Black Stretchy Thing, Fondly Remembered

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We here at the Murphy household are sad to report the passing of Black Stretchy Thing, our son’s favorite toy for the past four years. Whether serving as a projectile, building material, or snazzy clothing accessory, Black Stretchy Thing was an omnipresent, loyal, and boon companion.

Unfortunately Black Stretchy did not die a natural death; all evidence points to the weapon being sewing scissors or a rotary cutter.

I’ll pause and let the implications of that sink in.

Let me take this moment to say, “I’M SORRY, EAMON!!!”
It was completely unintentional. Black Stretchy was in the wrong place at the wrong time i.e. on the floor during my mad frenzy of cutting earlier today, and I should have noticed him but didn’t.

I hear by resolve to find a piece of fabric for my son that is just as black and just as stretchy. I know it won’t be the same as the original Black Stretchy Thing, but I will at least try…

Rest in Peace, Black Stretchy.

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Happy New Year!

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I hope January finds everyone well.

I thought I would start off this year by posting some of my personal work. Given that I like everything from traditional to modern, my projects are all over the map. This work doesn’t really represent the style of my fabrics that will be coming out this summer, but I think it is always interesting to see what people are working on or have worked on in the past. (For more on my designs visit my website at

I have learned so much from trying out all sorts of patterns and techniques. I received Ruth McDowell’s “Piecing Workshop” for Christmas and have become intrigued with her piecing methods. A small project may be calling me.

This year I sewed a fun, fusible applique quilt for my new nephew, Ollie, using batiks and Amy Bradley “Dazzling Dogs” designs. All of the dogs have goofy names, which I embroidered in tone-on-tone thread.

This followed a quilt I did a couple years ago for my mom, from Blackbird Design’s “Home Sweet Home” pattern.

My mom had purchased the pattern for her first quilt, which was quite an ambitious move, don’t you think? She found the appliqué (and the mess that goes with it) wasn’t for her so I ended up sewing it. She was so enthusiastic about getting it in her hands that my friends started referring to it as the “guilt quilt” as I feverishly finished each block. Seriously, I would never hand-sew so much bias binding for anyone else. My mom is one of my biggest fans and THE MOST ENTHUSIASTIC GIFT RECIPIENT on the planet. It isn’t just anyone who would upholster a sofa and a headboard to match their new quilt.

Here she an my dad are, enjoying cupcakes from their local cupcake store with our kids.

Speaking of cupcakes, if you ever go to Haymarket Virginia we highly recommend visiting this store, aptly named “Cupcake Heaven”. There is something incredibly decadent about cupcakes with filling.

The display is beautiful, don’t you think?

Until next time, have a happy January!


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New Year’s Eve 2009

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This past year I launched a textile and surface design firm, combining my love of pattern and color with my love of sewing. I am so excited that Robert Kaufman Fabrics has decided to pick up several of my lines, the first of which comes out this summer! Seeing my designs interpreted into quilting fabrics has been a dream of mine. I feel extremely fortunate.
One of my resolutions for the upcoming year is to start a blog to record my ideas and interact with other artists. I am really excited about it.

For more on the business side of things please visit my website:

Best wishes for everyone out there – have a happy, healthy new year!


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