Black, Red, and Blue

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What is black, red, and blue all over?

(For those of you who missed my original post, I inadvertently chopped our son’s Black Stretchy Thing – his favorite toy these past four years – with a rotary cutter.) Mary Jo’s Cloth Store’s mail order department came through in a pinch and delivered three half yard pieces of 60″ lycra to our door. (Mary Jo’s is a fabulous fabric store 10 miles outside of Charlotte in Gastonia, NC, with an enormous inventory and fantastic prices.)

3 half yard pieces of lycra = 9 Stretchy Things = 1 conscience cleared

For those of you out there with nine-ish year old boys, I highly recommend lycra strips for hours of entertainment. As far as the $/entertainment value ratio goes, they are hard to beat. I just might have to take up a new hobby!

Thanks Mary Jo’s!

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