Blossoms… in Cuddle fabric!

Recently I sewed up a baby-sized version of my Blossoms pattern using soft Cuddle fabric for the blossoms and backing and using the Buttercream color story of my Bella line for Blend Fabrics for the blocks.  I adjusted my pattern a bit to make it easier to applique on Cuddle and allow you to add borders while quilting in the ditch in just one step.  Oh – and this quilt top fits within the 60” width of the Cuddle so you don’t need to piece the backing.

You can find the pdf of this pattern in my Craftsy shop.

Happy quilting!

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7 thoughts on “Blossoms… in Cuddle fabric!

  1. Нежный! Милый! Чудесный квилт!

  2. beautiful flowers blooms on this great quil 🙂

  3. Amanda, this is the coolest thing I've seen in awhile! Mixing textures is great for baby quilts because babies are so fascinated by the sensation of touch. Having the contrast of the soft Cuddle flowers against the bumpy texture of the quilted cotton background is just perfect for a baby quilt. I'd love to do a quilt like this, but with satin binding on the edges to bring in a third texture. I love seeing little ones rub the tattered satin binding of their blankies against their noses when they are sleepy.

    How on Earth did you manage to applique with the Cuddle stuff, though? I've only ever used Minky as an applique fabric when it was part of a digitized embroidery design. I know you can't fuse the appliques because you can't iron the pile, and my experience has been that the edges of that fabric want to curl up and misbehave something fierce. So now your new pattern is going on my wish list, so I can find out how you were able to do this so successfully! 🙂

  4. Love it in Holiday Bouquet. Pretty cool block, can't wait to try it.

  5. Thanks! I used temporary spray adhesive – that is the trick!

  6. Pretty, pretty as always.

  7. I just noticed Modern Blossoms – and love it! Is there anywhere that I can see a picture of all the designs included?

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