Elegant Embroidered Quilts… a proper introduction

There is a giveaway at the bottom of this post!  Sorry for the abundance of pictures – I wanted to show you all the projects!

Things have been so busy with Market and with some projects I have been doing with Bernina that I didn’t get a chance to give my new Craftsy class, Elegant Embroidered Quilts, a proper introduction.  So today I wanted to share some pictures of the projects I made specifically for the class.   I hope you like them!

As many of you know, I am passionate about the technology featured in today’s embroidery and sewing machines and what it allows us to create as quilt artists.  (I sew on a Bernina 780 and 580 and both of the machines were running simultaneously in the weeks leading up to the filming of Elegant Embroidered Quilts.)  I’m so thankful to Craftsy for the opportunity to share some of the techniques that I have learned incorporating machine embroidery into my own work.  I hope that students who take this class come away inspired, not only to make these projects, but to use these techniques as a launchpad to add a special touch to other projects they might be working on.

First we’ll start off with incorporating embroidery in a simple block in the central focal point of this North Star Pillow.

North Star Pillow in Anna Griffin’s Chinoiserie fabrics,
quilted by me using the  Bernina Quilt Frame and some free motion,

We’ll learn a technique for finishing pillows using a contrasting buttonhole panel and traditional biding.

And we’ll enlarge the blocks and make more to produce the North Star Quilt.

North Star Quilt in Blend’s Sardinia line by Jessica Swift, plus Kona solids.

I made the “North Star” a little different from the rest of the stars…

Next up is my Garden Walk Runner.

Garden Walk Runner in my Bella line for Blend Fabrics, plus white Kona cotton.

It is so fun to coordinate the threads for the embroidered flowers with the fabric!

I quilted pebbles behind the flowers and little back-and-forth lines on the sides.

I simply outlined the leaves to accentuate the border print.

We experiment more with embroidery in columns and also try our hands at Kaleidoscope blocks in the Garden Walk Quilt.

Garden Walk Quilt featuring Anna Griffin’s Chinoiserie line,
embroidered and pieced by me and quilted
by Cherry Guidry of Cherry Blossoms Quilting Studio.

I used Anna Griffin’s Chinoiserie line again for this one, so it coordinated with my North Star Pillow!

Pink, orange, aqua, and green – Chinoiserie!
I love this line!

And then we try one of my favorites – Dresden Plates.  But we layer the Plates on embroidered blocks.  So much fun!  We’ll do this on a pillow…

Radiance Pillow in my Bonjour, Mon Ami line for Blend Fabrics.

And then we turn the blocks 45 degrees so they are on point and make a matching quilt.  The set-in triangles are done on contrasting fabric, producing a dynamic, fan-like border.  (And Craftsy is offering a kit for this project!)

Radiance Quilt in my Bonjour, Mon Ami line for Blend Fabrics,
quilted by Jenn Reeve of Honu Quilting.

 I love this quilt.  I know you aren’t supposed to have favorites, but this and the Garden Walk quilt both come close.

The embroidery is very delicate – almost lace-like.

By the way, ALL of these patterns and embroidery files are included in the class – six projects and five embroidery motifs!  I cover lots of different techniques in these projects.  If you haven’t signed up and are interested here is a link you can use to get 25% off the class.

And if you leave me a comment telling me what you would like to learn in your next class we will have a little giveaway, both of a free class and of fabric scraps from these projects.  I’ll draw one random number  from these comments and another from my followers over on Instagram to win BOTH a free class and fabric scraps from a couple of these projects, so please comment and follow me at AMANDAMURPHYDESIGN if you get a chance.  Deadline is Wednesday the 6th of November at midnight.

Happy sewing!

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29 thoughts on “Elegant Embroidered Quilts… a proper introduction

  1. Such pretty projects! I love what the embroidery adds, but I don't have a machine that does that 🙁 As far as what I'd love to see in another class … perhaps mending and restoring old quilts or designing techniques.

