Ninja Monkey, Eating Cupcake

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Where does inspiration come from?
In the case of our nine-year-old son’s artwork, part of it came from a trip to a new cupcake store that opened here in Charlotte called SAS Cupcakes.

Actually, the sketch is the work of two artists. (Our daughter took time out from her Ballerina Tutu series to draw the cupcake.) Eamon titled his masterpiece, “Ninja Monkey, Eating Cupcake!”
Here is another monkey, eating a cupcake.

2 trips to cupcake stores in one month = 1 ecstatic monkey

Inspiration comes from many places, and sometimes serves as the genesis for work we least expect.

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Hearts and Blossoms

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The other day I found myself north of the city of Charlotte and decided to stop in at Quilter’s Loft, in Mooresville. Quilter’s Loft is located in a beautiful old building with big windows, original wood floors, and plaster and exposed brick walls. There are two entrances: one opens directly onto a room crammed full of machines and embroidery products and the other sends you up an old stairway into multiple rooms and full of beautiful fabric. I can’t believe I didn’t have my camera, but next time I am determined to remember. In the meantime, you can visit Quilters Loft and see all the latest news from Erika, the owner.

I was drawn to some Valentine’s Day fabric by Moda, which happened to be on sale. (Our daughter loves anything pink and brown!) It was a perfect excuse to try out some new patterns I have been designing for my second line of fabrics for Robert Kaufman.

So far we have paper-pieced hearts…

and made some little blossoms….

What shall we do with them?

P.S. For those of you who have inquired, we have not yet found an adequate replacement for black stretchy, however we have not given up the quest!

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Black Stretchy Thing, Fondly Remembered

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We here at the Murphy household are sad to report the passing of Black Stretchy Thing, our son’s favorite toy for the past four years. Whether serving as a projectile, building material, or snazzy clothing accessory, Black Stretchy Thing was an omnipresent, loyal, and boon companion.

Unfortunately Black Stretchy did not die a natural death; all evidence points to the weapon being sewing scissors or a rotary cutter.

I’ll pause and let the implications of that sink in.

Let me take this moment to say, “I’M SORRY, EAMON!!!”
It was completely unintentional. Black Stretchy was in the wrong place at the wrong time i.e. on the floor during my mad frenzy of cutting earlier today, and I should have noticed him but didn’t.

I hear by resolve to find a piece of fabric for my son that is just as black and just as stretchy. I know it won’t be the same as the original Black Stretchy Thing, but I will at least try…

Rest in Peace, Black Stretchy.

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