“Diagonal Delight” with Madame Samm!

Hi everyone!
Tomorrow I’ll be guest blogging over at Madame Samm’s.  She has been featuring a series of guest bloggers over that past month, each with their own unique block design.  Over the past year I have been experimenting with blocks that interlock – where one block seems to flow into the other in a seamless way – and this block is no exception.

Introducing “Diagonal Delight”…

On her own she doesn’t look like much, but look what she can do when multiplied…

Diagonal Delight Quilt A

Diagonal Delight Quilt B

Diagonal Delight Quilt C

Diagonal Delight Quilt D

 If you are looking for a tutorial to make this block, hop on over to Madame Samm’s

Now for the giveaway – this one is easy.  I’ll be giving away three of my patterns that exemplify this interlocking block idea:  Garden Paths, Bedazzled, and Beribboned.  All you have to do is follow (if you don’t already) and leave a comment on this post telling me which of the above designs is your favorite. 

That is it!  Don’t forget to leave me a way to contact you should you win!

Deadline is a little longer this time – Thursday, December 1st at midnight.

Happy sewing!

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131 thoughts on ““Diagonal Delight” with Madame Samm!

  1. Wow!! Love these quilts…all of them. If I absolutely HAVE to pick I would pick A and D but I still love B and C too…does that help?
    Thanks for the chance!

  2. I like A the best. It is neat how much you can do with one block.

  3. I like A the best – it makes me think of flying kites!

  4. I like your block. So versatile, like log cabin. My favorite setting is "D."

  5. D is my favorite, then C. Thanks for the chance to win!

  6. A and C are my favorites.

  7. Thanks for the great block Amanda! Garden Paths is still my favorite!

  8. Okay, second try, first came back with an error…If this comes through twice, please disregard one. 🙂

    The all are great but I love "C"! The block on its own reminds me of a kite with a "knotted" tail. Very cute!

    Sandy A

  9. Garden Paths is my favourite! And I follow 🙂

  10. I like D. Thanks for the giveaway!

  11. I think I like D the best. I was picturing it with dark, even black sashing & red cornerstones. Dramatic.

  12. I like D the best. As always, your designs amaze me.

  13. I like the first one A the best. Yes, it does look like kites! I'd love to be entered to win your gorgeous patterns.

  14. I like C the best. i think. Too hard to decide! Thank you for the giveaway.

  15. Wow. Thanks for sharing the different ways to make the kite block. I love all the different versions.
    I love your patterns but if I have to choose I would pick Garden Paths. I am definitely a follower.

  16. I like D best. The extra sashing makes a difference. Thanks for thei giveaway. Your patterns have great movement. Kathie L in Allentown

  17. Quilt A is my favorite…thank you for the chance to win some of your awesome patterns!
    tamiquilts at att dot net

  18. B is my favorite!

  19. Pattern D is my favorite, I will be checking in on Sew we Quilt for the Tutorial. Thank you for sharing and for the great giveaway

  20. I like A–it reminds me of a jeweled bracelet or summer rain.
    p.s. love Mdm. Samm–see you there tomorrow!

  21. I am confused on which designs we should be picking from lol so sorry if this is wrong. I am a follower, and I like Quilt A and Garden Paths 🙂 Thank you!

  22. A is my pick and I'm a follower.

  23. I really like A, like the movement in it.
    I'm a follower. Thanks for the giveaway!

  24. I pick A and I am a follower!

  25. I really like Diagonal delight A of your new design, however Garden paths is my favorite of your other designs. Thanks for sharing at Madame Samm's.I'm already a follower.

  26. Great patterns! C is my favourite.

  27. My favorite is C. And you bet I am a follower!

  28. My favorite is D. Thanks for the give away.

  29. Hi Amanda! I'm gonna have to go with Bedazzled, not sure if it just because of the wonderful colors or those great circles, but that's my choice 🙂

  30. I have to say A is my fav

  31. I like Quilt B the best. Gorgeous!

  32. So many beautiful quilts! Hard to decide…..hmmmmm…..Think I like the quilt Beribboned best. How do you become a follower? I´ll look in on your blog every day, is that enough?

