Easter Table Topper – Part 5

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Hi everyone,

Hope you are having a great weekend.  Here at the instructions to finish your Easter Table Topper…

When we left off it was time to layer the Topper on top of the backing and batting and quilt it.  Just for a second, I’m going to skip ahead and show you some photos of the finished piece so that you can see the details of the quilting. 

I’m not the best quilter but I am working on my skills and the Bernina Stitch Regulator helps a lot!
You’ll notice that I big arcs radianting from the center of the topper behidn the bunny and then filled in the arcs with concentric teardrop shapes.  This helps hide the seams where the Dresdens met and helped focus your eye on the center section as whole.

I also marked off arc areas around the eggs and filled them with stippling.  With all that motion I quilted some straight lines between these areas for contrast.

Okay, back to assembly…  Once you have your Easter Table Topper quilted, you are going to apply facing.  Take a large (at least 29”) square of fabric that is bigger than the size of your Topper and fold it in half both way, pressing lightly, to find the center.  This will be your facing.  Using that center mark, draw a big circle (mine was about 12-1/2”) in the center of the fabric square.  Staystitch on the circle line.  Cut out the center of the circle, using a 1/4” seam allowance.  Clip the seam allowance right up to the stitching line at 1/4” intervals.  Press the seam back along the line.  Use steam!  The better your pressing line, the easier it will be to finish.
Layer the facing on top of the Easter Table Topper right sides together, centering the design inside the cut out area.  Pin.

Turn the entire unit over and sew all the way around the piece, through all layers, using a 1/4” seam allowance and your walking foot.

Trim off extra facing fabric.  Clip the 1/4” seam allowance every 1/4”, right up to – but not through – the seamline.  Clip through all layers – including the batting!  You might have to clip a little extra at the internal corners where the scallops meet.
I’m clearly am not a free motion expert – note the overlapping stitching in the above photo, but you would be hard pressed to see that on the front side of the project.  Small projects are the perfect oppotunities to practice quilting – it doesn’t have to be perfect!
Turn the facing to the back.  Press.  (If it doesn’t turn well, you might have to turn it back inside out and clip the seam a few more times.)
Slipstitch the facing to the back of the Table Topper, all the way around your circle.  While doing so feel free to insert a label, if desired.
That’s it.  Hope everyone has a happy Easter!
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62 thoughts on “Easter Table Topper – Part 5

  1. That is beautifully quilted! Thanks for the pattern.

  2. Amanda ~ This is absolutely GORGEOUS! And you did an amazing job with the quilting. Stop that apologizing for crossing over a line. I know that rule all too well from my cake decorating days while creating cornelli lace but not too many are going to sit and look for that but yea, I know, I also apologized when I did that cross over a line thing myself. You have created a beautiful table topper that anyone would be envious of having. Just beautiful. And thank you so much for all the time you spent writing all the instruction for us to also make one for ouselves.

  3. gorgeous! just gorgeous!

  4. This is so very beautiful! Well done!

  5. Oh that is adorable! Your quilting is marvelous!

  6. Amanda!! One of the prettiest things I have seen in a long time, just beautiful.

  7. This table topper is just beautiful!

  8. Amanda, I think you've out done yourself, this topper is absolutely beautiful. The prettiest Easter topper I've ever seen. Thank you for such a wonderful tutorial. deanie.dreams@gmail.com

  9. Speechless!!! Over the top cute!!!!

  10. wow! that is a blue ribbon quilt. I love that. the back even looks awesome. well done!

  11. Thank you so much for the instructions, photos, and for sharing this lovely project with us! Mine is coming along…I have the outer and inner petals on now, and I'm getting ready to put a basket with eggs in the middle….hope you don't mind my small change. My daughter said she thought I should use more of the pretty Flora eggs!! LOL Thanks again. 🙂

  12. Its absolutely beautiful!

  13. Love the colors and all the beautiful detail! An amazing project, perfect for Easter, reminiscent of an Easter egg plate. Thanks so much for sharing.

