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“Cinderella”, a ballet put on by North Carolina Dance Theatre, has consumed much of our lives this past week and will continue to do so next week – in a good way. Since our daughter and some of her friends are little animals in the show, I have seen it a few times. What a feast for the eyes! (And as a mom, I am not prejudiced, of course.) The costumes – the brocades and sparkley jewels – are unforgettable. And of course that’s on top of the dancing. Gorgeous.

The parent guild mans a boutique during the shows. The proceeds benefit North Carolina Dance Theatre’s School of Dance. Since it is, after all, “Cinderella”, we went for a completely girlie look. Very pink and pretty. I designed some t-shirts for the show I thought you might want to see.

And every little ballerina needs a bag…

A very talented mom named Pat Ozmeral puts everything together into a great display with the help of her sister. Now, as much as I love drawing I do not have a decorating bone in my body. Pat amazes me. Look at her work…

I did design a display for the school – we went for bright and colorful. (Photos in the display by Peter Zay.)

A very happy weekend with happy kids.

In the meantime I did find a use for those yo-yos. Next time, hopefully, a free pattern!

Have a great week!

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Crazy for Yo-Yos!

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This week I took a trip a few miles south of Charlotte to meet Aimee, the owner of Overall Quilter. Aimee, like most quilt shop owners, is very knowledgeable about the industry and was a big help to me when I was deciding which fabric company to work with.
Overall Quilter is a fun shop with an energetic vibe and some lovely projects and patterns.

Don’t you love the circular, vertical quilt pictured above?

While there I picked up some Yo-Yo makers.

Together, my eleven-year-old and I whipped up several while we watched “Emma” on PBS. (The boys found other ways to entertain themselves as they were not enthusiastic about either activity.) Caitrin, if you are reading this, you are truly a YO-YO-MASTER!

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My First Quilt

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Today we were cleaning out linens and uncovered my first quilt.

It is a simple 9-patch class that I took at Keep Me in Stitches when we were living in Tampa, FL. (I had the idea that choosing a big, vibrant patterns would hide my lack of technical skill. I think it worked! And I still love bold patterns.) The binding makes me laugh. Coming from a needlework background I clearly didn’t understand that binding stitches are not actually supposed to show – mine travel right over the top of the fabric.

I am a big believer in trying new things. When we push ourselves out of our comfort zone, either artistically or technically, we grow as individuals and so does our work. I have enjoyed parlaying many of the technical skills that I have picked up from others into my personal sewing and artwork, sometimes in ways that I least expect.

Many students come into classes a bit nervous and unsure of their skills; they are usually the most enthusiastic and excited when they take a risk and dive into a project. So, if there is a project or skill that you have been wanting to master jump in! Life is short and fabric forgiving.

In the years following this quilt’s creation I took additional quilting classes, the majority of which were taught by the staff of Quilter’s Gallery in Charlotte. Still unsure of my ability to piece, I decided to sign up a block-of-the-month project from Keepsake Quilting. It was more like a block-every-three-or-four-months for me. But I’ll save that for another day…

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