  33. Amanda, your block and patterns are amazing. I love them all, but I think pattern A was the one that kept drawing me back. Will look forward to following you now that I've met you through Madame Samm. Thanks for sharing!

  34. I believe Block A is my favorite, but I like C 's design too, robots looking…great block to play with too.

  35. I finally ordered your patterns for my Mark Cesarik line of fabric. I can't wait for them to get here. The one may be fun to play with the scraps as I go…hmmmm I think I like Quilt A

  36. Love this block! As for the layouts, I think it's a tie between A and D.

  37. Im a follower…Garden Paths is my favorite! Thx.

  38. What a neat concept! I think A captures my eye the most.

  39. Love the post and block – I like the B layout!
    love the garden path quilt pattern! thanks!

  40. What talent – what an imagination! I love Beribboned and I follow you! Thanks.

  41. I like Bedazzled the best, with beribboned a close second. They are very similar. I like them best because they both have circles and sewing circles is on my "To Learn in the next 12 months" list…

    Thanks for the chance to win!


  42. I think your quilt patterns are GREAT! and should I be chosen to win one of them, I'd pick beribboned. Thanks and I just signed up to be a follower!

  43. I like A the best followed with B. However all are ver nice and you could make all three with one pattern. BTW I love your Garden Paths pattern. I have become a follower. Thanks

  44. Hi Amanda thank you so much for your block…I love it. Well I really like all 3 but I guess my first like would be garden paths then beribboned …thanks so much again for the tutorial. Happy Holidays.

  45. Your quilt patterns are amazing. I love the Garden Paths pattern. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  46. Oh wow, too hard to choose. I like quilt that have symmetry, so A is out. I like B but I think I like D better with the sashing it breaks up the corner stones of 4patches, but I also think C is really cool too! Hmmmmm C or D. If I were to sit down right now and make one I would make…………..C!

  47. I love the simplicity of Layout A – but the possibilities are pretty mind boggling. I do a ton of Linus quilts and love to use new patterns, new layouts, and new fabrics – this pattern sure fits my needs! Gorgeous ideas!

  48. Love the patterns! I am thinking of doing a quilt with this diagonal block, great options. The last one, D with the sashing for sure. Thanks for the chance at winning.

  49. I love the block and I HAD to choose just one quilt design, I would choose A.

  50. They are all beautiful patterns, but I prefer A….I am a new follower and a subscriber as well…your patterns are a delight.I love Blossoms….

  51. Fantastic block! So versatile!

  52. I love your tutorial, can't wait to get home from work so I can add it to the Nov Block Sampler I am making from all this month's tuts. I really also like your Bedazzled pattern. Thanks for having a give away. 🙂

  53. I like the A for its unique look. They are all pretty and it was a hard decision. Thanks for sharing.

  54. I love view A. This is a great way for me to use those 2.5" squares I was collecting for a Tokyo Subway quilt I'll never actually piece. Thanks.

  55. Of this group, I think I like "D" the best, but of all of your patterns, Garden Paths is my fav!! Ooooh, I hope I can win! Your tutorial at SWQ is super!!

  56. Great tutorial–love Diagonal Delight Quilt A!

  57. Hi Amanda! My favorite pattern is "C."
    I like the layout, with the 16-patches being kind of scrappy. I also like pattern A for it being so different from anything I've ever seen before! Very nice!


  58. Love all the designs but my favorite is A. I'm a follower and would love to win your interlocking block patterns! Thanks!

  59. Another awesome looking block Amanda. Thank you so much for the tutorial. I REALLY love Diagonal Delight Quilt A.

    Thank you too for another chance to win some of the amazing quilt patterns you've created.

