Feathers & Flourishes patterns are in – plus a giveaway!

Note: The winner of this giveaway is Mary, who loves nature-inspired collections with dark colors mixed in.  Congratulations Mary and thanks for commenting everyone!  I am underwater with prep for BERNINA University right now so haven’t gotten to respond to all of your comments but I did read them.  Thanks for the GREAT ideas!  – Amanda

Hi everyone!

My 4 new Feathers & Flourishes patterns will all be in by the end of the week!   I’m so excited I thought we’d do a giveaway for a full set of patterns!  (All were pieced on the BERNINA 780 and quilted on the BERNINA Q 24.)

Here’s the rundown…

Plume cover
Plume! A 10”-square-friendly design that can look wild different by switching out just the border and background prints.


Posies… a fat-quarter-friendly quilt on a dramatic blue background. This is a 1-block quilt with strip-pieced sashing.


“Starstruck” – a 2-1/2”-strip-friendly design. (And my personal favorite this time.)



Last, but certainly not least, Flourishes, a fusible appliqué design with an SVG file option.

If you like the patterns and fabric, if you would ask your local shop to order them I’d really appreciate it.  They listen to you guys!

For those of you who don’t have a local shop, the patterns will be up in my shop, but will not ship until early next week ’cause I need folding time!  Also, you’ll notice my shop is in a  bit of a transition and some of my patterns and books are shown.  I’m rebuilding it so that I have the ability offer PDFs so international customers and I’ll be adding items back over the next few weeks.

Ready for a chance to win a full set of patterns?  If so, tell me what type of style or theme you’d like to see in my next collection by commenting at the bottom of this post.  (If you buy a set of patterns before you win, you can opt for other patterns in my line instead so no worries.)  You may have to click on the title of the post to see the comment area at the bottom. Limit one entry per person please and make sure to leave a way for me to contact me if you win if your email settings are private.  The deadline to enter will be two weeks from now so end of day on June 30th.  Also, if I don’t respond to all comments like I normally try to do, I apologize.  I have new projects and fabric due for BERNINA University in July so things are crazy around here!

For another chance to win, head over to Brewer’s blog and follow the instructions to enter!  Good luck!

Have a lovely weekend and happy quilting!




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73 thoughts on “Feathers & Flourishes patterns are in – plus a giveaway!

  1. Your designs are just beautiful! I wish I had time to make them all! Since you were looking for ideas for your next designs, I would suggest a “under the sea” theme. So many wonderful possibilities. Whatever you choose, I’m sure it will be beautiful.

  2. Your designs are great and you are a terrific instructor. I agree, a “sea theme” would be wonderful. I really like the pieced sashing in Posies., it is amazing how the look of a quilt changes with sashing.

  3. Absolutely gorgeous.
    I would love to have a dragonfly and bug theme. I love bees and dragonflies.

  4. The designs are so diverse and all so beautiful. I am especially partial to the flourishes….anything appliqué goes here! I am always partial to anything appliqué, especially floral, always a great style/theme in my book.

  5. I would really like some cute patterns for men.

  6. Your patterns are beautiful. I like butterflies and hummingbirds.

  7. I voted for the Feather and Flourishes designs so thank you for the patterns. I’d like to see something with a nature print or theme. I love animal prints. Sophisticated Dogs and cats posing as people. Someone mentioned under the sea theme and I agree there can be some great characters for appliqué such as sea turtles, octopus or dolphins.

  8. I love your patterns! I would like to see some masculine patterns. There aren’t too many around.


  9. Congratulations on the patterns! I would love something with curves like a wedding ring but with some added zing! Thanks for the chance – just drooling over all the patterns!

  10. I love these patterns.
    For your next challenge, how about trying something asymmetrical with triangles?
    I enjoyed your visit to Cedar Rapids, IA.

  11. Your patterns are so pretty. I would like to see something that reminds me of the seacoast. Thanks for the chance.

  12. I love your fabrics! For you next collection, I would love to see a music theme. So many music fabrics focus on dark colors. It would be great to see this theme in your bright and cheerful pallet. Thanks for the opportunity to win patterns.

