Accuquilt Complimentary Pattern 2 – Funky Flower Pillow

It is week #2 and I’d like to introduce my second complimentary pattern for Accuquilt – the “Funky Flower Pillow”.

It is named, of course, after Accuquilt’s Funky Flower die.  As was the case with the first pattern, you can still whip up the project without the die, but the die does make it more fun.

Next week, I’ll post directions for a coordinating Funky Flower quilt!

Happy sewing!

P.S. For my Australian readers, I’ve just found out that Sew Bright Alpine Quilting is running my Under the Veranda Block of the Month program, and they are still accepting new participants.  It is such a thrill to think of sewers half way around the world making this quilt!

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5 thoughts on “Accuquilt Complimentary Pattern 2 – Funky Flower Pillow

  1. Gidday. Bright is a great place. I love all the patterns with the circles,the clear colours are great for Aussie skies & beds. I look forward to your blog from the land downunder.

  2. What fun! I love the colors here, and the movement, since each flower is placed differently. Thank you for such a sweet pattern! 🙂

  3. I love the way you moved the flowers, giving each block it's own look! I am definetly going to invest my time and skill in this one! How Fun!

  4. The colors in this are so beautiful!! Great job on it!The designs are so beautiful!!! 🙂

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