The Free-Motion Quilting Idea Sampler Facebook Group

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Hi guys,

This is just a quick note to say that our Free-Motion Quilting Idea Sampler Facebook group is up and running!  We will be sewing and quilting a few blocks each week this fall.  This is a super-easy sew (for goodness sake the wedding ring is appliqué) that will get you practicing free-motion fast, so it is really fun!  People are sewing in all sorts of fabrics – I’m sewing mine in Carina.  SKU info is in the group feed.


FMQIdea Book Fabrics


My good friend Cherry Guidry, of Cherry Blossoms Quilting Studios, is sewing along with us using her Soul Blossoms fabrics.   I love sewing with friends!

Happy quilting!


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Product Review: Select Appli-Web Plus and Select Appli-Stick

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Hi everyone!

I came back from Market with two new appliqué products to try after Alex Anderson’s husband, John, dropped off a roll of Select Appli-Stick and Select Appli-Web Plus at my both.  I made a green version of my Romance table topper in Carina to check them out and thought I’d tell you what I found.  (Carina is shipping in August/September from Benartex.)


I really loved the Select Appli-Web Plus.  It is very lightweight when applied – much like Shades SoftFuse, which is another paper-back fusible web that I love.  The actual paper that you trace on is thicker though – but the fusible is really light.  It didn’t  take very long to fuse and didn’t require steam, which I liked.  Alex has also been working on a paper-less version of this product, which is called Select Appli-Web (without the plus), but I like the paper backing to trace my appliqué shapes.




Select Appli-Stick is a completely different product.  It peels back to reveal a heavier fusible that is actually quite tacky.  This would be an excellent product for those of you who like to really play with appliqué on a design wall and reposition it.  I usually work out the placement of my appliqué on a computer before I go to sew, so I liked the Select Appli-Web Plus a bit better, but I could see applications where the Appli-Stick could be really useful.  In fact, I just was looking up the links for their website and noted that they have this product in 1/4”, 1/2”, and 1” widths, which would be awesome for appliqué bars!



Thanks to Alex and John for letting me try their new products – I really enjoyed them!

Happy quilting!




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New patterns for Spring 2015

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Hi everyone!

It seems like I have been waiting for this day – the day I can share new pattern information – forever!  They are back from the printer and all the distributor and Market orders have been sent.  They are also up over in my shop.

I hope you like these new designs!  Here they are…

First Crush is a fat-quarter friendly, twin-sized quilt that is actually a deceptively simple quilt made from just one block!


The interlocking hearts form a secondary design so it is really fun to watch it come together!




Of course, by choosing a different border fabric you can dramatically alter the look of the design…

First Crush aqua border
First Crush with the original aqua border
First Crush teal border
First Crush with a teal border
First Crush pink border
First Crush with a deep pink border
First Crush green border
First Crush with the green border

By the way, all these quits feature Carina, my first line for Benartex.  I couldn’t be more excited about it and I’ll be blogging more specifically about the fabric when it ships in August/September of this year.

Next up, Bouquet, which is a really graphic lap-sized piece.  Basically made up of squares, rectangles, and half-square triangles, it is super-easy to piece with just a touch of appliqué.



This was actually my first quilt that I quilted on the BERNINA Q 24, so it was thrilling!  (Some of you might have seen sneak peeks over on Instagram.)



Next up is Romance – a really quick but elegant 22” table runner…


I couldn’t stop making this one – it was fun to play with the colors in the collection.  I used 28 wt. Aurifil thread for the appliqué – my favorite!






And last, but not least, is Heart’s Delight.



It is my new block-of-the-month style quilt.  The pattern itself is chock-full of full color diagrams to guide you.  You start in the center with a heart shaped bargello design and work outward, adding borders as you go.  This was also quilted on the Q 24, this time with Aurifil monofilament thread, which was trouble-free.  It worked so well and saved a ton of time not having to change colors since I started quilting this two days before Market!





Do you like them?  I hope so!  Do you have a favorite?

So… if you are still reading (sorry for the amount of images – it is hard to choose) they are all over in my newly-revamped shop.  Speaking of which, I redid my shop so I can ship internationally.  I think the design is better too and hope you agree.  (I ship USPS everywhere.)

Also, a popular request has been a discount for a whole group of new patterns so I created something called “The Carina Collection” which includes all four patterns. You can get them at a discount here.


Thanks for reading and I hope you have a wonderful week with lots of sewing!



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