So excited…

No yardage with which to sew yet, but look at these beautiful pictures that Blend Fabrics sent…

There is also a free pattern for a special quilt that  I designed especially for this collection on the Blend website!

I can hardly wait for Bella in September!

Happy sewing!

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15 thoughts on “So excited…

  1. I am excited too! They are so pretty and soft. What beautiful quilts will be made with this fabric! Congratulations! Hurry September!

  2. Oh, Amanda, those are so pretty. Thank you for the sneak peek.

  3. Oh, Amanda, those are so pretty. Can't wait to see more. Congratulations.

  4. I better start saving my $$, such sweet fabric

  5. These are beautiful…thank you for showing them off! Love the pattern, too!

  6. Dresden quilt is so warm & welcoming with those dreamy fabrics. Will be on the lookout.

  7. Those are awesome.Love your design.

  8. This looks like a wonderful, lovely collection. Congratulations!

  9. Such beautiful fabrics!!!!

  10. I can't wait, I can't wait. I want it all. I'm trying to save so that I can get all that I desire.

  11. OOh Amanda ~ Beautiful fabrics. And that quilt is just beautiful. YAY!

  12. Ok even I am excited…you know how much I love blend on blends..possibly more than I like printed fabric.
    ask me how much I have …?
    what is wrong with this ..

  13. Love! Can't wait!

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