  14. I love the topper Amanda. I don't think can get one done this year but I'd love to for next year. I'd love to get the bunny. I use PES format. My email is mehhouse10@gmail.com

    Thank you,


  15. Amanda, I 'd love to get an ART version of the adorable bunny embroidery design. My email is marylouc@mac.com. Thanks so much, and happy Easter!

  16. I Love It! If you are sharing, I loved to have it. I use ART version as well.
    My email is macy327@bellsouth.net

  17. I would love to have the file. The table topper is gorgeous. My email is peterson.patrice@gmail.com

  18. Love the table topper! Would love the design also. I would need a JEF format. Send to dhutch3 @ verizon.net. Thank you so much for your creativity and willingness to share.


  19. Absolutely gorgeous. You do such beautiful work. Thank you so much for sharing. I would love to have the design as well. My email is frani.davis49@verizon.net

  20. love the egg topper and thank you so much -would love a copy of the file
    Your work is beautiful!!

  21. Martha, please leave me your email and the file type you need.

  22. I love how your tabletopper turned out and would love an emailed copy! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  23. My great granddaughter would love one of these quilts.
    Please send me instructions.
    Thank you.


  24. This is gorgeous, I would appreciate the Bernina format, thank you sherrystrawberry@verizon.net

  25. Amanda: Your Eeaster table topper is delightful and clever. One that I will definitely make as it will make a great centerpiece on the dining table or sideboard and grace both an Easter Basket or a lovely flower pot filled with spring flowers.

    Please send me the .ART format.
    Best regards,


  26. Hi Amanda! Gorgeous design. Please send in VP3, VIP or Hus, DST, in that order of preference, as available. Thank you.


  27. Amanda, Your table mat is so darling!! Would love to make one for next year. I use art format
    Thank you so very much!

  28. This is so cute! I use PES or DST format. Thanks.


  29. Just returned today from Cincinnati Quilt Festival where I saw this done. Beautiful! Drove the five hours home and got right online! Please send file in .ART format. Thanks for the inspiration!

  30. the table topper is adorable! I would like to have the embroidery design in ART format.

    Thanks! Janette

  31. Just found your blog. What an adorable table topper! I am anxious to start it. Please send EXP file to ljsch@embarqmail.com Thank you! Linda

  32. I LOVE this table topper!!!! I'll give it a try next year if you will send the files–VP3 or PES preferred, but I can convert. Thanks so much. Alice at sherfyr@aol.com.

  33. Absolutely gorgeous! I would love to make it! Hope

    kehrhahn at live dot com

  34. I really love your table topper and I'd like to get the bunny embroidery. My address is: thecarrs156@msn.com Thank you.

  35. This is beautiful. Wish I had found before Easter – but now I have lots of time to finish for next year. Would you please send me the bunny embordiary in .ART format. My email address is vistajrc@nventure.com. Thanks!


  36. Loved the cute bunny table topper, and I want to make it.
    Would you please send the embroidery design in ART format.
    My email is rwms_1713@sbcglobal.net
    Thanks so much,

  37. Can't wait to make the bunny table topper. Please send the embroidery design for my Bernina 830 machine to peggy1900@gmail.com

  38. I just saw your beautiful Easter Topper via the Bernina website. It's simply incredible & so inspiring! I've always longed for a reason to use the decorative stitches & your topper is perfect! Please send your bunny embroidery in the PES format to me at 7andersont@gmail.com. Thanks so much!!

  39. this is wonderful – inspiring – beautiful – and thank you very very much for the offer of the embroidery bunny. I have a Bernina 830 so would need either an .art file for my software Bernina Version 6 Designer Plus or .exp for the Bernina 830. thank you. Lois lois.ann.lapointe@gmail.com

  40. This is a lovely project. The embroidery and quilting realy dresses up the dresdens. I would love the files and have a Bernina 830 and version 5 software.
    email: maxajones@gmail.com

  41. This is very beautiful. I would like to try and make one for my next Easter dinner table. I hope mine turns out as well. Your quilting is beautiful.

