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I was running into Creative Sewing and Vacuums to pick up thread the other day when I saw colorful spring dress pinned to the wall. It was made using a pattern called “The Sabrina Tunic” by Serendipity Studio.
Although I am presently developing several quilt and home-dec patterns for my first line by Robert Kaufman, called “Ambrosia” (more on that in the near future), I thought it was a great project to showcase a lively print with a contrasting fabric accent, so I picked up a copy.

I tested it with some fabric that I already had on hand. Here is the result.

Clearly, I am not a professional model and was torn about whether to even post this, but I think this pattern is REALLY clever and deserves some publicity. The designer gives you many blouse, dress, and trim options, all using four basic pattern pieces + facings. The next time I make this I may try getting rid of the facings all together and doubling up on bodice pieces to greate more of a lined look, but overall I was really pleased with the result.

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