  13. Hey Amanda! LOVE LOVE LOVE the Feathers and Flourishes!!! Would love to see a modern take on flourishes! Huge fan of those awesome training panels for the Bernina longarms, too! Thanks!! They sure make longarm classes easy peasy!!
    Would also love to see your take on a bicycle pattern!!

  14. I always look forward to your new patterns and have made quite a few of them. I would like to see a Nautical theme, which would allow for a wide range of options, both in and out of the water, which could appeal to both male and female.

  15. I like simple designs that look much harder than they actually are.

  16. Your patterns are great! For future ideas I’d like to see new twists on traditional patterns and stars. Love it when a pattern looks difficult but is really easy to make.
    alnaloge (at)gmail (dot)com

  17. I would love to see something that would appeal to boys. Thank you for the chance to win your beautiful patterns.

  18. I love all of your patterns and designs – anything you do is good with me

  19. Easy birds and flowers. I really, really like your Flourishes design. So more in that vein would be great too.

  20. something lacy with applique – love your designs

  21. Love the new patterns! It would be great to see a fabric line featuring neutral colors like taupe, aqua, gray and cream.

  22. Love the new patterns!

    For your next fabric line, I would love to see something with a darker color theme, maybe take the colors you have used and add a little gray or black undertone to them.

  23. Love the Posies; appreciate the use of fat quarters and 2 1/2″ strips packs.

    Would like to see more maze and optical illusion type patterns.

  24. I love them all but Fllourishes is my favorite – I’d love to see mor like Flourishes ! Thanks for a great giveaway

    1. Oops – fat fingers updated my email

  25. How about an Autumn theme. Leaves or tree of life designs

  26. Love your new patterns especially Starstruck and Flourishes. Your fabrics are so beautiful. Thanks for having the giveaway.

  27. All your new patterns are delightful. I tend to buy fat quarters or yardage rather than strips, but you are doing such creative things with 2 1/2″ strips, I may have to change my mind!

  28. I love these patterns! I would like to see some seasonal designs. I especially like autumn designs. Thanks for the chance to win.

  29. Love all your designs Amanda! Especially love flowers and flourishes so I’m not much help! I just love everything you do! You’re one of my very favorite designers! Thank you for the chance to win!

  30. My favorite designs resemble tile floors or stained glass windows–these are the ones I wish I could design when I see them out in the world.

  31. Your designs just continue to amaze, Amanda! Starstruck and Posies are calling me. I would love to see you do a series of baby and children’s designs – we’re expecting our first grandbaby this fall and I plan on making LOTS of quilts for her!!

  32. I would love to see hummingbirds with a flower(s) or multiple hummingbirds around a feeder. Also love blue bids, snowbirds and cardinals. We really can’t go wrong with anything you create! It’s all beautiful!

  33. I love, love, love the Flourishes pattern and would love to see more like this one. How about one with 12+ blocks for a full size quilt.

  34. LOVE “Starstruck” &”Flourishes”!!! Your Projects & Patterns are always AWESOME! Would like a few Men related Patterns…

    Thank you for chance to win your SUPER Give-a-way too!!! 😀

  35. I love these new patterns! I would love to see you design a quilt using charm packs.

  36. I’d like to see your take on a watery design. Love the fabrics and patterns.

  37. Would love to see something using nature and I love the darker colors mixed in with this current collection so more of that as well! Love the collection and patterns.

  38. I noticed several people would like an under the sea theme which is exactly what I was thinking. One of the motifs on your lower flourish patterns looks like the tail of a seahorse to me. I think there is so much you would be able to do with a line like that. Your patterns are beautiful.

  39. Hi,Your patterns are so pretty. I would like to see something that reminds me of wildflowers. Thanks for the chance.

  40. I am starstruck by Starstruck! That is one pattern that I’d be tickled to make! Living in Iowa all of my life, we experience all four seasons, so how about a season-oriented theme? Spring with flowers and robins; summer with sun and gardens; autumn with changing leaf colors and harvest; and winter with snow and deer (or squirrels).

