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Some people have a living room, but we have a schoolwork/office/sewing room and today it looks like complete chaos. Still, it is my favorite room because it has fantastic light and is used for so many things. Although it is only about 10% of the house it is where we spend 90% of our time. Can you tell?
Today it reflects the state of my mind…

Sewing things piled up in a corner.

Kids’ computers.

Our son’s “Office” i.e. the floor. (Caitrin and I are usually at the table but Eamon scoffs at traditional forms of seating.)

Even the ironing board made an appearance. (Catch a glimpse of my next free pattern, “Twirly Skirt”, ready for pressing.)

Our daughter and I are traveling to Raleigh this weekend for the State Science Olympiad and I want to finish some things before leaving – wishful thinking, but we all must have goals, however unrealistic.

Hope everyone enjoys the weekend!

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