Good Fortune

We tell our kids to always try their best and their hard work will be rewarded, but sometimes life gets in the way and things don’t work out like we planned.  More often, the work we did provides benefits in ways we do not expect.  It is like learning a new sewing technique and using that technique years later in the “perfect project” that you would have never envisioned at the time.

I have a funny (and exciting) story that I just can’t wait to share!  You all know that I’m a HUGE Bernina fan so I was delighted when, last summer, they asked me and several other designers to take their new 780 machine for a spin and then use as much social media as we could to talk about our experiences.  We’d get to try PaintWork, CutWork, and CrystalWork, and in the end one of us would win a 780!  So, last fall, I spent two crazy weeks creating a variety of projects that would show off the truly spectacular features of the 780.

Harlequin Table Runner with trapunto and CutWork embellishments

Medallion Pillow with embroidery

Improvisational Photo Album Cover with CutWork embellishment, embroidery,
couching, and free motion quilting with the Bernina Stitch Regulator.

Fizz Pillow with CrystalWork embellishment

Christmas Mantlepiece Decoration combining embroidery and PaintWork.

PaintWork Leaves

I talked about them here, and on Facebook and Twitter, but I knew that Bernina was also interested in videos.  After all, they had sent flipcams for us to document our experiences and I had a twelve-year-old camera man at my side who loves any type of machinery.  But after sending the machine back I realized that my sound really didn’t turn out well.  What’s a girl to do?  I had made a commitment to Bernina to document everything as best I could, but there was no way the videos made sense without the accompanying sound.

But I had made a commitment and I was DETERMINED to get those videos done.  I was just going to have to take all the footage I had and edit it, adding text and looping music in the background.  The designing and sewing was easy but oh my – the video was hard because I was completely out of my comfort zone.  There were tears.  I almost gave up and abandoned the video aspect, but I knew that, in the case of the 780, seeing is believing so I just kept plugging away.  I’m almost embarrassed to admit it but it took me two weeks to sew the projects and another two weeks just to edit the videos because I was learning how to do it as I went.  Bernina creates such professional videos and I was worried mine wouldn’t measure up, and they really don’t, but you do get a really good idea of the 780’s capabilities by watching them.  With the help of my 12-year-old assistant, we eventually edited them together and then created a YouTube channel to showcase them.  They aren’t perfect, but my assistant and I worked really hard on them and the fact that we that we persevered and got to the end meant a lot to us!

So you can imagine my surprise when Bernina emailed me right before Market to let me know that I WON A 780!!!  I was not expecting it AT ALL!  Can you believe it?  Seriously?

So yesterday I went to Sew Much Fun, my local Bernina dealer, to pick up my 780!

My new friend and me.
A view of the left side of Sew Much Fun –
it is huge!

A view of the right side of Sew Much Fun

Here are my assistant and I getting ready to unload the embroidery module from the trunk of our car.  (Thanks, assistant!)

I have it all set up in the front room and am ready to sew.  It has been a pretty exciting week!

Thanks for letting me share my good fortune!  Thank you Bernina!
Happy sewing!

P.S.  For those of your who have been asking about the new patterns, that is my next post… promise!

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16 thoughts on “Good Fortune

  1. Congrats! That is awesome. You did a wonderful job for them, so it was earned! 🙂 enjoy!


  3. I LOVED your story – well done and well deserved. The projects are gorgeous! And you have been an inspiration to your assistant, who has learned so much from YOU about commitment and not being afraid to learn!!!

  4. OH wow! Congratulations Amanda!!! I bet all the troubles with the videos seem well worth the stress over getting them up and working now. Great job. Have lots of fun with that machine.

  5. Wow! Congratulations that is so amazing.

  6. congratulations on your new acquisition! i consider myself lucky, too. i win paper and other items for making cards.

  7. That really is fantastic news. Congratulations. I know you will enjoy many wonderful years together.

  8. so awesome! congrats!

  9. Wonderful machi e you are so going to love! Congratulations! Well deserved!

  10. Congratulations! I think you deserved to win with all your amazing creations and the fact that you didn't give up when it came to the video. Hard work always pays off. Have fun with your new baby.

  11. Well congratulations to you!! I bet you were also given all those accessories that you used. I expect great things from you. I have one and I want to buy embroidery patterns you design to go with your fabrics! Enjoy, because you sure earned it!

  12. I am not surprised at all, you earned it with you stellar sewing, presentations and narrative. I am so happy for you. Now get crackin' girl I am waiting on new goodies from you. Hugs, Jeanne

  13. Oh, hooray for you! It's wonderful when good things happen to nice people.

  14. Congratulations! I'm glad a 'local' girl won the machine. I am sure you will enjoy it and get lots of use of it.

  15. How cool is that!!! Congrats and enjoy! The 780 is on my wish list…maybe one day! 🙂

  16. OMG! That is awesome. Congratulations. I am sew jealous. I love my BerninaQE440. Enjoy!! Mary

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