  2. I love embroidery on my machine. I love to digitize. I cant draw so I purchase artwork from other people.I am not in this class yet but it is on my wishlist. Learning applique with the embroidery machine would be a nice class to teach.

  3. I love these projects and would like to win a free class so I can take this class. I would like for you to teach a class on designing fabric and/or designing patterns.

  4. I only embroidery by hand myself. No machine for that. Can the embroidery for this class be done by hand?

    I would like to learn some simple free motion quilting that isn't feathers or squiggles.

  5. I'd love to learn how to stabilize the thin quilting fabrics so there is no puckering when I do my embroidery. I don't want piles of heavy stabilizer behind the embroidery, either,

  6. Great projects. I haven't embroidered on my Ellisimo. I need some inspiration to get my sewjo mojo back.

  7. I would love a class that helps with designing a quilt of my own. I find fabrics I love, and then am stumped as to what to do with them. I need to learn how to take the fabrics and design a quilt for them. Is this possible? I love your embroidery, but my machine doesn't do that.

  8. I haven't taken you class, but I would love a class on Machine Embroidery basics. It should include how to embroider a design exactly where I want it to be without requiring that I buy "specialty" tools. it should also cover basic stabilizer choices (I have that down, I think – but it would be great for a basics class.)
    I know that I don't use my embroidery machine to its full capabilities because I am "afraid" to mess up.

  9. Lovely projects! I would be interested to see a class on the basics of fabric design.

  10. Lovely projects! Very inspiring. I would love a class that teaches embroidered borders. I haven't played with connecting multiple hoopings yet. Seems easy to mess up 🙂

  11. Lovely projects! I would love to learn how to figure out what designs to quilt a project with once I have it pieced. "Quilt as 🙂

    Sandy A

  12. Love these projects. I have a 780 and would love to take this class. I'd like to see combing designs and using the endless embroidery. Thanks os much for sharing.

  13. I love these projects! Very pretty.

    I love how you incorporate designs where you can bind the blocks together by choosing the right thread color. I would love to see more of those.


  14. I love all these projects . Need to learn new techniques and challenge myself.

  15. I am new to machine embroidery, my machine should be here very soon! Yay! So I really need some basics first but I am quite eager to dive in head first! Thanks for the chance to win your class!

  16. I would love to learn some free motion quilting! thank yoU!

  17. Would love to know more about designing fabric…the colors in these projects are just wonderful!

  18. WOW!!! These are amazing! I'd love to learn how to do any of this. I'm a newbie quilter. I'm loving paper piecing but your quilts have just opened my eyes to a while new world. Amazing!!


  19. I'll take any class offered. I have a 180E and would love to learn how to mix quilting and embroidery together. Gail

  20. What a way to start a Monday morning! I'm wiping up the drool from my desk! I am loving that Garden Walk runner, tho I don't have a machine to do the pretty work, I'd love to learn how and make that runner. Maybe I can find someone to borrow some machine time from! 🙂

  21. I love this post and taking your class would be so helpful because I haven't embroidered one thing on my 780! This IS on my wish list. I too would like a class on precise positioning for an embroidery design and using the included templates would be great too! Those Bernina classes are either too technical or only for selling rhe machine. I sure wish I knew as much as you do. Maybe I wouldn't want to sell my machine. jlblvn at gmail dot com

  22. Great projects!!!
    I am still trying to learn how to split and then combine designs…. that could be a class:)
    I have a Bernina 165 but recently purchased a PR620.

  23. Love both of those quilts. Would like to see a call on combining embroidery designs into a larger design.

  24. I would like to see some ideas about how to repair old quilts to a usable state. Thanks Amanda, your work is beautiful as always. <3

  25. There are so many classes I would love to take on craftsy, and fabric scraps are always awesome!

  26. Would love to win this, thanks

  27. Thank you for the contest The radiance quilt is awesome.

  28. Thank you for the contest The radiance quilt is awesome.

  29. I would love to learn about machine quilting. when you have differnt quilting designs do you back stictch? Then stop cut and start new a new design 🙁
    Thanks so much!

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