Black Stretchy Thing, Fondly Remembered

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We here at the Murphy household are sad to report the passing of Black Stretchy Thing, our son’s favorite toy for the past four years. Whether serving as a projectile, building material, or snazzy clothing accessory, Black Stretchy Thing was an omnipresent, loyal, and boon companion.

Unfortunately Black Stretchy did not die a natural death; all evidence points to the weapon being sewing scissors or a rotary cutter.

I’ll pause and let the implications of that sink in.

Let me take this moment to say, “I’M SORRY, EAMON!!!”
It was completely unintentional. Black Stretchy was in the wrong place at the wrong time i.e. on the floor during my mad frenzy of cutting earlier today, and I should have noticed him but didn’t.

I hear by resolve to find a piece of fabric for my son that is just as black and just as stretchy. I know it won’t be the same as the original Black Stretchy Thing, but I will at least try…

Rest in Peace, Black Stretchy.

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