com

  159. I love clear, saturated colors. My favorites are green, blue, purple, and yellow. (I am already a follower.)

  160. I have followed your blog for quite some time. I just love your fabric lines and it was so fun to get to read your interview and see the inspiration behind veranda. Congrats Amanda!!!

  161. Love "Veranda"!
    I really like reds+greens+creams.
    Thanks so for sharing this giveaway+all your great ideas!

  162. Im a follower and have always been most drawn to blues, greens, white, yellows. A clear version of french country. But latley have been loving the modern teals, pinks, yellows and blues togeather. the best thing about color is there are so many options to love!

  163. I am a follower and I love bright prints for my daughter & other kids, more subdued prints for myself and other adults πŸ™‚

  164. I'm a follower, and Veranda is just delightful! I'm drawn to blues/teals/greens, but I really love working with bright and different shades too. Thanks for the giveaway!

  165. I'm a follower and would love to see a new line in shades of lime, grape and grey. Thank you for another great giveaway!

  166. I love bright blues and greens! Thanks for the chance to win!

  167. I'm a new follower!

    I like the bright colors! It's great to have the bright colors during the winter to liven it up and remind us spring is coming!

  168. I love the Summer tones of Veranda, so more would be great or maybe some vibrant Spring tones that coordinate!

  169. I definitely vote for rich purples!

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