  41. I would love some geometric type patterns. Odd I know but it has been on my mind lately.

  42. CONGRATULATIONS AMANDA, on creating more beautiful fabric and stunning patterns. Thank you for the opportunity to win your latest set if patterns. Your quilting is AMAZING….you are so talented. I would love to see something that uses maybe only three or four fabrics….. a simplest approach……keeping the pattern more modern which appeal to many younger people.

  43. I would love to see something for children. Your new designs are lovely. Thank you for the great giveaway and the chance to win.

  44. I love the flowers and flourishes. Do you ever do the embroidery files for use with applique. I would love to be able to embroider your flowers and flourishes on my embroidery machine. Bev in Alberta

  45. I’m so glad I’ve found you! I’m in love with your patterns and style. I’d love to see more of your applique ideas like Flourishes.

  46. I absolutely love your Flourishes pattern and am very excited that it comes with SVG files, since I have the Cameo cutting machine. Definitely want this pattern.
    For ideas for future patterns, I would like to suggest something to do with Butterflies!
    Thank you for giving us a chance to win your lovely patterns.

  47. Beautiful designs! I love the feather wreath in Plume, so I would love to see more in that alley.


  48. I loved the sparkle holiday pattern and fabrics, and would love to see a similar fall collection with a fall, leafy, table runner.

  49. Would love to see something with folk artsy birds or cats. All of your designs are so creative and beautiful!

  50. I really enjoy looking at your gorgeous designs and imagining how I could use them! How about something like that marvellous story, “The Cat that Walked by Himself” ? Pictorial design sets make stunning quilts.

  51. Hi Amanda!
    Thanks for a chance to win your patterns ! All of them are great and I’ve enjoyed making some of them! I too would love to see a beachy or sea theme! You are so creative I love seeing what you come up with!

  52. Flourishes is beautiful, Love it. Sorry no suggestions, you do fine on your own.

  53. Would love to win your designs. Just keep up this great work for all of us to enjoy

  54. All of the patterns are wonderful. Love dragons, dragonflies, animals: Lions, Elephants. Thanks for this opportunity.
    cswsand50@hotmail.com. Carolyn

  55. Love your patterns and the fabrics/colorways! Been reading thru the suggestions, and I also like underwater themes and designs.

  56. Really love your Fleathers and Flourishes pattern…one minute the starstruck is my favorites, then it’s flourishes. They are all awesome. Thanks so much for being such an inspiration to the quilting world. The beach is my favorite place to go…something with a sea theme would be good; waves, seashells. Thank you for your patterns giveaway opportunity. Crossing my fingers☺️

  57. Beautiful……I’d like to see some birds and flowers.

  58. I love your designs but would rather piece my quilt tops. And I’m drawn to jewel tones.

  59. I love geometric designs for fabrics the best. Bicycles, ice cream, and parasols would make a lovely summery design collection too.

  60. Beautiful designs!! I would love to see coastal designs – sealife, shells, coral, sand dollars, starfish, palm fronds… In collage like design.

  61. Love your patterns! Rainbow designs or designs that speak hope.

  62. I would also love to see something with dragonflies and butterflies. I really like the flourishes and Posies.

  63. Love your new patterns. My favourite is the flourishes. I really appreciate that you do pdf patterns as well.

  64. Love the flourishes pattern. I plan to work more on minitures in future. I’d like to see some interesting designs to use in borders.

  65. How about something contemporary — maybe geometric shapes.

  66. I love the flourishes. I think something beachy, oceans, seas would be very cool.

  67. Thank you Amanda for the opportunity to win your awesome patterns!!! They are exciting and stunning to look at!!! I love that you have added the embroidery to your patterns and would love to see more of that to enhance your incredible patterns and fabric choices!

  68. Hi, I am loving your new designs. So fresh and calming. For a new idea how about peacock feathers? They are such beautiful colours and have such s special meaning to us as a couple it would be amazing to see something in print.

  69. I would love more patterns that have SVG or Bernina cutwork abilities. Love Starstruck and Flourishes!!

  70. I would love to see some scroll work type designs or even some fussy cut types

  71. I love love love your Flourishes! Just stunning and can’t wait to make them. I love all beach and sea related things for any upcoming ideas you might have.

  72. I would love to see some nature inspired designs such as leaf based or frond based

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