  42. Amanda,
    I just found your Easter Topper and fell in love with it. You are very creative. I would like to have the pattern in pdf and the design if possible. Send to starquilter2@yahoo.com
    Thanks for your generosity.

  43. Hi Amanda
    Just found this table topper and it is adorable. Have the directions but need the files. I can use ART or EXP. My email is mspattck@att.net. Thanks and keep them coming now that I found you.

  44. Please send the designs to xpawslhasas@gmail.com


  45. I would like to have the bunny design for a Viking Diamond.Please send to luvlido@gmail.com
    Your project is exquisite and your tutorial is excellant. As a teacher, I appreciate good instructions. Wonderful site!

  46. Hi Just found your great Easter project and wanted to ask if you could send me the design in the PES form. I would love to get a jump on this project for next year.
    Thank you,

  47. Love your topper could I please have the design. You are so nice to share your work. Wonderful site.
    Thanks Jeanne

  48. Your table topper is beautiful ! Please email the information to me in the PES file format. Thank you.

  49. Pixie,
    Please leave your email address as your profile isn't public so I can't send you the file. Thanks!

  50. Thank you for this wonderful tute !! Hopefully I can get a jump on this table topper for next easter.
    Would love the design in PES format .. Thank you XX



  51. Amanda this Easter Table Topper is so beautiful. I was browsing the internet and came across it. I fell in love with it. Could you please send me the instructions. I thank you and keep up the beautiful work.


  52. You table topper is awesome! I would love to make it for my grand-girls. I need the design in Art format.

    Thank you,


  53. Hi Amanda,

    I found your Easter table topper via pinterest and think it is so beautiful; you are a very talented lady!
    Thank you so much for giving this lovely pattern for free. Could you send me the file to my email addie.
    Thank you soo much!


  54. That is the prettiest topper I've ever seen. Your work is beautiful. I typed in Easter tablerunner on Yahoo under images and this is one of the ones that came up. Is it too late to get the pattern? My email is pamhish@yahoo.com
    Thanks. I put your blog in my faves so I can visit again.

  55. I love your darling table topper and I am gathering all of the fabrics to make mine. I would love to have your little bunny design to compliment my topper. I am also planning to make a topper for my daughter and daughter-in-law for their Easter tables next year.
    My Bernina workhorse is an Artista 185e.
    Thank you so very much Kathy

  56. I am sorry I didn't include my email addy. It is isewbernina@cox.net
    Thank you. Kathy

  57. I LOVE the Easter Table Topper! I would love the file. My email is rhondahawkins57@gmail.com.

  58. I pinned this table topper some time ago, and now that Christmas is over, I want to start working on it. Is it too late (2 years later, yikes!) to request the embroidery design? If I'm too late, I'll muddle through with something and leave you with a huge Thank You for such lovely fabrics and designs! If I'm not too late, I have a pfaff, so prefer .vp3, .hus, or .pcs but my software can make do with any format except .art.


  59. I just saw this design. It is gorgeous. My son just got married this year and his wife would love decorations for the house. If you are still sending the design, I use pes files, but also have software that can change any design.


  60. I love your Easter Table Runner and would love the design for it if you are still sending them. I also would like the big bunny that goes in the center as I did not see any where to down load it. If possible could you send me the whole file as my computer and printer do not want tp play nice and I am having trouble getting all the directions and templater.
    Thank you
    Pam George

  61. This Easter table topper is beautiful. I would love the design, if you are still sending them out. Though Easter has come and gone, I might be able to get it done for next year. Is the large bunny part of the file too?

    Thank you so much.

  62. Oh this is beautiful. You are very talented! I would love to have the pattern if you are still offering it. yessewingisfun@yahoo.com

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