Wrapping up the Free-Motion Quilting Idea blog tour…

Note:  The winner of the book for this post is Lori Morton – congratulations Lori!

Hi guys,

This is the last day of The Free-Motion Quilting Idea Book blog Tour.  (Say that 3 times fast)


By now you probably know all about the book…

  • That it was designed to spark your imagination so you could try some new designs and get those finished quilt tops quilted!
  • That most of the pages in the book are devoted to diagrams that show you how to accomplish quilting with ease



  • That you can look things up by family or by block.
  • That there is a coordinating sampler available for download on C&T’s site with piecing instructions for every block in the book.



  • That VERY soon (I don’t have an exact date yet) there will be an app with access to videos and animations for the allover patterns in the book in the iTunes store.
  • That all the videos were filmed on the BERNINA Q 24 and the BERNINA 790.
  • And that you have a chance to win a copy of the book right here by leaving a comment on this post before midnight on Sunday, November 15th, telling me your favorite allover free-motion allover pattern.  It can be one you enjoy quilting or one you’d like to learn.  (And don’t forget some stops on the FMQIdea Book blog tour are still accepting entries!)

One more thing… if you already have the book thank you for purchasing it and I hope you enjoy it!  If you do, please consider leaving a review on Amazon’s site.  I would really appreciate it.

Happy quilting!


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30 thoughts on “Wrapping up the Free-Motion Quilting Idea blog tour…

  1. This book look fantastic. I love to quilt loops and hearts or leaves.

  2. I haven’t tried free motion quilting yet but would like to. Years ago I helped handquilt an allover spider web pattern and would like to try that by machine sometime.

  3. I don’t really have a favorite. I am new to FMQ and it really scares me at this point. I need to get over the “fear” and dive in…practice, practice, practice! 🙂

  4. I love spirals right now!

  5. The book looks awesome. It would be great for a beginner to FMQ like me. I want to move past stippling and love the amazing quilting you share on your website.

  6. I have the book in my wishlist at Amazon. Can’t wait to get it! 🙂

  7. Amanda, your new book looks/sounds wonderful. I’d love to develop the abillity to FMQ a simple design that looks to others like it’s rather complicated – maybe a open, swirly design that has a bit of a flowery look to it. The thing that I think is spectacular about your book is that it has a spiral binding. I’ve propped, added weights to the pages, and clipped pages so I could see a particular area as I’m working – only to have everything give way and the book flip, close, and land on the floor – knocking a few other things over in the process! Hurrah for spiraled books!!

  8. The book looks great Amanda. I’ve been looking for some new/different designs to use in my quilting – looks like this may just have what I am looking for.

  9. What a great book to learn FMQ. I usually use stippling and straight line quilting. Would love to learn something new.

  10. The only overall I’ve used much is meander. I’ve done baby quilts with corner to corner ( forms an X) I recently tried a linear pattern with non-straight lines and loved how it looked

  11. Your book looks great! What a wonderful way to learn free-motion design!

  12. My favorite pattern is swirl-hooks I think. Also love to do a swirl that become the centre of a flower. I echo around the flower petals twice and then do a feather around, or spiked triangles before the feathers.
    Love any book on FMQ!

  13. You created a great book and I’d love to have a copy! As for my favorite all over, swirls with pebbles. Goes with everything!

  14. LOTS of stitch in the ditch with straight lines. IF i venture out of that… just some random squiggles “in the lines.” i REALLY NEED your book.

  15. My favorite design to do is swirls. I love the look of your book. It’s on my wishlist for Christmas.

  16. Great tour. I enjoyed it all. I like geometric patterns on a lot of my quilts.

  17. Congratulations on such a great book, Amanda! Since I’m a beginner, I’m able to quilt on my domestic machine in straight lines and a walking foot. Next on my list–making curves and going backward–loops, maybe 🙂

  18. Well, right now my favorite all over design to do is still just straight lines (or almost straight lines!), but my favorite pattern to see on my quilt is something feathery or — to my great joy, once–little acorns amongst autumn leaves. I have learned I don’t like very angular designs, with lots of perpendicular turns. It was great to realize that I had a strong opinion, and made me so happy when my long-armer was gracious about it–she was delighted that I had an opinion, too! Isn’t that a great relationship?

  19. I’d like to move beyond stippling and learn pebbles or feathers or swirls or….anything!

  20. I am still quilting straight lines, but I want to learn more.

  21. Your book looks great! I really like feathers! I want to learn how to make them better.

  22. Feathers is my favorite all over free motion quilting design.

  23. I am soooo new to FMQ….have only dared to do meandering on anything bigger than a potholder sized practice block! lol am such a chicken I admit it 😕 Would love to have this book..is on my wish List already! To win it .. would be Awesome! Thank you for the chance! 🙂

  24. I cannot wait to get my hands on a copy of this book. I love free motion quilting and my favorite patterns are feather variations but I get stumped on trying different designs. This book will definitely give me some new ideas.

  25. I have your book on my Amazon wish list and would love to win it. Thanks for the opportunity!

  26. I tend to use “vines” on my free motion quilting surface. I like how this book can be used for the “domestic” home quilter, not all of us have the luxury of long arm quilting at our fingertips.

  27. I’m fairly new at free motion quilting, and this book looks like a great tool to have. Great ideas on what to use in different blocks. Thanks for the chance to win!

  28. My favorite all over design is a stipple, but I haven’t been able to make them the way I want them to look. Thanks for the chance to win your great book.

  29. I love the look of this book, I’d love to master FMQ feathers but am still working on pebbles and swirls…

  30. This book looks great. I am adding it to my Christmas wish list. Right now my go to FMQ overall design is pebbling. I am hoping to expand my repertoire with the help of your book.

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