Bella Crib Bedding by Carousel Designs

A few months ago I heard Bella, my line for Blend Fabrics, had been picked up by Carousel Designs for crib bedding!  I was so excited and am even MORE excited today to see it featured online.

I love the orange chevron rug with the Seaglass color story, don’t you?  I would have jumped at the option to buy bedding and make matching accessories when our daughter was little. (Sigh…) I love the fact that Carousel Designs uses high-quality quilting cotton in their work.

Happy sewing, everyone!


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6 thoughts on “Bella Crib Bedding by Carousel Designs

  1. Love it! This company that makes all the bedding is located in the town I live. I'll have to go check it out in person. Congrats!

  2. So cool and gorgeous. I too would have used that if it were available when we brought Sunshine home.

    And I so love Bella. My big order arrived last Friday. Seeing it in person is so much better than on the computer screen. I can't wait to cut into it and get started on the quilt, but unfortunately I have 6 deadline quilts that have to get done first. I promise to share pictures eventually.

  3. OMG!!! Amanda….your fabric looks simple gorgeous! It's enough for me to want to have a another baby!! But seeing as I'm a grandmother…that's not happening. A stunning and creative display of your very pretty creation. Congrats.

  4. This is so cute and lovely!!! Awesome for a baby…

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  5. ohhh how pretty…I think I would like a baby…ohhh not for me…for YOU…lol

  6. ohhh and I am very proud of you….

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