  60. I love all three but I think I like Beribboned of the three.

  61. All of your patterns are *always* gorgeous, but I love the Garden Paths one the best– and I also love the name!! 🙂 Or, did you mean, which of the layouts for the Diagonal Delight block do we like the best?… If so, then I really LOVE the first one- A – it looks like one of those jeweled sun catchers hanging in the wind– definitely on my "to-do" list!! Love it! 🙂

  62. Great block. I like quilt A. And I am a follower.

  63. If I had to I'd follow you to the moon!! I love following you around…I learn so much and it often leads me to places I've never visited before. Love opening my email each day and having a post from you!!! Starts my morning off just right, always wonderful inspiration and some fun.
    I vote for A…I was leaning towards D…but something about the simplicity of A… I just want to "follow" that diagonal line right off into la la land!!

  64. Thanks for post on Madame Samm's. Beautiful patterns, I like "beribboned". Thanks for opportunity for giveaway. I became a follower.

  65. I like quilt D the best but it was a hard choice. daciar@shaw.ca

  66. I follow you. I think I like quilt C. It is a little unpredictable. Neat idea.

  67. Sorry if this is a duplicate – I got some sort of error message the first time. Wow – so hard to choose – I like them all! A and D are my favorites though. Thank you – headed over to get the tutorial!

  68. I am a follower. I really love the setting for Quilt A the best.

  69. I am a follower and I love the "B" setting. I could see this as a new quilt for my king bed.

  70. I love this block! I think "C" is my favorite, but "D" wants to make it a photofinish!

  71. I got an error message so please accept my apology if you get multiple comments from me!

    I like all of the designs but I like C the least.

  72. I am already a follower and I love quilt A.

  73. Thanks for your tutorial over at Madame Samm's! Love the possibilities! And I really like your style – Beribboned is great,
    thanks for the chance to win a pattern!

  74. Awesome designs, Amanda. Layout A is my favorite. Just became a follower and thanks for a chance to win a pattern.

    stitchingmatters at gmail dot com

  75. My favourite is B. Thanks for the generous giveaway.

  76. I would have to say my favorite is Quilt A, but I really love them all. This is such a versatile block! Thanks for the giveaway!

  77. I think option B is my favorite. Such an easy block with such a bing impact!

  78. I love all of them but I think Garden Path appeals to me best.
    Thanks for sharing.

  79. Whoops….I looked at the wrong thing. I like B the best although they are all amazing.

  80. My favorite is garden path!

  81. Great block. I have to go with A. I like asymmetrical. My second choice is D.

  82. Hi Amanda the one that I like the most is "A". Thank you for this wonderful giveaway.

  83. I like Diagonal Delight Quilt A. Actually, I like them all!

  84. i'm all for diagonal delight quilt a! and i'm delighted to be your follower!

  85. Love them all but since I have to pick I'd say 'A'. I'm already a follower.

  86. I love "A." It feels the most modern!

  87. I'm now a follower and I like C.

  88. A is my favourite!

  89. I love your patterns and the new block on SEW WE QUILT is another wonderful design. Thank you for sharing. I do love Beribboned.

  90. C is my favorite, but like most of the other comments I read, I found it hard to choose…D too!
    I've been a follower.

  91. Design A is my favourite! I like the clean lines and the aesthetic is a bit more modern, just my style!

  92. I definitely liked design C the best, especially the offset design. Great block, Amanda! Thanks for the inspiration!

  93. I like them all..but would say "D" if I really must choice 1.

  94. I like A best! Next favorite would be D! I love seeing these ideas!

  95. Quilt Design A and then D.
    Thanks for the wonderful giveaway of patterns. Enjoyed your tutorial at Sew We Quilt.

  96. Love the block. Very hard to pick but I would go with quilt B if I was a lucky winner.

  97. i love the simplicity of A layout. of your patterns bedazzled is my favorite . Thank you for a chance to win. Janita

  98. Thanks for a great tutorial – your quilts are an inspiration! My favourite is Garden Paths!

  99. Your patterns are beautiful. Hard to pick just one, but I like "B" the best. Thanks for sharing and having this giveaway.

