Blog-a-Paloozing (Part 3)

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I am falling woefully behing on my Blog-a-Palooza blocks, and I’m afraid it is just going to get worse.  Since Thursday I have, among othe things:
Washed and ironed 150 yards of fabric
Cut strip sets for nine quilts
Made 336 flying geese
Pieced backing fabric for two quilts
Our children are delighted – all these organized piles of precuts pieces in the dining room have precluded any eating that might happen there.  Since we don’t have an eat in kitchen, they are forced to eat in the famiy room in front of the TV for the time being.  I am officially a bad mother.

SinceI mistakenly deleted my last Blog-a-palooza post, I thought I’d share with you the new blocks I’ve made (before this project goes on a two month hiatus) and repost the ones that were lost.  So, here are the “Mocha” blocks…

And the “Chocolate” blocks…

My mom is coming to visit this weekend!  Being the consumate hostess, I have asked her to bring her rotary cutter.  Little does she know that we will be moving on from flying geese, her specialty.  Ha ha!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend with lots of sewing!

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