Beautiful Beaufort and beautiful silk…

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Last week I spoke with a wonderful bunch of ladies at the Beaufort, South Carolina quilt guild.  While there, the kids, my mom, and I took a walking tour of the picturesque town and, I have to say, I don’t think there could have been a more appropriate place to talk about Veranda, because we were surrounded by them.


While I was gone Robert Kaufman sent me some of their Radiance silk to play with.  It is gorgeous and ironable!  I tried a bunsh of different things with it: Drunkard’s Path, fusible applique, needle-turned applique (not so easy!), flying geese, bias tape making, until I finally tried paper-piecing. 

Radiance has a lovely sheen, but it is slippery.  Sewing on top of the paper stabilizes the silk, prevents the seams from being pulled into the machine, and gives a much cleaner result.  (The paper-pieced portion is the long triangles in the lower left.  You can see how much crisper that area is.)

Now I just need to get some more colors (a light aqua would be lovely!) and design a new project!

Happy sewing!

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