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And because I’m a quilter, the object of my affection is a piece of clear plastic.  I’m in the midst of designing a collection right now so sewing time is at a premium.  While at my local shop, I picked up a “Lazy Angle Ruler”.  It makes complex-looking blocks so quick and easy.  I took some Ambrosia scraps and made sets of 4 (6-1/2″) squares, and then sewed them together to make 12-1/2″ blocks.  They are addictive.  I chose  to make the finished blocks 12-1/2″ square, because then I can break it down into a 9-square and 16 square layout as well.  But look at the possibilities with just a simple 2-piece 4 square block…

I tried a couple 3-piece 4 square blocks as well.

I hope to sew a few blocks each week so that, by early next year I have enough to make an Ambrosia Sampler Quilt.  A simple, fun project.  If you see one of these rulers, be sure to pick it up! 

Happy sewing!

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