  100. What a versatile block, Amanda. #C is my favorite. I will be looking around your blog for other design ideas. Great work!

  101. I'm following your blog and love version b.

  102. What do you mean pick one. They are all great. OK, #1. There. Love all your patterns. Thanks for sharing. It is awesome that you can make the blocks, and then play with the layout.

  103. Very difficult! But you said pick one…So the first one I like of the entire likeable patterns is:
    Diagonal Delight Quilt B.
    I already follow you!

  104. What a great block! I love the "A" lay out. I'll have to try this one!

  105. Very difficult to choose!! I like them all, but C is my favorite, followed closely by A. Love the way one block can be used in so many different ways to produce such varied patterns!! Love your patterns, would love to be the winner!!

  106. Wow, Amanda! Love them all, but I think C would be my favorite for today. I like the randomness of the blocks rather than having them on the same plane. Your designs are never boring, I have to say! Thanks for the opportunity.

  107. I like all of them, but I think B is my favorite!

  108. Hard to choose, but Garden Paths is my favorite. I'm a follower. Thanks for the chance to win.

  109. Dear Amanda
    I really love your block designs. Each one is tempting to try. I really love them all. Glad that you were a guest at Mdm. Samm's. I have to say I decided to follow your blog now that I saw your great designs. Thanks for sharing.

  110. Love this block design after seeing what it can do. The C design is my favorite. I am a follower.

  111. I like A the best. It looks very modern!

  112. Thanks for a great tutorial! I made my first block tonight.. I am adding it to the Block Party Sampler from the Nov Tutorials. 🙂 I plan to make this one again. Thanks again.. If I had to pick a design..I like D. You can see my posting at http://www.quiltmonstercloset.com 🙂 Take Care and Congrats on a great TUT!

  113. I really like this Diagonal Delight pattern. It can look similar to Burgoyne Surrounded, which has always been one I am drawn to. I also find the layout A to be very intriguing. Great patterns! If I had to choose just one of your new patterns, I guess it would be Bedazzled. It has wonderful movement,and the twisted ribbon design is great.
    Thanks for doing this tute!

    Leslie S. in MN
    esclante at comcast dot net

  114. Oh I love quilt A. Thanks for a chance to win. esterling1923 at gmail dot com. I am an email subcriber under bimbi9 at gmail dot com

  115. I like A best . It is awesome . Whata clever idea . You rock.

  116. How interesting how this block can be manipulated! I really love A and would do that one for sure. Thanks for the chance to win. I am also a follower.

  117. Love these "entwined" patterns! So many possibilities.

  118. Quilt B is my favorite.

  119. Thanks for this tutorial. I love how versatile it is. If I'm lucky enough to win the drawing my choice of patterns is Garden Paths. It's scrappy, curvy lines are delightful.

  120. I like designs A & D. I'm a follower. Thanks for the tutorial & the giveaway!

  121. Love the idea of interlocking blocks. What you have done also, I think, would work well done in scrappy manner (tho I like the coordinated stuff you illustrate better). I would definitely try these (and would love to actually win a pattern) !!

  122. I love Beribboned, and that new block that you are doing as the guest blogger is WONDERFUL!!! I'm going to have to try it: thanks for the great idea 🙂

  123. I love how you worked up this block in so many different pathways, thanks! Please include me in your giveaway, the garden pathways shows alot of movement and looks like it woul dbe fun to make. Jane

  124. Hi – my favorite is Quilt C. I like Quilt A too and they look like little kites.

  125. I like quilt C the best. Thanks for the chance to win some of your wonderful patterns.

  126. I love all three patterns but I think my favorite is Bedazzled. I like the combination of circles and squares

  127. I like B,C,& D but I looooove A!


  128. Love quilt A, with quilt B a close second. This may be my next quilt, for me, it is so pretty. Am working on my FIRST quilt right now, if you don't count 9 "rag" quilts this year. My daughter chose your pattern Portraits of my Garden. It is going very nicely! sharonbrown.99@comcast.net

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