Accuquilt Go Baby Review

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We had a chance to play with my new Accuquilt Go Baby fabric cutter this weekend.  Fun!  It is really pretty simple.  (Really simple compared to a magazine quitl I have been working on… I can’t give away too, much, but I’m really having to brush up on my piecing skills as each block has an hourglass unit, four quarter square triangles, four half square triangles, 4 flying geese, and four corner blocks… all set on point.  And there are 72 blocks!  Oh my!)
The Go Baby cutter has a very compact design, making it easy to store.

You open up the Go Baby

Choose your die, and lay an appropriately sized piece of fabric on top.  (Most dies for the Go Baby use a 12″ x 6″ piece of fabric.)  If you only want to cut one shape from the die, just lay a smaller piece of fabric on top of that shape.  Cover the die and fabric with the cutting mat. 

Roll the die through the cutter, turning the Accuquilt handle with one hand and applying pressure on the mat/fabric/die with the other.  More pressure results in a cleaner cut.

When the cut shapes come out the other end, there may be a few threads that still attach them to their background, so keep a pair of sharp scissors nearby. 

Snip the threads and you have a beautiful applique shape.

I think the Go Baby cutter really would come in handy for applique projects, or project with unusal angles that can’t easily be cut with a rotary cutter.  If you only want a few shapes from the die, it is definitely a great way to use up scraps.

First on my wish list for new dies that Accuquitl might create would be one that has leaves – just leaves, in the same style but different shapes.  Or spirals – that would be fun!

I realized that the round flower die (55007) is a perfect fit for Town Square, so our daughter cut two sets of 20 flowers to go with my Village Green pattern – one in Ambrosia….

and one in Veranda

I think it might be cute to do the flowers in patterned fabric and the squares in solids.

Our son cut a ton of circles for a future project.  I am a big fan of circles!

I’ll have a giveaway for these lovely Ambrosia and Veranda flowers later this week and a little later in the month I will be giving away a Go Baby fabric cutter along with three dies of your choice!

Happy sewing!

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